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on June 27, 2003
Thank you, thank you, thank you ADV! If you have seen the dubbed version of Sailor Moon and not the original, you have something to look forward to with this box set. This 8-DVD set goes from the beginning of the Sailor Moon episodes up through the Queen Beryl battle, which by the way was hacked up and turned into one episode for the US dubbed version. Now you can see both episodes and what REALLY happens in the battle with Queen Beryl.
For the people who think Sailor Moon is a kids show, you are mistaking this original version with the US TV show. This anime otaku assures you that the complete and uncut collection is nothing like the one you have seen on TV! In the TV version entire episodes were cut out, scenes and dialogue were changed, voices were weird(Luna is not supposed to sound old!), and everything was edited to make it 'appropriate' for kids. However, the Sailor Moon Season One - Complete and Uncut collection is better suited for teen-adults and is much better in general. If you haven't seen uncut Sailor Moon, you haven't seen Sailor Moon. Every anime fan should check out this box set.
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on May 12, 2003
After about 4 years of waiting, on April 17th one of the greatest news stories appeared on Finally on July 15th, I bought this set, neverminding what others had warned me about, but I guess I should have listened...
My opinions:
Packaging: B+
Extra's: D-
Video: D+
Audio: C-
Content: B-
Menuing: D
Total: B
Packaging: The box is done pretty nicely. The two single cases are the ones that make the grade lower. It has "A Sailor Moon like you've never seen before" on the back with scene cathes with episode titles and dic information on the nack. The front is horribly done pictures of Sailor Moon ADV has produced. It's OK, but defenitly nothing to brag about. 8/10 80% B-
Extra's: In disc 4 & 8, they have ADV previews for upcoming series. I dont care, because the episodes itself what we expected. Still I'm dissapointed none of them are Sailor Moon realted 6/10 60% D-
Video: Dear god does this one suck the most. The video quality is the WORST I"VE EVER SEEN. Unlike Season 2, the colors are faded and the video looks like its being shown on a projector. Most people saying "Well the shows 10 years old" has nothing to do with it! ADV either got bad masters, or used bad equiptment. It has nothing to do with the show, I have fansubs with 5x better sound nad video, and their reccorded of of TV Ahashi the day they permeired. I'd give it a D+ at best
Audio: Muffled, and staticky. What's more to say? 7/10 C- Yuck
Content: The 1st season is pretty good for the most part, there's some episodes that i dont care for. For the most part the subtitle track could use ALOT of work, It's horrible! Pioneer was way more accurate, and I didn't like how they used dub terms. They changed Moon Stick to Crescent Moon Wand, Sailor Soldier to Sailor Warrior... jeezz. Well, atleast they kept Negaverse, and SAilor Scout out. I would get rid of it the 1st day I got it if they put "Sailor Scout". ADV completly failed to satisfy me 8/10 B-
Menuing: All I expected. If you've seen the PIONEER Movies (R, S, and the Super S movie, you'll know what I mean). There is just the main menu playing Moonlight densetsu, with a snapshot of the episode playing (A clip), with the title at the bottom. Pretty boring, It leaves a fansub feeling D, 6/10
My Rating: 12+.
ADV Rating: Suggested 15+, (although it also says: Contains Mild animated violence, and mature situations. Parental Guidence Suggested. )
Rated 15+ for: Fantasy Violence, theamatic elements, and subtle nudity and language.
(Subtle nudity and language means: very light)
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on July 7, 2004
I am a big sailor moon fan and have seen all the seasons in japanese (including StarS). After all the times ive watched sailor moon since 1995 ive realized that season 1 is its purest form. Lets face it the American dub sucks. But in this version its the japanese uncut which i can say is 100% better than the stupid dubbed way. People are complaining about the sound and what not... live with it and grow up. if your a true sailor moon fan then who cares how they made it whats happening i the show should have your full attention not how the screen is and if its not loud enough turn the volume up its not rocket science. This is a really good season and as i said its sailor moon in its purest form all i can say is dont pay $150 for it when you can get it on ebay for $50-$70 and 99.9% of the time you wont have any problems with ebay ive been on ebay for quite a long time and havent had any problems yet.
