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on October 2, 2003
Now first off, i have not played any FF game before this one so i cannot compare it to any of them. This game is great, and alot of fun.
ok, the best part of this game is the job system. There are five races in the game and each have their own strength and weaknesses and have jobs to match. There are two types of jobs; Basic and Expert. Basic jobs are jobs that the characters can use and the dont require any abilities from other jobs to get. expert jobs usually require a certain number of skills from 1 or two basic (and maybe an expert job or two) jobs to get.
The battle system is a little tricky but it doesnt take long to get used to it.
There are also a few kinds of missions; Story Missions (there is about 30 of them), those procede the story line. and then SubQuest Missions(which u get by completing story missions)that really dont procede the story but has u do certain things.(there are around 300 of these)

there are types of missions; Fighting(which is obvious) and dispatch(where u send one clan member on his/her own to do something)

Ok, the Graphics are all right, pretty good for a gba
The sound is ok as well
The Gameplay is awesome with hours of gameplay.
The Job system is complicated but easy to understand
Over all 5 stars.
BTW the Players Guide for this game is highly recommended because it tells you how to get all the jobs, what each job is good for, what weapons give what abilites and who they give it to. MAKE SURE U GET THE OFFICIAL NINTENDO PLAYERS GUIDE
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on January 20, 2004
To begin with, cast aside your doubts, oh ye who played the original Tactics on the PSX. Cast them aside and open your mind to the possibilities that a Tactics game could and DOES work on the GBA. As involving as this little game is, comparisons between the two would not do FFTA justice. This is a different game, different storyline, and a phenonmenal piece of gaming history all in it's own right. From the simple beginnings of Marche, you immerse yourself in a world of highly detailed combat, strategy, and intense blow-by-blow moves. Your troops can be customized to your liking. Don't like the Thief? Switch him to a Soldier. Need to customize? How about a Mage with Shield Break (from the Soldier's set)? This level of finesse deserves a bow to Square-Enix and to Nintendo. Remember, folks, FFTA is a strategy/RPG with heavy emphasis on the strategy portion. This is NOT FFX2! There is a storyline, yes, and it advances quite nicely at the finish of certain "jobs", however, what it does NOT have is bottomless depth. All in all, however, any fans of previous Square titles, and even those that were fans of the original FFT, will find a worthy addition to their GBA libraries. Sound, gameplay, mechanics, it's all here. Enjoy your adventures in this compact world. :)
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on October 10, 2003
Alot of problembs with this game. The Storyline, battlestyle, movement, charachters, and play is VERY CONFUSING. I Seriously LOVED FFTactics, but this, this is You don't call this FF and let it go unnoticed. I used to be a dedicated FF fan, they all got booring though. Please, for everyone's sake, don't get hooked on the Final Fantasy series. You just waste your money and time. I suggest *Onimusha, Metal Gear Solid, or the Tenchu series*. They all have very good storylines and ALOT of in-your-face action. Anyways, FFT:A's graphics and music are the ONLY things I liked about it. Otherwise, I just plain disliked it.
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on July 13, 2004
Slogging through this game ranks as one of the most miserable experiences of my entire life. I gave FFTA every opportunity to prove that it was worthy of the Square-Enix label, but the only thing it proved to be was a cure for insomnia. The criticisms of this game are boundless. There is absolutely no central theme. The gameplay consists of wandering from one pointless mission to another. The battle engine is mediocre at best and the childish dialogue between the androgynous characters leaves you feeling nauseated. The mere fact that the game opens with a snowball fight should have signaled that we were in trouble. This game lost all focus on the "strategy" and "RPG" aspects that should have been central. There was no exploration involved and very little intereaction with third party NPCs. The original FFT for PS1 surpassed this game in every way. I'm quite convinced that this game served as nothing more than a disingenuous attempt to cash-in on the Final Fantasy legacy. RPG fans would be wise to avoid this waste of money and 60+ hours of your life!
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on November 28, 2003
OK, belive me i loved FFT for the playstation it was awsome, pure stradagy with battle it out battles. i knew the gba version was gunna be a lil toned down with the graphics i had no problem with that, but this!? this is a mockery! a judge? A JUDGE?!!?!? WHAT KINDA JOKE IS THIS?!!?! RULES FOR BATTLE?! no fighting... no spells... no lightining, no etc... i still cant get over the no fighnting rule for some battles, this is a battle for CRISAKE! with random bandits and monsters! n there is a judge???! a judge that tells u what u can and cannot do in battle?! n if u do disobay his laws ya go to PRISION?! what kinda joke is this?! i was expecting a nice battle stradgy game like the psx version, but then they threw in A JUDGE?!?!?!?! good god that is the stupidist thing i have EVER SEEN! i hope i can find the receit (dont know how to spell it). my god, battle = fight, right? then theres the no fight law for some battles?! WHAAAAAATTTTTTT?! I could also see how they were going for a differnt apporch in there game with using kids n stuff i thought it was cute and was redy for a nice lil story, but then came, THE JUDGE! plus they coulda done a lil better with the equiping menu at stores like in the psx version but hey... my recomendation is, dont buy this, if u want tactics jus get the psx version MUCH better. hope this helped.
