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on October 13, 2003
As somebody born in the late 80s, I never had a chance to watch these movies when they came out. Now in my mid teens, I recently discovered these movies, and this DVD set is a great introduction that has already gotten my hooked, causing me to rent many other 80s 'classics'.
The image quality is very good, although all three movies lack any extras other than theatrical trailers. I would have enjoyed seeing a "Making Of" feature, or commentary from the stars of these films.
While all three movies are enjoyable, I think that Pretty in Pink would have been a better fit with The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles than Weird Science is. That movie is a different style and genre that just doesn't seem to fit perfectly with the others.
Overall, I'd recommend this set. If you already own the VHS, don't waste your money due to the lack of features, but if you don't, this is a convenient way to get all three movies at a good price.
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on August 28, 2003
Don't get me wrong: I'm grateful to see that these three great 80's flicks directed by teen movie director extraordinare John Hughes have FINALLY been remastered in Dolby 5.1 and DTS. And the sound is great...I watched "Weird Science" and could really tell the difference. But why couldn't there by any special features on these discs? All we get is the original trailer and some rental suggestions. Why couldn't Hughes offer commentary on these movies? After all, he provided a really interesting one for "Ferris Bueller's Day Off. There MUST be some great stories behind the making of these movies; why won't he tell them?
Also, I know there was an E! True Hollywood Story featuring the journey behind "Sixteen Candles." Why couldn't that be included? Why not have cast biographies and filmographies at least? That's easy enough!
Since I adore all three films and the sound remastering is incredible, I will rate this set four stars. But not adding any special features to really separate this new box set from the lackluster original DVD versions....what a shame!
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on September 14, 2003
Here is some great news! The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, & Weird Science have just been re-released on DVD in remastered style after very disappointing DVD transfers in the late 90's.
The Renunion collection allows purchasers the chance to buy all three DVD's in a package deal. It makes sense to do this because it is cheaper than buying them separately. In fact, you practically get one for free! A friend of mine bought the package as soon as it was released. I think it will sell out, so hop to it!
Each title has been remastered although they are not perfect. Still, considering the age of these films, they look very pleasing.
All three are now 16:9 enhanced which is a blessing, no more large black bars top and bottom which plagued the 1998 DVD of "Breakfast Club" (for example).
Even better news for purists, is that the original soundtracks have been reinstated into the films. This is denoted on each separate cover, and is an important factor. for too long we have had to put up with altered soundtracks. Sixteen Candles soundtrack was butchered so bad that the film lost its spark. Well no more with this release.
The DVD's boast a DTS soundtrack for each movie. Sorry, but it's nothing to write home about! In the case of "Breakfast Club", the opening song "Don't you forget about me" still sounds very lame and mono as it did on the previous DVD release! The same applies for portions of "sixteen Candles". DTS can be a bit of a gimmick as demonstrated by all three DVD's. Don't be fooled in this regard.
Extras? Sorry to report that Universal have decided not to include extras on any on any of the dics (except for trailers). This is a shame because this is what DVD's are all about. I can only assume that this is because DTS soundtracks take up considerable disc space. What I would have liked is some deleted scenes or alternate scenes which do exist. For example, the TV version of "breakfast Club" is different to the DVD version, it contains several different scenes. Overall, there was approximately 4 hours of footage taken from Breakfast Club so to get some of this as an added special feature would have been nice Universal!!! There are also alternate scenes out there for "Sixteen Candles" but you dont get to see them on this DVD.
Despite these let-downs, you must order this package deal because it's the best the films have looked in a long time. Plus the original soundtracks have been reinstated. Another reason is that they will go out of stock for sure. I've been watching my friends copy, and mine is on the way!!! Cannot wait.
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on December 11, 2003
Finally the movies are crisp and clear, with original music as you would expect to see them on DVD.
I am really writing this review to talk about why I subtracted a star since it is so annoying! There is a trailer at the beginning that is several minutes long and there is no way to bypass it. If you stop the movie and decide you want to watch it later, you will be stuck watching the same long trailer again and again. What is this wonderful trailer you ask? Why it is an advertisement to purchase Weird Science, Breakfast Club & Sixteen Candles which you obviously already own. Then trailer number 2 comes up for Animal House and Trailer 3 for Monty's Meaning of Life. Since I am annoyed with these trailers I probably won't be purchasing numbers 2 & 3 because undoubtedly they have the same annoying trailers!
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on October 5, 2003
Definitely the ultimate buy for bratpack lovers such as myself. But I would have axed Weird Science and included St. Elmo's Fire or even Oxford Blues. I have nothing against W.S. and I really enjoyed the movie but other than Anthony-Michael Hall there were no brat pack members in it and it seems out of place in the collection, but's all in fun. I'd recommend this set to anyone who needs a boost from the droll movies of 2003 and would love to go back to when movies were fun and young actors...could REALLY act.
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on February 6, 2004
No doubt getting these three movies in remastered DVD quaility for roughly 10 bucks each is a great deal.
But I would of paid more if they would of added commentary, making of... and other extras to this set.
I mean isn't that what "collectors sets" are all about.
And what's with the trailers for the set I bought. Someone wasn't paying attention or maybe they're just afraid someone will sell these individually.
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on October 14, 2013
Good if you saw the original movies when you were younger and it made an impression back then.

Otherwise, who knows if you'd like it or not.

The music associated with these movies were a hit not just as music but with the association between music and movies. From here on, movie authors and the corporate masters of musicians took their relationship much more seriously.
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on November 23, 2003
This collection should have been called "The Anthony Michael Hall Collection". Great sound and image transfer. No special features, which is high on my list as a reason to purchase DVD's. Another annoyance is the beginning movie promotions/previews which cannot be skipped before the DVD menu. Overall a great collection of classic John Hughes films!
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on June 8, 2004
It's wonderful having these classics on DVD, but couldn't they have given a little more? I for one would have LOVED to see deleted scenes. When ever the movies play on TV, you nearly always see scenes that weren't included in the original movie. And I'd like to see them more than just the once in a blue moon on TV (plus all the editing detracts horribly.)
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on October 12, 2003
I just wanted to explain that the reason it is Breakfast Club, Wierd Science, and 16 candles - is because they are all UNIVERSAL films. The one question I have though is... Why isn't the new H.S. Reunion edition of "Three O'clock High" included? I just find that strange.
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