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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on May 19, 2004
Here is a complete episode guide for season one of "I Love Lucy." (September 1951-June 1952) The DVD collection also includes the series pilot, deleted scenes, clips from Lucy's radio show, "My Favorite Husband," and excellent preservation.
1. Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her-Lucy reads a murder mystery and jumps to the conclusion that Ricky must want to murder her as well.
2. The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub-For Fred and Ethel's wedding anniversary, Ethel wants to go to a nightclub, but Fred wants to go to the fights. Ricky and Lucy try to solve the problem.
3. Be a Pal-Lucy thinks that she and Ricky have nothing in common, so she begins to adopt his interests, including poker, much to Fred's dismay.
4. The Diet-When Lucy auditions for a part at Ricky's nightclub, he tells her he'll hire her if she can fit into the costume: a size 12.
5. The Quiz Show-Desperate for money to balance her household accounts, Lucy goes on a quiz show and agrees to bring home a total stranger and introduce him to Ricky as her long-lost husband.
6. The Audition-Lucy hires a coach to prepare her to audition for Ricky's show. This episode nearly mirrors the show's pilot, including Lucy's hobo act.
7. The Séance-In order to get Ricky in the good graces of Mr. Meriweather, Lucy and Ethel arrange a bogus séance so that Mr. Meriweather can contact his dead wife.
8. Men are Messy-Lucy is tired of cleaning up Ricky's messes, so when a magazine photographer comes to take snapshots of Ricky's home, Lucy decides to teach her husband a lesson.
9. Drafted-When Ricky receives a letter from the War Department, Lucy thinks he's been drafted. When Ricky catches Lucy knitting socks and then hiding them, he thinks she's pregnant. Ethel and Fred also adopt similar wrong conclusions.
10. The Fur Coat-When Ricky brings home a fur coat he rented for a show, Lucy mistakenly believes it's for her, and Ricky can't get her to take it off.
11. Lucy is Jealous of a Girl Singer-A recurring theme throughout the show, Lucy is jealous of a girl at Ricky's club (who is actually a dancer, not a singer).
12. The Adagio-Lucy hires a Parisian dancer to prep her for an audition at the Tropicana, but the dancer has romance in mind.
13. The Benefit-Lucy and Ricky agree to perform for Ethel's benefit club, but while rehearsing Lucy notices that Ricky delivers all the punch lines. She decides to change things...without telling Ricky.
14. The Amateur Hour-To earn extra money, Lucy agrees to take care of a lady's two bratty boys. She and the boys later appear on a TV show.
15. Lucy Plays Cupid-Lucy tries her hand at matchmaking for the first time with one of her neighbors and the grocer.
16. Lucy Fakes Illness-Lucy promises she'll have a nervous breakdown if Ricky doesn't hire her in his new show.
17. Lucy Writes a Play-Ricky refuses to play the leading role in Lucy's play.
18. Breaking the Lease-Lucy and Ricky have a huge fight with Ethel and Fred, so they decide to break their lease with vengeance.
19. The Ballet-Lucy lies and claims she has professional ballet experience to get a part at Ricky's nightclub.
20. The Young Fans-A teenager in the apartment building has a crush on Ricky, so Lucy tries to find her a boyfriend her own age. That young man (played by Richard Crenna) subsequently develops a crush on Lucy.
21. New Neighbors-Lucy and Ethel spy on their new neighbors, and Lucy creeps into their apartment while they're gone. They return while she's in a closet, and she overhears what she thinks is an elaborate espionage plot.
22. Fred and Ethel Fight-Lucy tries to patch up Fred and Ethel's marriage when the two split up.
23. The Moustache-When Ricky grows a moustache, Lucy plasters on a beard...that won't come off!
24. The Gossip-Ricky and Fred try to prove that women are bigger gossips than men.
25. Pioneer Women-Ricky and Fred think Lucy and Ethel are spoiled housewives who couldn't live without their modern conveniences. So all four decide to live like pioneers without electricity, running water, contemporary clothing, etc.
