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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on August 12, 2014
The early years of AC/DC are their Best. When Bon Scott was singing he wasn't Screaming...that was just his gravelly voice...this is their best album by is great driving music...and classic progressive / blues rock and roll with high voltage.

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on March 28, 2013
Classic AC/DC. Bon Scott's voice will always be best suited to their music. A very good addition to my collection and in particular Whole Lotta Rosie as the final track to a solid collection of music.
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on June 19, 2004
Personally, I feel this release and "Powerage" are Angus's finest moments in the Bon Scott era of the band. Some might argue "Highway To Hell" deserves the honors, but for the sheer sonic ferocity of Angus's fretwork, the buck stops here. The amps are cranked up to 11 and Angus just doesn't let up. No power ballads, no acoustic guitar or "keyboards", just flat out, pedal to the metal, rock 'n' roll. Arguably, AC/DC's rawest & purest "guitar" album. All killer, no filler. A must have for any rock fan.
Oh, & by the way...anyone who reviews this album & a George Michael album is no AC/DC fan. I ain't sellin' my soul just to crack the top 100.
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on October 5, 2003
This album couldn't have had a better title. At the time when this came out there were a lot of trendy styles threatening heavy metal's position in the rock world. Wimpy styles like punk, disco, funk, and new wave were trying to stop heavy metal and lay it to rest. But ofcourse there's always gonna be hardrockers whant to hear some honoust rock 'n roll and is exactly what AC/DC delivers. What also explaines the title.
AC/DC's flew straight into the face of fashion with this record and showed heavy metal was alive and kicking. In the punk period AC/DC was one of the most hated bands with their blues-based hardrock. Just like with other metal bands they were considerd as being totaly backword and they were considerd just like many hardrock bands as not being realy tough and only acting as if it is agresive. Very ignorant because Let There Be Rock blew most of the debut albums of those punkbands that come out in the same period to smithereens. Heavy Metal wasn't gonna die. In many ways "LTBR" was the blueprint of eighties metal. All those hardrock bands of the time like Accept,Krokus,Saxon,Y&T,Motley Crue etc. were inspired by AC/DC and specialy "LTRB" also the
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal wouldn't have existed without this album!!!!!
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on May 24, 2003
In my point of view everyone should stay clear of buying this socalled up-graded version of what was once a great classic rock album. Why, you may ask. Well, first of all this isn't the original album remastered, they have cut out one of the clear highlights of the original album; Crabsody In Blue! Why the hell did they do that??!
Secondly, they have included a song already released on the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap album; Problem Child, which really doesen't belong here! Why??!!
Thirdly, in my point of view they have not managed to improve the sound quality an inch! So what's the point?
I wonder what the guys in the band think of the final product, with no info/linernotes or pictures and an axed song lineup? Have they no interest in the way their art is presentet by the record company? And what is with ATCO? They seem to destroy just about every band and original recording they can get their dirty and amaturish hands on! A disappointing fact. This cd could have been one of the best classic rock albums ever released had it not been for this company. If you want to listen to what it should have sounded like, go visit a used vinyl shop and buy the original vinyl version of the album!
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on September 24, 2002
I know most people clammer over Back n Black as AC/DC's best, they're wrong! Let There Be Rock is simply one of the finest rock n roll albums ever released, it has an energy and intensity you just don't see very often. Sure Back n Black is a great album and has all the popular songs, but popular doen't always mean the best(think Brintney Spears), this is the defining AC/DC statement, blues based rock cranked, they are not a heavy metal band. Bon Scott brought a humor, energy and a psuedo punk feel to AC/DC that Brain Johnson lacks. Just listen to the Albums, especially those after Back n Black.