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on October 17, 2003
I bought this as my first official Final Fantasy game...however, I was very disappointed. I mean the graphics and sound were excellent but all you do is battle! You can't even explore don't even get to actually control the character except to battle and to go places on this "overview map". I am a die hard RPG fan and let me say this game puts to shame the big hype everyone expected...and degrades the true meaning and reputation of the RPG world.
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on July 17, 2004
I loved the original for the playstation, but this one...
Story 2.5/10: The story is about as deep as a wading pool. I thought from the start it wouldn't be great but I didn't expect it to be so bland and vapid. The story opens on a school-yard snowball fight between the munchkins of a small public school, and a clever tutorial instructs you how to play the game throughout the snow fight. Then three of the loser kids (including the protagonist) go to a house read a book, then wish they weren't losers and were in that fantasy world. Then while they sleep the world changes and then the main guy ask the other two to help him get the world back to normal but they don't want to because they're not losers there... then you go on a million missions, and the story dies with your motivation to play.
Gameplay 5/10: The battle system is pretty much the same as the first, except you have to learn skills and magic by equipting weapons that have that skill on them. This wouldn't bother me except that you often have to equip very weak weapons to learn skills you may have missed or haven't gotten to yet. The battles feel slower then its big brother and they just aren't as fun.
Graphics 5/10: I guess they're good for a GBA game but the first has much better visuals. The animations and attacks and spells almost put me to sleep, they are very simple and boring. Overall the graphics just plain lack style or any zest at all. Oh and the character clothing is outrageously bizzare!! They look incredible weird even for a FF game, in short I don;t like it.
Overall 4/10: It is, at best, an ok game. At least it's better than Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicals ;( *shutters*
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on January 2, 2004
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on November 21, 2003
When I picked up this title I expected the gripping storyline, good music, and great battle system of the Playstation's Final Fantasy Tactics. What I found was a big disappointment.
While the battle system is essentially the same, possibly better (thanks to the ability to take back your move action)I found the whole job thing annoying. The fact that my moogle and my snake-thingee-whatever the f***-it-is couldnt learn the same jobs and moves ticked me off. I also didn't like having to essentially buy out the store's entire inventory just to learn new moves, or waiting around to learn a move when the item wasn't available yet!
The judges were another annoying change. It sucks really bad when you've got a law saying you can't damage monsters when you're facing monsters. And with over 100 hours of gameplay, that is a lot of annoyance by rules.
My biggest complaint, though, was the total lack of a good storyline. Unlike the uber-mature FFT storyline, FFTA is annoyingly non-existant, and when it is, much less dramatic and more "chipper". The fact that I spent God-knows how many hours just getting to the storyline makes me kind of ticked when it's a boring one.
The moves aren't as great either. What happened to when you could change your opponent into a chicken, hack away at the chicken, heal the chicken, hack away at the chicken, heal..etc. and gain like 10 levels?! And I can't throw rocks at my enemies anymore!
On the plus side, the graphics rival that of FFT's (I still like the original maps better though)and my non-hack and slash people level up the same as teh hack and slash ones (my chemists, bms, wms, etc. didnt like learning their own job's skills in FFT, just everyone else's). The music was a little repetitive, but so did FFT's after 50 hours of gameplay. Overall, this game deserves a C. Don't buy it if you're not a big Final Fantasy fan.
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on February 6, 2004
To start this review off, I would like to note that FFTA(Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) isn't even close to as good as the original FFT for PSX. However, a good FFT lover like myself will tell you that's not saying much.
This game does take place in a similar world to FFT, but overall is different. The battle system still uses jobs, but this time, there are races. Each race it's own characteristics and some jobs available to only it. The way you learn abilities is much like FFIX in the sense that you have to equip weapons with abilities and then gain a certain amount of Ap. The real problem with the battle system is rather the lack of difficulty. There is, however, one excepsion! The totema battles, which are like the Zodiac Battles, which in turn are like Boss Battles, are incredibly good. They are the best boss battles in a video game I've seen since 2001. The Totema battles feature big, hulking enemies, good music, and seamingly impossible challenges.
The story isn't exactly great, and rather then throwing you into a completely different world right from the get go, you start in more of a present day period. After some nicely done starting scenes, you and your teenage friends are thrown into another world with magic(yes, it's one of those cliches). The story evetually does progress into something better, but the lack of story actually makes this game more appealing since it's a portable game.
Overall, this game is great. If you didn't play FFT, you'll find the battles enjoyable and pretty challenging, and if you did beat the original FFT, the Totema battles and new job classes are more then enough to get you to buy this game.
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