26. The Marriage License-Lucy discovers that she and Ricky are not legally married because Ricky's name is listed as "Nicky Nicardo" on their marriage license.
27. The Kleptomaniac-When Ricky finds out that Lucy is hiding mysterious valuables in the closet, he assumes she compulsively steals them.
28. Cuban Pals-Some of Ricky's old friends from Cuba come to visit, including a little girl Ricky used to dance with...who isn't a little girl anymore, much to Lucy's dismay!
29. The Freezer-Ethel buys a huge commercial freezer from her uncle, and she and Lucy fill it up with meat: two sides of beef. When they try to hide the huge expense from their husbands, Lucy accidentally locks herself in the freezer.
30. Lucy Does a TV Commercial-Probably the most famous "I Love Lucy" episode, Lucy does a commercial for Vitametavegamin, an health "tonic" with some shady ingredients.
31. The Publicity Agent-Feeling that Ricky has fallen out of the public eye, Lucy dreams up an elaborate publicity stunt: She poses as the Maharincess of Franistan who can't live without Ricky Ricardo's records.
32. Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio-Lucy is so impressed with Ricky's knowledge of American history that she gets him to be a contestant on a radio quiz show.
33. Lucy's Schedule-Ricky puts Lucy on a strict schedule to teach her the importance of punctuality.
34. Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald-Lucy gives Ricky scalp treatments to combat his fears of growing bald.
35. Ricky Asks for a Raise-Lucy presses Ricky to ask for a raise.
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I love "I Love Lucy." Whenever I find it on TV, I watch and find myself laughing. Naturally, it was one of the first shows I knew I wanted on DVD. This set has good and bad points. In reality, I'd probably give it 4.5 if I could. But since I can't, I rounded up.
The biggest drawback is the price. It's expensive! Even though I've found it cheaper other places, it still costs a lot of money. Of course, you do get 9 DVD for the price. And if you bought the discs as they came out, you have no reason to get this set since you already have all the material.
On the plus side, you get the 35 official season 1 episodes plus the "lost pilot" that was found and released several years ago. The episodes have been restored and I doubt they looked this good when they first aired. Picture is original full frame black and white and sound is original mono. Bonus features include behind the scenes trivia and photos, guest cast information, restored footage (some of which is a hoot), the original animated opening, and at least one episode per disc of Lucy's radio show "My Favorite Husband" that inspired certain episodes.
For me, I find some of the episodes near the start of season 1 to be rather slow and not as funny. This is a common complaint of mine with most TV shows. The writers and actors need time to find the characters before things really take off. Still, there are some early gems like "The Diet" and "The Fur Coat." The second half more then makes up for the first with many classic moments and hilarious episodes like "The Ballet," "Breaking the Lease," "The Gossip," "Pioneer Women," "The Freezer," and "Lucy's Schedule." I can watch these episodes over and over again and laugh myself silly every time.
Of course, this doesn't mention the single most famous episode of season 1 - "Lucy Does a TV Commercial." If this title doesn't ring a bell, I have just one word for you. Vitameatavegamin.
Is this a perfect set? No, and its flaws are a little more obvious then most. The good news is that future seasons of this classic show will be released in cheaper to buy full season sets. In the end, if you love Lucy, you will be glad you spent the money to get this set.
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on February 18, 2004
I am a huge "I Love Lucy" fan, but the entire first season of this classic series doesn't fairly explain why this is the greatest sitcom of all-time. The first season is plaqued with technical glitches, actors finding their characters and the feeling that the audience we hear laughing at America's favorite redhead is being generated from a laugh track rather than the live audience the show prided itself on. I can't wait for the second season of the show to come out on DVD, because then we see why this show was so beloved and by far, the greatest of all-time.
