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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 26, 2003
Brief plot synopsis: A female vampire needs the blood of a virgin to stay young; she finds Mark Kendall(Jim Carrey); hijinx ensue.
I first saw this when it came on tv; at the time Jim Carrey was either a nobody or "that white guy from "In Living Color" (btw why ...isn't that on dvd yet?). Shortly after I saw this JC started getting big with movies such as "The Mask" and "Ace Ventura". With those films in mind "Once Bitten" is somewhat of a novelty. Even though it is billed as a comedy, JC's character is a far cry from the rubberfaced madman we see in the aforementioned comedies. This is the Jim Carrey we saw in "The Truman show" the man who can play a character that we just like; someone accessible enough that we could know the guy or someone like him. JC's acting is brilliant here, I do enjoy JC's other work but it's refreshing to see him in a role like this. If you're a JC diehard it's a must buy, If you're not a diehard, there's still a good chance it will be a welcome addition to your movie collection. ...
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on May 26, 2002
This movie is a wonderful example of just how dangerously great a mixture comedy and horror can make. It's also the first movie for each of the the two leading stars, now-famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey and already-famous Playboy legend Lauren Hutton. In the movie, Hutton plays the sexy and seductive Countess, a female bloodsucker who needs three transfusions of vrigin blood by Halloween Eve in order to avoid averting into her 390-year-old self. However, she has two problems. First, she lives in Hollywood, where vrigins are in very short supply. Second, Halloween is only a week away. When all hope seems lost, she meets Mark Kendall(Carrey, a teeenager who wants sex with his girlfriend, Robin, more than anything else. When a drunken Mark engages in a supposed one night stand with Countess at her mansion and Robin finds out about it, it appears that their relationship is finished. But luckliy for both of them, she gives him another chance. When Countess, who already has two transfusions on Mark, tries to get the final one at a high school dance, fails, and then traps Mark using Robin as bait, Robin finds out just how far Countess is willing to go to get what she wants. When Countess is only a split second away from biting the captive Mark for the final time, Robin intervines and saves him. After a chase through the confines of her mansion, Countess finds Mark and Robin having sex in what was to be his coffin. When midnight strikes, she ages to her old self. We taped Once Bitten off Home Box Office in 1987, and over the past fourteen years, it still ranks among my favorite movies. I especially like it because unlike so many vampire movies i've seen, the sexest tradition of strictly males as vampires is lifted when Lauren Hutton undertakes the role of the Countess. If you're a fan of horror who happens to be looking for a scary movie and one of comedy as well, this is by far your best bet.
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on September 1, 2001
If you want a quality vampire movie, this is not the one for you. If you're expecting the antics that you're used to from Carrey, you will also be disappointed. However, this a great movie to include when you & your friends get together for a cheesy 80's movie night. Half corny comedy, half cute love story, it meets all exepctations of a campy 80s movie. So Jim Carrey didn't get to cut up. So what. It's still good. Watch it with no more expectations than what you'd have with something like "Weird Science" and you won't be disappointed. (And Carrey is just adorable! Especially with fangs!)
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on October 18, 2003
Once Bitten is a lighthearted vampire comedy that is fun to watch over and over again. Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton do a great job here as the leads and the late Cleavon little will crack you up as a slightly effeminate vamp. The comedy is light and funny and not too over the top.The best scene is the dance seqence at the party (A precursor to Carrey's later physhical work). It Look for Megan Muhlally (Will & Grace) in a brief Role as a vampire. If you're abig fan of 80's cheese like Iam this film is worth adding to your collection.
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on August 25, 2000
Carey plays a high school guy trying to cope with his girlfriend's reluctance to go-all-the-way. To take an edge off his frustration, he goes with out with the guys and is instantly targeted by a female vampire's following. This is cute, light-hearted and happy-ending. As far as being a great vampire flick? Well, not if you like your flicks with a little venom in their bite. Enjoyable dance scenes and usual Carey style.
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on September 16, 1999
This movie is definitely one of my favorites! Jim Carrey is great, as always! When I saw this I loved it. Now that I want to buy it I can't find it anywhere! This movie has a great mix of 80's fads, ha ha. No but this movie really is great! I would recommend to this to everyone!
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on June 4, 2013
Great throwback to the 80's, great movie love Jim Carey.

I'm not going to write a novel about the products I buy, if they suck ill let people know but otherwise you get a 2-3 word review then this message
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on February 12, 2004
this movie is GREAT!!!!!! when ur a jim carrey fan i really really think you should have this dvd! this movie is now the third best movie ever ive seen in my life!! jim is soo cute when he was young :)
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on June 23, 2000
The movie once bitten is a great one. Not Carrey's greatest performance, but still very good. Good 80's movie with great music. It's a movie that gives you a good laugh and makes you feal good.
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Best vampire comedy that year! Watch this movie for the best comedy this centry! U might even pee in your pants!
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