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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 30, 2003
"The Haunted Carousel" is the eighth Nancy Drew PC game, and this one likely won't disappoint. Rich in detail, this game was obviously well-planned and well-made. The graphics are awesome, the storyline is believable, the characters are interesting and amusing, and the game is all-around great.
In this game, you, as Nancy Drew, get full access to an amusement park where, recently, some very odd occurances have taken place. Search for clues, play games, solve puzzles and riddles, and -- in the end -- solve a mystery and outwit the villain. Like all the Nancy Drew games, "Haunted Carousel" brings gamers hours of entertainment and lots of fun.
"Haunted Carousel" is, in my opinion, much better than its predecessor, "Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake," which I found to be rather disappointing due to the fact that the games and puzzles seemed dull, and didn't tie well into the game. In "Carousel," the presence of a carnival midway allows for the presence of games without the feeling that the games are weirdly out-of-place. Also, the educational elements of this game (which are present in all ND games) are incorporated nicely and subtly.
I encountered one small problem with this game, however, and that involved the "Barnacle Blast" mini-game. It was impossible to beat/solve this game (a game that resembles "breakout") because the "paddle" used to hit the ball was too small. However, this problem can be solved on some computers by running the computer in "safe mode," thus making the paddle bigger. (Some computers may not enounter this problem at all, but I wanted to mention it in case yours has the same trouble mine did.)
All in all, a great game... appropriate for ages 10 and up... adults will like it, too! Perfect to play in groups or even alone... "The Haunted Carousel" earns 5 stars from me!
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on July 1, 2004
I have to say i loved this game it was really fun, even though it is the shortest one, taking me about 2 days to solve. It is easy, so it is good for someone who is playing their first game. It lets you ride the "Haunted" carousel, play the games on the midway, and also explore the insides of the shut down rides like the roller coaster and the haunted house. This game is not too suspensful, though, But i have to say i still enjoyed playing the band organ and making nancy pig out in her hotel room. The room service idea is kinda cool. But i think it was not a good idea to put a laptop in her room, since the game is already so easy. But all in all, it is a really fun game.
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on November 4, 2005
I am in love with Nancy Drew games! They are a lot of fun. I have completed quite a few of them (as in 6 maybe...). I highly recommend them to anyone who has enough patience to sit in front of a computer screen. Although I do admit that sometimes they are frustrating, you always seem to work through it. These games are also neat because you get to actually play the role of Nancy (a dream for fans of the books). So, if you're looking for an entertaining and interesting computer game series, this is the one to buy!
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on September 9, 2003
Amazon's reviewer doesn't know what a role playing game is. Nancy Drew is an adventure game, not a role playing game. There are no statistics here, no skills for your character to improve, no behind-the-scenes rolls of the dice when you fight an enemy and, in fact, you fight no enemies.
Instead a story, a mystery unfolds as you explore various environments and speak with various characters. It's enjoyable as all Nancy Drew games have been, falling squarely into the formula of tried and true mystery novels. You move about a la MYST, in a series of still screens, though characters animate now and then and a few cut scenes occur. The graphics are slick, the interface well designed, the voice acting professional, and yet there's something to these games that makes it clear that the bottom line, cost, was always well in mind as the game was being made. That is to say, Nancy Drew games are not no-holds-barred achievements like The Last Express (perhaps the best mystery game ever made, along with The Pandora Directive and Gabriel Knight 2).
Nancy Drews fall into the B category of adventure games, alright, the B+ category, but are redeemed by their clean, bug free design, lovely graphics, and by Nancy's inimitable spirit.
The game is on the easy side of difficulty, but still challenging enough to be fun for adults; but Nancy Drew lovers 10 and under should play with a little parental assistance. Of course, walkthroughs abound on the web and can help if both parent and child get stumped. Just type "The Haunted Carousel walkthrough" into any search engine.
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on August 7, 2003
The Music was great, and the game was very suspensful... I always thought 'This is where the villian is going to get me' LOL
About it being very short... in other ND games, you had 4 or 5 masive rooms to explore... and when you got stuck, you had to comb threw every room a couple of times to see if you missed something... In HC there were 9 differant locations, over 12 differant rooms. Each was very small... So you didn't always have to wonder if you missed something, and explore a huge room... Just a couple of small ones. This break down was extremely helpful. The graphics were amazing, only, like Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, the closed captioning would come on occasionaly when you didn't want it to. The music was great also, very amusment parkish... LOL. This game had a very good plot, and a lot of comic relief, not to much, but enough to make this game fun. I do have to say, the ending where you battle the criminal wasn't very long, so I was a little bit dissapointed, but It was still a great game. :~) I give it five stars.
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on October 12, 2003
In "The Haunted Carousel," teenage sleuth Nancy Drew is on her eighth case: investigating amusement park "hauntings" in Captains Cove, NJ. One of the park's famed carousel horses has been stolen, and the carousel has been mysteriously starting and stopping on its own. Also, the park's roller coaster stopped suddenly, causing a rider to injure his neck. With the park shut down, Nancy must interview the employees and explore the park to find clues.