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on February 21, 2004
UPDATE!! has a new release date for season two of August 2004 and promises a more reasonable price and more episodes per disc making a more compact package. Hopefully Paramount will confirm this soon!!! If you're a fan of this series, the production of this dvd set is unbeatable. Each episode is uncut and there are 35 of them plus the series pilot in season one and 31 in season two. They are presented in broadcast order. The restoration is superb with picture and sound quality as good as I have ever seen in these episodes. True, season one could have been packaged better, with the price being a little high for your purchase. But I have watched the first season now and am glad I made the investment. And the best news of all is that according to, Season two will be released on August 31st with a more affordable format similar to the other series releases on dvd. So it might be worth it to save for this set if you want to own the series. Keep 'em coming Paramount!
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on January 8, 2004
This 9-DVD boxed set includes the first 36 episodes of the TV show I Love Lucy. It even has the original first episode, The Lost I Love Lucy Pilot, which was never realeased because the first 5 minutes or so of tape was lost. Recently, they found the missing tape, and the person who did the narration on the remainder of that episode recorded the missing narration.
Every episode is undoubtly funny, with exciting twists and turns--at the beginning, you can never tell what kinds of hilarious problems Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel will have been cought in by the end.
I disagree with the reviewers who say no bonus features have been added, because there are tons! On each episode, you can see the original beginning of the show (it started with a cigarette ad instead of the heart-and-silk thing), plus flubs, and recordings of Lucille Ball's My Favorite Husband radio shows that inspired episodes of I Love Lucy.
This DVD set is a good value, because each has 4 episodes, so that's 2 hours of time, plus bonus material. This is priced at around $100, so that's approximately $11 per DVD, and that's a good price!
I Love Lucy is a classic TV show that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Buy these DVDs and start experiencing the fun today!
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on November 30, 2003
It's not that bad, really. Why would Paramound simply package the nine discs that had previously been sold seperately rather than consolidate the episodes with new extras? Maybe so that fans who had already bought 2 or 3 or 8 of the individual DVDs wouldn't miss anything by simply buying the rest of the individual DVDs and not the entire season again. I know that if I had bought 7 DVDs individually (for $15 each) and then found out that the season set would contain extras, and I would have to shell out $100 for just 2 DVDs worth of episodes and the extras, I would be very upset.
The reason for the high cost of this set compared to other series' sets? I LOVE LUCY is much, much more valuable; possibly (probably) the most valuable TV series in history. More than 50 years after its start, it's still on cable almost every day. 50 years from now people will still love I LOVE LUCY, while few of today's shows will be of much interest. The value of the series makes it impossible to offer it for prices comparable to other series.
It may take a while for all the episodes to be released, but very few series are released on any faster schedule. And although DVDs may be passé by that time, two things are true: First, the DVDs will last for a lot longer than anything used before them. Second, the quality on these discs is just about as high as is possible due to the quality of the source. TV shows weren't taped at anything better than DVD quality until just the last few years.
If it's too big for you, or too expensive, watch TVLand. If you want to own the first season of TV's greatest series on DVD, buy this set. If you want to wait for a better version which may or may not ever come out, go right ahead.
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on July 23, 2003
I Love Lucy is my favorite television series ever, Lucille Ball will forever remain the Queen of Comedy. I can remember watching I Love Lucy when I was young and laughing, not even realizing how classic the show was. Now at age fifteen I have rediscovered my love for the show when I again saw reruns on TV LAND. I Love Lucy has finaly made its way to DVD with the historic 1st Season! The first season which ran from October 15th, 1951 to June 9th, 1952 includes some of the shows greatest episodes
Episodes of Season 1 in airing order:
1. The Girls Want to Go to a Night Club
2. Be a Pal
3. The Diet
4. Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her (actually the shows first episode to be filmed)
5. The Quiz Show
6. The Audition (virtualy the same as the unaired pilot)
7. The Seance
8.Men Are Messy
9. The Fur Coat
10. Lucy is Jealous of a Girl Singer (this episode was mistitled and should have been a "Girl dancer"
11. Drafted
12. The Adaigo
13. The Benefit
14. The Amateur Hour
15. Lucy plays Cupid
16. Lucy Fakes Illness
17. Lucy Writes a Play
18. Breaking the Lease
19. The Ballet
20. The Young Fans
21. New Neighbours
22. Fred and Ethel Fight
23. The Moustache
24. The Gossip
25. Pioneer Women (This episode contains the hilarious scene where Lucy is pinned against the wall by a giant loaf of bread)
26. The Marriage License
27. The Kleptomaniac
28. Cuban Pals
29. The Freezer(I laugh so hard every time i watch Lucy in the meat shop making that funny voice while she sells the beed "Tell Ya What I"m Gonna Do!"
