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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 5, 2004
Talk about a well-made game. I enjoyed playing every minute of this game. With multiple ending, tons of items, leveling items to level 100, tons of classes to choose from, character levels of 9999, that's right 4 digit levels, there is no game that could be better for tactical games. It's even better than Square's Final Fantasy Tactics.
You play as a demon creating mischief as you take over rule of the netherworld. Filled with lots of humorous moments and tactical game play this game will keep anyone busy well over 100 hours.
I would say this is the best game I purchased in 2003.
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on May 17, 2004
this is one of those games that has to be played to be believed. sure no flashy graphics and absolutely no hype but this game really shines. if you are a fan of strategy games especially final fantasy tactics, this is the game to get. only problem is this game is a little hard to find as of now, but atlus is re-releasing it in late may due to the overwhelming response to the game.
all in all a great game that can easily suck up hours upon hours with more customization and features than you will know what to do with, and that is a good thing...
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on October 9, 2003
I gave this 4 stars because the graphics are pretty basic compared to some of the other games out there but It's still pretty entertaining. The Geo system is a bit of a hassle also but again, it takes some practice to get it down (which is something you see in every new game). You can pick up your enemies and throw them at other enemies as an attack. That was cool. You can pick up your friends and throw them to safety if they are low on health also. I'm still new to it so there's much more to learn. I definately reccommend it.
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on April 27, 2004
This game is wonderful, halrious, exciting, and above all execesive. If you were to compare it to the standard of the genere, Final Fantasy Tactics, it is very different. While both tactics had a serious story line, Disgaea's storyline focuses on humor, but with a just with little points of seriousness to keep you liking the story. Also try La Pucelle Tactics, which is made by the same company(Nipon Icchi), runs on the same graphics and gameplay engine as Disgaea and comes out in May!
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on December 28, 2003
It is an RPG and thats the only reason it doesnt smell like radioactive sludge balls. Don't listen to the other people who fell in love with these graphics. Imagine a grown person staring at a static television with drule gussing from their mouths screaming and laughing. Thats how bad the graphics are. The characters are plausible. The Plot is amiable. The sound is credible. Watching the children do their dances is fairly boring and takes along time. Stick to Final Fantasy X and X-2
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on April 20, 2006
For those unfarmiliar with the genre I suggest staying away from Disgaea, due to it's incredible difficulty. Overall this game didn't stop to amaze me.
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on July 18, 2014
I didn't realize this would be a game similar to final fantasy tactics or fire emblem. I really don't like that type of grid based "chess-like" gameplay. The story is great though, and there is some fantastic voice acting. Fire emblem could really learn from that.

Bottom line: If you like games like FFTA and Fire emblem, this is probably for you. Otherwise, just watch the anime version.
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on August 27, 2010
When I first played this game, I thought it was a rip off, because it looks like its from the PS1. A comparison to final fantasy tactics came to mind, from the graphics and gameplay. Disgaea is way better, with deeper gameplay and a really good and funny storyline ( I still havent figured out what ff tactics was about).
If you like tactile games, you'll love this.
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on June 29, 2004
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on July 1, 2004
Definitely the best PS2 game.. i've went through twice so far.. 130hours.. so.. the replay value is there..
graphics are.. interesting.. but unimportant..
Buy.. Buy now..
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