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on November 21, 2003
After viewing this flick I had this sense that there was more to it than meets the eye or cerebral cortex...Nope. Is it entertaining and mind boggling? To a certain degree. Just don't get your hopes up. The only thing the quick and abrupt ending accomplishes is leaving the viewer cheated; Not because there should be a neat tidy happy ending but because literally the ending will have you saying "what the..."
A college girl pals around with a comic/video/music/book store owner played by Higlander's (tv series) Adrian Paul. Vern and Sara keep each other company by playing and solving riddles. However, they soon become involved in a series of deadly riddles left and led by a mysterious source. If the riddles or series of them are solved then the winner hits the jackpot by seeing what the enigmatic "design" or meaning is behind them---"see the big picture" routine (meaning of life? our universal existence? the murders? who really cares). Unfortunately, people get killed as part of the "design" and for some odd reason those who have played the game end up going nutso (or are nutso to begin with) and confessing to the murders.Unfortunately, once the viewer finds out or doesn't really find out why the killings take place (other than to continue what was started by an ancient Buddhist monk,a.k.a Nemesis) there really is nothing deep or shocking...
Also, why is it then whenever some people see an indie film they always have to read too deep into it or rave about it's greatness. When a film is bad or lacks something, it's because it is bad and lacks something...I too enjoy indie films. But, just like your mainstream Hollywood stuff some indie films cannot always escape from the fact that it was bad or lacking. Nemesis Game is not the worst I have seen and is not the best.
Paul can act but he keeps pretty much low keyed these days with these low budget Canadian productions. Carly Pope does an amazing job with what she was given. But she could have gone further given more intense or intellectually stimulating material...
3 stars for great acting and a plot or story that started out with great promise but...well, you decide.
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on December 8, 2003
It reminded me of Hellraiser. Only without the boxes, or Pinhead; same theme in a way. The dangers of obsession with solving things.
It was very good untill the ending. Definitely a rental, that you can pause to catch the riddles written on the walls. I liked the riddles, and the cinematography. And the idea of the game. I liked the movie in general.
I liked that was in it (in a very small, supporting role).
I was going to say it was a good idea poorly designed; but that's just a play on the movie, and not really fair. It was well designed, just with a somewhat lame ending. Oh well...
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on May 16, 2004
It beat my expectations I can say that much. Actually I thought it was really good while I was watching it, I was very interested in the story line and how it would end. BUT unfortunately they go ahead and ruin it with basically no ending. You are left with too many questions. It just leaves you hanging, which would be fine if they were planning on making a sequel, but we know thats not happening. So I have it at 3 stars, I took a star off because of the ending.
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