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on May 22, 2003
Welcome to what will certainly be a new dimension of the Sailor Moon series. For the American fans that have been exposed to the youth-friendly DiC cuts, ADV has taken the right step by introducing the first season the way it was meant to be seen. All episodes are uncut, taken off of the original Japanese masters, and fitted with English subtitles.
Many details will stand out between the American release and the unedited, original version. Perhaps this stands out the most in the final two episodes. Due to its graphic content, the final two episodes of the first season were condensed to a single episode for the American release. Here, however, you will be able to see how the Sailor Scouts' battle with Queen Beryl really ended, by seeing the final two episodes in their entirety.
Parents should be warned, however, that with the added scenes comes more suggestive dialogue and more violence, therefore this DVD box set is not recommended for young kids. (ADV's rating is Age 15+)
If I am not mistaken, ADV will also be coming out with the second season of Sailor Moon, uncut. If ADV proceeds with this release, it will be to delight of many Sailor Moon fans. That release will only leave us with the final season, Sailor Stars. There is much discussion about the more intense content in Stars, so while the release of Sailor Moon's final season in the American market is still up in the air (and may be for a long time), be sure to get your hands on the first season of Sailor Moon, uncut, which is worth the high price and is a must for anyone's Sailor Moon collection.
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on March 5, 2004
It was in 1992 that the Sailor Moon anime series first aired on Japanese television. The series was based on a manga (Japanese comic book) by Nakao Takeuchi, and for the most part it was a faithful recreation of its manga counterpart. Three years later the series arrived in America - well, sort of. The dialogue was butchered, some entire episodes didn't even air, and some characters not name and even sex changes! Fans of the original have wanted the uncut episodes in America for many years - and at long last, their wish has been answered. Read on for my review of this set.
This is the first of five sagas of the Sailor Moon series, and it is often referred to as the "classic" series. It this series, Sailor Moon is awakened, as are the other four "Inner" Senshi - Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. The five are brought together to battle a series of villains led by the evil Queen Beryl - a group of villains who want to conquer the universe.
This was a great way to start a classic series, and at long last, it can be enjoyed in all its uncut glory. This series lacks the polish of, say, the S series, but it's still an excellent beginning of a great series. I can't stress it enough - if you're going to watch this show, watch the uncut original.
The DVD is great because it contains uncut episodes with English subtitiles, but the audio isn't too great, as a number of other reviewers have pointed out. Also, the extras are severely lacking. They should have included some interviews with the series creators or original production art as extras - those would have been nice little extras.
Overall I feel this is an excellent set. If you're new to Sailor Moon, this is the best place to start, being that it's the first part of the series, and that it's now available completely uncensored. I recommend this set to any fan of Japanese animation.
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on May 20, 2004
Personally, I would buy this if your just one of the unlucky or unfornate people that never got to see the true last episode, aka, "Day of Destiny" which in reality is two episodes long. It will bring you to tears or VERY close to them.
And yes the sound is lacking, and it does look like someone stood there with a camera and shook it as it was filmed, but trust me, it's easy to get over when you see some of your favorite, classic episodes of Sailor Moon, espically the uncut versions and "lost episodes" such as the one where Sailor Moon goes to a bar, the one where the Mars, Mercury, and Moon go to a haunted house on their vaction, or the one with Sailor Venus past, which episodes never aired in the dubbed English version.
The jokes are funnier, and the episodes are relitivly longer because everything was left in (any nudity or violence), so there won't be that thing where you watch Sailor Moon says and are just like "Hey! That never happened in the show!"
And another thing is all the sexes are finally correct, such as Ziocite or however you spell it being a male instead of a female. Scary but true.
But as I stated, anyone who has always wondered what was the real ending of "Day of Destiny", with each Sailor's death and the true fight behind Serena and Darian (which was awsome) not to mention the Japanese music, (or the orginal Sailor Moon Music) than definatly by this box set...then go for the second season.
