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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on March 15, 2002
I loved the entire MKR series, so i just had to see the three OAVs. This of course is the first volume out of three. They continue where the other has left off. The three volumes are actually like three parters. If you choose to check out this video let me warn you about a few things though. First off, OAV is nothing like the manga or anime. It's a completely different story line. This first volume focues more so on Hikaru and her getting her ovum jewel.
The three girls: Fuu, Umi, and Hikaru are best friends attending school but none of them are magic knights. The girls are about to graduate from school and part their separate ways. Each are going to go to different high schools in different parts of Japan, so the likelihood of seeing each other again is very slim. Hikaru is majorly distressed by this and decides to make a wish to the cherry blossom fairy(Mokona). This is where all the action begins... The mage Clef shows up in Tokyo, seeking the aide of the three girls to stop the evil Prince Eagle from merging the dying world of Cephiro with Tokyo. (See what i mean when i say different storyline).
As soon as the movie begins you'll notice major differences when you compare it too the anime series. The animation colors are not as bright and brilliant, they're a bit more subdued. This adds to a darker feel to the OAV. The music also is a lot different then in the series. Don't expect any of those TRA-LA-LA melodies. The girls are also a bit older and more mature acting. Same goes for the voice acting. Their not as squeaky and high pitched. Almost all the characters are in the movie, but their roles and personalities are somewhat changed. Expect to see a return of the childlike bratty Ascot, a much more menancing Ferio, Alycone is still a witch, and Eagle is just plain mean. Oh and hey, Emeraude is alive!
The plot, itself, is a bit muddled and not as fully developed as in the series. One thing I didn't like was the lack of the hand-to-hand swordplay that i've come to love seeing (no swords, weapons, or magic spells). The girls strictly use their rune gods, which are no longer robotic looking. Their more like animal spirits that interwine with the girls. The video ends leaving you hanging, wondering whether or not Hikaru survives a battle with Alcyone in her rune god. Summing it all up, I, personally, enjoyed this little twist to the MKR series. It was different but i have to say i still prefer the anime.
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on December 30, 2000
In the past I have read some of the Magic Knight Rayearth comics, so I purchased this video hoping to find an animated form of what I had read. However, I discovered that this is not along the same storyline, only it has the same characters (Umi, Fuu, and Hikaru.) I watched this video, almost always confused because the people in Magic Knight Rayearth that were good seem to be evil in this version. If you have read or seen the Magic Knight Rayearth series, this video may be confusing to you like it was to me, but if you are the #1 fan of Magic Knight Rayearth and can't get enough or if you have never seen anything to do with Magic Knight Rayearth, then I would reccommend this movie to you. The animation is excellent and the character named Mokona is adorable, and a great relief from Pikachu. Mokona is a 'fairy' that resides in a cherry blossom tree that Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu made a wish under. After that wish, the three friends find out that they must save the world with special dieties belonging to them. If you don't understand what is going on at the beginnig of Rayearth, the story gives you little hints throughout. If you are a true Magic Knight Rayearth or anime fan, this would be a video to see.
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on May 23, 2003
Well, all MK Rayearth things are cool. This is weird, sorta. The Manga is still better.
One of the...uh...gwa..."Rune Gods" (can't remember that Japanese term.) name has been changed. Hikaru's gaurdian is "Lexus" I's still not the same.
Clef looks better. Eagel needs mental help. Lantis is...basically the same. Zagato is...well...dead. Ascot is still cute (they changed the color of his outfit. ^-^) Ferio is more of a pain in the *** sine he fights against them. Alcyone is...well...the same, in a sense.
My MK Rayearth rankings:
1: MKR Magna (Direct from CLAMP's minds, of course.)
2: MKR TV Season 1 ('s BASED on the Manga by CLAMP)
3: Rayearth OVA (Screwed up; twisted revamp of the story. Still cool.)
4: MKR TV Season 2 (Yet again BASED on the Magna; THEY CHANGED IT TOO MUCH FROM THE MANGA!)
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