This album contains many of AC/DC's popular classics; Whole lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock & Problem Child. But it also contains some overlooked gems in the AC/DC library; Go Down, Dog Eat Dog and especially OVERDOSE one of AC/DC's finest recordings ever. Hell Aint' A Bad Place to be and Bad Boy oBogie are great too. Back n Black is full of great songs, but it lacks the energetic imediacy of this album and introduces us to their doom and gloom period which isn't what they were about with Bon Scott. Musically(not a term often associated with them, which is unfortunate) basic and brilliant this is the AC/DC album to own, followed close behind by High Voltage, Powerage(An overlooked gem in itself), Highway to Hell and yes, Back n Black too. But Let there Be Rock is the highlight of the Bon Scott era, which was AC/DC at their peek.
If you just like good old fashioned Rock n Roll reminesant of Chuck Berry and other blues based originals, give this one a spin or any with Bon Scott, it is just simple straight ahead rock and roll, the likes of which has seldom been seen. It gives me a perma grin and shiver every time I listen to it.
The only thing that bothers me, is that the order of songs was changed from the original cassette tape I purchased and fell in love with.
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on July 14, 2002
I dare anyone to put this album on and tell me that their foot doesn't start to stomp...then your arms automaticaly go for the air guitar... I dare ya!!!
The opening song of this exemplifies what the whole album is all about...pure...unadlterated rock and roll!
Anyone not familiar with AC/DC should get this one and then work their way back to the one before it, then upwards and onwards to who they are now. Let it be me that states here and now that this album contains probably the best bit of guitar work in "Let There Be Rock". Trust me on this one...put this song on...and follow Angus... never...ever...have I heard someone play guitar like he does here... listen to the climax of the song...and by all means...please email me and tell me why this isn't the most powerful bit of guitar playing that you have ever heard. I'm a big Deep Purple fan, but I gotta tell ya...Angus and Malcom surpass Ritchie Blackmore's playing on "Highway Star" on this song. This song is probably one of AC/DC's most underated tunes to date. The rest of the songs on the album are just way to great to even get into. I can't even begin to elaborate on the vocal stylings of Bon Scott here because there just isn't enough time...suffice it to say that this is what rock vocals are all about! I would think that by todays standards, if any group had but one song from this album of this calibre, they would be headliners! If that isn't enough...listen to the last track..."Whole Lotta Rosie"...if that doesn't do it for ya...then all I can say is that your ears are painted on! No filler here folks...just songs that make ya go WOW!!Crank it up and enjoy... there won't be anymore albums like this coming out.
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on February 1, 2001
This was a milestone album in AC/DC's career. It set a blueprint for their future style and with it they made their first commercial impact outside their native Australia. Their previous albums had contained some great blues boogie, but on this album they upped the volume and established a blistering sound based on wall-to-wall guitar riffs
While their influence was beginning to spread across Europe, in America they were still almost unknown, and Atlantic had actually declined to release their previous "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" album in the States. The following year, when releasing "Let There Be Rock" they omitted "Crabsody in Blue" and replaced it with "Problem Child", one of the standout tracks from the previous album
Of course, "Dirty Deeds..." was eventually given a full U.S. release, with "Problem Child" included, so it's an appalling oversight that "Crabsody..." hasn't been duly restored to the CD version of "Let There Be Rock". It's a leering, bluesy classic that provided a refreshing contrast on the original album. It's now only available on the Australian release, which sports a different cover, and despite the extra cost is well worth searching out
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on June 10, 2009
This is my all time favorite AC/DC albums of the Bon Scott years. From "Go Down" to the quintessential "Whole Lotta Rosie," the speed and energy from this album will amaze you. What will surprise you is how raw this album is; it is NOT polished whatsoever and sounds like the band is playing live in your basement. Compared to other albums that they made during the Bon Scott years, this one sounds like each song is recorded in one awesome take. This is the way hard rock was meant to be heard, and truly, the best way AC/DC was meant to be heard. Angus puts his riffs pedal to the metal on this one, so I strongly recommend buying it!
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on July 9, 2004
This album another fav of mine. I bought it a week ago and listen to it at least once a week. All the songs have a big heavy guitar sound. The track Let there Be Rock is my fav on this particular album. I like every track on this album and give it five stars for the great guitar sound it has its unlike any other AC/DC album. I really wish they had mixed all the other albums this way but o well.
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