30. Lucy Does A T.V Commercial (Possible the MOST FAMOUS EPISODE as Lucy becomes intoxicated while doing a commercial.
31. The Publicity Agent
32. Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio
33. Lucy's Schedule
34. Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald
35. Ricky Asks for a Raise
Now You can own the shows incredible first season in one boxed set!! However I am very angry with CBS or Paramount or whoever decided to release the 1st Season in seperate volumes! I had no idea the season would be released in one boxed set!! This was a cheap attempt make more money. I have bought every volume released so far and it has been expensive, i certainly would have waited for the Boxed set had I known! But if you have not bought all the volumes and you are a true fan of Lucille Ball than dont hold back!! But I LOVE LUCY SEASON 1 AND YOU WONT REGRET IT!
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on August 18, 2003
Don't let the studio fool you - The "I Love Lucy" Complete First Season DVD boxed set is pretty much a cheap way for them to cash in on Ms. Ball's name value. Rather than repackaging the whole season in a concise manner that would benefit fans in terms of price (not to mention saving space), they have opted to take all of those individually-released volumes (with 4 episodes on each) and simply sell them in one great big bundle (thus explaining the very hefty price tag). No additional features are being added, either. So why even bother if every volume can already be bought on its own? I dunno. I guess with such a timeless show, you'd expect the studio to be a little more fair and rewarding to Lucy's fans.
ADDENDUM: Don't buy this garbage about only four episodes being on a disc to "preserve quality." For benefit of argument, I invite anyone to check out the complete first season release of a show like "ER," which has all 25 hour-long episodes on FOUR discs WITH bonus features, and the quality of the episodes is fantastic.
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on November 21, 2003
This is the first season of I Love Lucy with all 35 episodes including the pilot episode. I admit it is expensive but its worth it. There are nine DVD's in the collection. Each DVD has 4 episodes on it. The episodes include:
The Lost I Love Lucy Pilot-Lucy tries to get into the act when Ricky's band auditions for TV.
1st episode-The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub-Fred and Ricky want to see a prize fight...but Lucy and Ethel want to go to a nightclub instead.
2nd episode-Be A Pal-Lucy tries to rekindle romance with Ricky.
3rd episode-The Diet-Lucy starves and steams her way into a size 12 to get into Ricky's act.
4th episode-Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her-A misunderstood conversation makes Lucy suspicious.
5th episode-The Quiz Show-To win $1,000, Lucy pretends to have been married to someone else inorder to win the money.
6th episode-The Audition-Lucy clowns it up as Buffo the Clown to get into Rickys act.
7th episode-The Seance-Lucy and Ethel become interested in the supernatural.
8th episode-Men Are Messy-Ricky throws his clothes everywhere making Lucy upset so they split the room in half.
9th episode-The Fur Coat-Lucy thinks Ricky has given her the ultimate gift, a fur coat. Only thing is, is that he rented it and has to give it back.
10th episode-Lucy Is Jealous Of Girl Singer-Lucy disrupts a chorus line in one of Rickys act to get the girl away from Ricky.
11th episode-Drafted-Lucy and Ethel are convinced their husbands are headed for the service.
12th episode-The Adagio-Lucy gets a dancing lesson from Fred.
13th episode-The Benefit-Lucy and Ricky perform a classic vaudeville routine for the benefit.
14th episode-The Amateur Hour-Lucy gets more than she bargained for while babysitting.
15th episode-Lucy Plays Cupid-Lucy tries to get an old couple together but instead it backfires on her.
16th episode-Lucy Fakes Illness-Ricky brings home an actor to play a doctor when Lucy pretends to be ill.
17th episode-Lucy Writes A Play-Ricky has to perform with a British accent in one of Lucy's plays she writes.
