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2.3 out of 5 stars
2.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 6, 2009
Who came up with the title or Sleeves ???? That person should be shot.

THe title gets you to think that you will be watching a gore-filled movie loaded with undeads. Totally the opposite !!!

This classic 70s italian horror flick is a must see. The movie is what Giallos are all about. Dark, moody, atmospheric.... The scenario is twisted enough to keep riveted to your seat.

As stated many times, the quality of the inage is not the best. But anyway, an absolute classic to get as a single DVD or part of a package.
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on September 23, 2003
I was eagerly awaiting this film on DVD as I'm a big fan of Eurocult films and the stunning Erika Blanc. However, I was very disappointed with Eclectic DVD's treatment of its presentation.
The back of the box says it is "letterboxed" and presented in a "gorgeous digitial transfer" - both accounts are misleading. The original 2.35:1 Techniscope image is not represented correctly as the image appears 'stretched' and 'squeezed' with a fair amount of information lost on both sides. For example, the opening titles do not even fit the screen.
There is also an irritating 'grey/green' bar on the top of the screen which is persistent throughout the film. The print is very worn and scratched and seems to be from the same source used by Sinister Cinema for their VHS release many years ago.
There are no extras whatsover.
On the positive side, it does appear to be an uncut print.
I have another two titles from Eclectic - "Vampires Night Orgy" and "Eerie Midnight Horror Show" and would not recommend these titles either. If Eclectic want to satisfy us fans, they better lift their game. I would prefer to pay a bit extra for a DVD that a company has invested the time and care in releasing these gems in a transfer befitting the DVD format.
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on August 13, 2003
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave is a fairly standard Euro cult movie. Not quite a giallo but has the same style as one. The story opens with the main character, a wealthy aristocrat from a priveralged background, escaping a mental asylum then later picking up red haired woman before taking them home to his mansion/castle then whipping and finally murdering them. These scenes of course have the required nudity and have a cool if not well placed soundtrack (I am certain that one of the songs is the main theme to another film, Eugenie De Sade). We learn of course that the mans actions stem from the lost love of a woman with red hair.
After he marries a woman he meets at a party, a super natural element comes into the film as he is haughnted by the ghost of his lost love, on top oif that his new bride may be up have a sinister scheme. I won't give the story away but by the end there are many twists and turns.
While not the high art of films such as Deep Red this is still a fun Euro cult film, if you're not already a fan of these types of films you might want to remove a star from my rating however.
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With the passing of his wife Evelyn the half crazed Alan (Anthony Steffen) has been spending his time picking up and killing prostitutes like Polly the prostitute (Maria Teresa Tofano). He meets Gladys one night and marries her (Marina Malfatti), although there appear to be Evelyn sightings and a bunch of odd relatives.

This is an Italian tale of insanity and murder with ample nudity. Not really worth seeing other than to admire the female form.