"Haunted Carousel" has some nice improvements over past games: the addition of the "to do" list, journal, and cell phone (no more endless running back and forth to Nancy's hotel to call). If Nancy gets stuck, she can call her friends Bess and George and the Hardy Boys. The game has two levels, Junior and Senior Detective, and there are plenty of built-in tips and hints, including a park operating manual with an overview of most puzzle components. "Haunted Carousel" seemed to be one of the easier ND games.
"Haunted Carousel" really draws the player into the park's atmosphere, complete with hotel room service, arcade games, a ride on the carousel (and chance to grab the brass ring), and more. The storyline flowed smoothly, the puzzles were organic (programming an arcade game, switching roller coaster tracks, repairing the carousel's band organ, reading invisible ink), the voice work was above average and the characters had distinct personalities. Music was pronounced, including carnival music for the carousel and ominous creepy tunes for the haunted house.
Nancy must watch her step as always, since someone wants to stop her from finding out the truth behind the hauntings. Along the way she helps someone come to terms with the past, sniffs out an insurance fraud, and digs up long-lost truths and secrets about the park and its employees. This is a lovely adventure with a unique atmosphere that will delight young sleuths.
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on August 1, 2003
A beautiful, antique carousel is mysteriously starting up in the dead of night. Is it a ghost...or is it more then it seems? In this adorable adventure starring you as teen sleuth Nancy Drew, you explore Captin's Cove, an amusement park in New Jersey suffering from a few...problems.
As you move throughout the park, you will have to solve various puzzles to advance deeper into the game. Sometimes, it will only take a phone call to dig up a clue, but other times, you will have to do things like decipher shorthand writing to advance (don't worry, you'll have plenty of help).
To warn veteran players, some things have changed in this installment. This time around, you have e-mail and a cell phone to aid you with your case. You will be able to use this cell phone anywhere but, unlike the other games, you will have to depend on it a lot more.
I thought that the 7 locations in this game were well thought out and planned. The same thing goes for the 4 main characters, who, as you interrogate them, will ALL have a motive and ALL seem like they are the culprit. The music, though somewhat scary at times, only adds to the overall flavor of the game.
Though it only took me 1 day to complete, I thought it was great! If you are a parent you will also love it. Unlike some of the other computer games out on the market, this one lets your kids have fun, while they learn.
The only complaint I have about Nancy Drew and the Hanuted Carousel is that it was too short, I guess time flies when your having fun!
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on August 17, 2003
I was very disappointed in the newest Nancy Drew game, the Haunted Carousel. I have been a great fan of the computer game series, but this game was not nearly as fun, challenging, or interesting as the others have been.

For starters, the game can be completed extremely fast which takes a lot of fun out of pondering the mystery. Secondly, I had guessed the culprit almost immediately, and my suspicions were only confirmed as the game progressed. I never even suspected any of the other characters. I also found many of the elements of the game extremely bizarre and unbelievable in real world scenarios, which only hurts the series because Nancy is supposed to be a character to whom everyone can relate and imagine being in her shoes.
There will still be die-hard Nancy Drew fans who think this game is great. But, it seems to me that Her Interactive has realized what a seller the games in the series are and have stopped producing quality games in favor of producing more games faster, which leads to poor plot lines, bad character development, and mediocre games. I can only hope that the next game in the series will make up for the mediocrity of the Haunted Carousel.
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on August 5, 2003
Once again, this is another one of the better Nancy Drew games. This one might be a little bit too easy or maybe just to some of us. It was really hard to guess who the culprit was this time. I didn't hate ANYONE because they were all pretty cool. The new added feature this time is a cell phone! Nancy receives calls while she's out and about and she can make phone calls anywhere she wants! It's not extremely spooky so you don't have to get too scared about it. It's not really scary at all. Just a little. This one was one of my 2 favorite Nancy Drew games! I definitely think you should buy this one. Oh and I saw a review that was labeled "Too Fast". I didn't read the review but I think that this game did go a little too fast. I mean not too fast for you to follow but you finish it too fast. I finished it in 2 days! The first Nancy Drew game I finished took me 7 days! Big difference. Nevertheless, this one was FUN!
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on September 14, 2003
I am a fan of the Nancy Drew games, but this one was a disappointment. The game has a map interface that takes Nancy directly to her destination, which means no more wandering around for Nancy. Also, there is not nearly as many "things" to look at; instead many clues are "given" to Nancy by contacts on her cell phone. There was no "night time" alarm clock which takes away Nancy's opportunity to explore when people are not around; it also takes away much of the thrill and fear of "being caught." There wasn't much suspense in this game either and the mystery was very easy to solve. I gave the game two stars because my game was not buggy, things worked like they were supposed to and the villian was difficult to guess. I do think that Her Interactive should stick with their older formats: Ghost Dogs and the Haunted Mansion were great, suspensful games that required a detective to crack the case.
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