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on July 31, 2003
This DVD is awesome..the show in japanese is SOO much better than the DiC version.....I first started watching sailor moon when i was 5 years old (i am now 15)which was when it was airing daily in Italy...yes i used to live there... well, a year later i came to america and was VERY annoyed to find out that the show was airing @ 6:30 in the morning..i still woke up to see it though lol...I knew even then that many things had been changed..but once I started to get seasons 4&5 on DVD i realized how much i had REALLY been missing (i.e. a LOT) my advice to a fellow moonie who has been forced to see dic's version of this show is GET THIS DVD SET!!! it is worth it even if the audio and image quality is kinda poor(which is why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5)..but remember that the show is more than 11 years old-just dont expect any treasure planet animation-while tempted though u may be to buy the 2nd season will be better to wait...i waited for 2 years to see the first two seasons i saw the first and i am very very very happy i waited!!!
I really really hope that ADV or Pioneer will release season 5...I have it in VCD format but its kinda crappy(the VCD not the season..the season was AWESOME..even better than S possibly)..::praying::
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on October 11, 2003
I collected all the DVDs released on, and I had been waiting a long time with eager hopes that eventually, you would be able to get original episodes, uncut, and with great subtitles. This is what you *almost* have here! The original music, voices, cut scenes, cut EPISODES from the English variation (6 out of 46, if you count that the last episodes were cut down into one episode in the English version). However, the translators were lazy. Anyone who knows anything about Sailor Moon (or a little Japanese, which I do) knows that she nevers says any of that Champion of love and justice crap. Usually, what she's actually saying is something along the lines of "pretty soldier in a sailor suit." "Sailor fuku bishoujo senshi." They just copied that other phrase, among several others, direct out of the English version. The subtitles aren't accurate to what they are saying in Japanese. However, some things were changed and translated properly. It's still quite disappointing, though, that you'll have to learn Japanese or have someone who knows Japanese already to explain to you what they're actually saying without subtitles still. Way to go, ADV. However, it's still great! I mean, hearing the original voices and everything is *so* worth it. Even if the subtitles are sad (especially when the title on the cover of the DVD boxes is a mark off of her popular quote that they maimed), there's so much you miss in the English version. DIC cuts out entire back stories and supports to the plot. If you're a real Sailor Moon fan, you're gonna want to check this out!
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on August 14, 2003
This DVD set is a must have for Sailor Moon fans. If you have only seen the first season in English then I recommend that you check out the uncut Japanese version because it is so much better. Ever since I found out that the first season would be released on DVD with the original Japanese language I was excited but two things stopped me from purchasing it right away. One thing was the price which is high (although now that I have it I can say it is totally worth it). The other thing that prevented me from buying it right away was the reviews that said the audio and picture were bad. It is true that the audio and picture show the age of the cartoon (which is 11 years) but I believe it is still worth having. Also, there are no special features and the box art is not very impressive. It is because of the audio, picture and lack of special features that I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I feel I should point out that the picture is clearer and less faded than my fansubs on VHS for those of you who might have wondered after reading the reviews. Over all I think that this DVD set is worth having for any Sailor Moon fan despite the flaws mentioned above. For those of you who would like to remove the subtitles you can do so by using the subtitle button on your DVD remote (or the button on the controller if you are playing it on a computer).
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on December 27, 2003
Okay guys.. I have been waiting for this for years. YEARS. I watched this show when DiC bought the rights and played it at 6:30 AM and then when Cartoon Network played it on Toonami. Over and over. I've been bleeding and sweating Sailor Moon for years. but despite my love for the series, the corny English-ized version started to pain me. Especially when they came out with the S series. Being beat in the face with the incestuous Amara and Michelle made my innards hurt (to their credit, they managed to find a decent voice actress for Hotaru.) But lo! Now ADV brings us the series uncut and Japanese! Huzzah!
Be warned.. the sound quality is second-rate. No digital-remastering on this set, friends. I would have prefered they put a bit more effort into this. The dvd menus were pretty blase as well. Not what I expected from ADV at all after seeing thier release of Excel Saga. The overall quality is reminiscent of a fan job. But.. it's my favourite series, and if you love Sailor Moon, I would suggest it to you. Wait until you see the episodes DiC left out!
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