No f-bombs, sex nudity (Marina Malfatti, Maria Teresa Tofano, Erika Blanc)
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on April 11, 2004
I am delighted to see the universal intolerance voiced here with SD's little DVD of one of the most important of the 1970's Italian Sex & Horror Show movies. THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE is a total classic, with a showcase appearance by Erika "LEGS" Blanc as a stripper involved with a plot to drive a wealthy young duke out of his skull. Classy, filled with great colorful sets, "cool" music and a fabulous modernist look, this is a Giallo that really isn't a Giallo at all & sort of mocks that specific sub-sect of Italian horror by having the killer wearing yellow gardening gloves [Giallo is Italian for "yellow"] instead of the usual sexy black variety.
With that said, you'll be better served buying one of the cheapo fullframe releases from Alpha Video or on one of the Brentwood Home Video box sets TALES FROM THE BONEYARD and FRIGHT NIGHT: This is a reburn of Sinister Cinema's DVD-R release, which suspiciously found it's way into the market about 6 - 10 weeks before this release and wasn't even transferred at the proper aspect ratio by SD, which is why the picture looks "squished" -- all of Sinister's widescreen releases are optimized for 16:9 screens with the flick of a switch, but sadly nobody told SD's technicians this before they ripped off the transfer.
So whatever: If you want a codefree reburn of Sinister's work that appears to have been engineered by circus chimps who had acess to DVI technology, here you go. Just be forewarned that it will look awful, you'll want your money back, and then you can come here & share your pain with us. We feel for you, and want to try and help.
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on April 4, 2004
More giallo than horror movie, Evelyn is the story of a wealthy, slightly insane London playboy who is haunted by images of dead wife. Seeking to inherit the family fortune, his conniving cousin - teamed with a pair of London strippers - plot to drive him over the edge for good. If you can suffer through the often tedious first hour and a half, the outrageous ending is good for a laugh or two, but otherwise there's little to recommend here.
Someone needs to talk to Sinema Diable about the quality of its products. This DVD - like its other releases - is subpar. The print that was used for the transfer shows a lot of wear and the sound is marginal at best, which is a little galling considering that the back cover promises "an 'All New' Gorgeous Digital Transfer." It may be "all new," but it's far from "gorgeous." There are no extras on this disc, either. So don't expect to be wowed by the picture and sound quality or the extras.
One and a half stars out of five.
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on October 31, 2003
What a horrid DVD (and I never ever complain)...And I LOVE this film!!
I think they got this print from my old beat up copy that I taped in the 70's on my beta machine from a pirated cable channel and only recently found crushed in the bottom of my basement...and I didn't even receive any royalties for providing it!!
Come on, guys, you should be embarressed!! I am for having purchased this crappy copy... I know you are gonna make a few bucks on the handful of fools that buys this DVD, but you'll have a short lived career in the DVD-producing business.
Do I need to continue?
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on October 3, 2003
i was sooo looking forward to purchasing this title as it is one of my faves,but be WARNED-one of the worst "transfers" i have ever sat thru!uneven colors,improper framing,grain on top of more grain,you get the picture...i would suggest waiting for a (hopefully)better release,or buy it have been warned...
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Don't let the ghoulish title or the campy box fool you. "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" is no goofy zombiefest or cliched ghost story -- instead it's more of a manipulative mystery, with director Emilio Miraglia sprinkling the story with unexpected twists and giallo-like murders.

Evelyn Cunningham died in childbirth some time ago. Ever since, mentally-unbalanced Lord Alan Cunningham (Antonio De Teffè) has had a nasty new hobby -- he has "attacks" where he lures young redheads to his rambling estate, and kills them horribly. Even a seance to contact his beloved Evelyn doesn't help his mental state.

Then he meets beautiful Gladys (Marina Malfatti), and quickly marries her. But as Alan tries to get on with his life, the castle is haunted by a red-haired, white-gowned ghost that beckons him -- and the murder of several people there. Alan is being slowly driven out of his mind, but has Evelyn come out of the grave -- or is there something even more sinister at work?

"The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" has many of the trappings of a giallo film -- Miraglia even gives the audience a nudge-wink by having the mystery killer wear a pair of yellow ("giallo") gloves. But this movie isn't strictly a giallo -- more like a modern gothic with a few twists of "House on Haunted Hill."

It's not the best of such films -- it moves very slowly, and some of the scenes (such as the skeletal ghost-on-the-bridge scene) are just too silly. But it's made up for with some incredibly spooky "hauntings," mad camerawork, and the lush interior of the crumbling castle. Miraglia even throws in some bizarre, grotesque moments, such as the disposal of a body by dumping it into a fox kennel.

And the finale is a outrageous double twist that is unlikely, but very interesting -- just when you think you've got the whole plot figured out, Miraglia yanks the rug out from under your feet. Even if the plot still has some big holes in it, it's pretty entertaining and an exciting end to a slow-moving storyline.

Teffè plays the most difficult character of the piece -- his character is really psychotic at the beginning, although by the middle of the movie he's more pitiable than detestable. Malfatti is somewhat less compelling, but does well enough as Teffè's wife, while Enzo Tarascio plays the smarmy playboy very well.

It's pretty hard to find a decent print of this movie. Sinema Diablo's is horribly distorted and not worth watching, the Alpha is very bad quality, and St Clair Vision is even worse, incredibly discoloured and scratchy. The best one I've seen is from Brentwood's "Tales From the Boneyard," which has excellent colour and sound, although it's a little bright at times.

"The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave" is a lot better than its name would suggest, and its twisty spooky story is genuinely creepy in a "giallo" kind of way. Definitely worth watching.
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