18th episode-Breaking The Lease-The Ricardos and Mertzes argue and may want to break the lease.
19th episode-The Ballet-Lucy tries to do ballet but instead does a popular act in "Slowly I Turn" at the Tropicana.
20th episode-The Young Fans-Lucy teaches a schoolboy how to dance.
21st episode-New Neighbors-Lucy overhears a plot against the Ricardos, but as it turns out what she overheard was a scene that the new neighbors were rehearsing for a play.
22nd episode-Fred And Ethel Fight-Lucy tries to patch things up between Fred and Ethel but then Ricky and Lucy start arguing.
23rd episode-The Moustache-Lucy glues on a beard for Ricky to shave his. Turns out that Lucy used a special kind of glue that sticks like cement.
24th episode-The Gossip-Ricky and Fred bet that Lucy and Ethel can't stop gossiping.
25th episode-Pioneer Women-It's back to the early 1900's where the four friends have to make, bake, dress, and ride the way people did in the early 1900's.
26th episode-The Marriage License-Lucy thinkgs Ricky and her aren't married.
27th episode-The Kleptomaniac-Ricky thinks Lucy is stealing things and can't help it so he gets a head doctor to help her to not steal.
28th episode-Cuban Pals-Lucy is a Latin Dancer in one of Rickys acts.
29th episode-The Freezer-Lucy locks herself in the freezer.
30th episode-Lucy Does A TV Commercial-"Hello Friends I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl" Lucy Does the famous Vitameatavegamin commercial that Ricky had another girl do but Lucy stole her part.
31st episode-The Publicity Agent-Ricky thinks he isn't so popular so Lucy pretends to be a huge fan from another country, being Maharincess of Franistan.
32nd episode-Lucy Gets Ricky On The Radio-Thinking Ricky is a genius, Lucy gets Ricky on the radio.\
33rd episode-Lucy's Schedule-Lucy keeps holding up Ricky on everything because Lucy takes forever to get ready so he makes a schedule for her to follow.
34th episode-Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald-The title says it all. Ricky thinks he is getting bald so Lucy gives him some bad hair treatment and Ricky goes for it.
35th episode-Ricky Asks For A Raise-Time for dress up! Lucy, Fred, and Ethel dress up as different people to convice Rickys boss to raise Ricky more money.
Get it while you can. Its cheaper getting the full set than each individual DVD. Also there is a bonus area in each DVD. The bonus area has things like behind the scenes of I Love Lucy, episodes from My Favorite Husband the radio show that Lucille Ball stared in that inspired I Love Lucy. The radio shows that are on each DVD are shows that the I Love Lucy TV show have coppied from My Favorite Husband; inspired some episodes. If that makes any sense. There are also special features, flubs, and the I Love Lucy original opening when it first aired on CBS. There are some more things on it too. So if you really think about it, it's not that bad of a price for the special features on it. Also you can either watch any episode in English or Spanish. I got this DVD set for only $68.82 at Sams Club.
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on October 22, 2003
I never consciously realized it until I pondered over whether to get this "I Love Lucy" set around the same time that the "Indiana Jones" set was just released; but, I have about 100 DVD titles in my collection and I was surprised to find that NONE of them are from Paramount. Many in my collection are from Criterion, Warner, Universal, Columbia, Image Entertainment, and there are some from other smaller companies, but not a single Paramount. Why is that, I wondered? I replace my VHS tapes with DVD's when they significantly add value to the film experience and are well-packaged; and since getting a DVD player only 6 months ago, I have already become very discretionary in my selections. I decided against the "I Love Lucy" set because of the bulky packaging and the expensive price tag for just a single-season set. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1, because I applaud their releasing it as a season-set instead of best-of collections. I said no to the "Indiana Jones" DVD collection because of the lack of commentary on such an essential classic. Both poor designs of such classic shows, it turns out, came from Paramount. As much as I would have loved to have liked these recent releases, I'm not going to reward laziness and greed. I'll continue to enjoy them on VHS and TV in the meantime.
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