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on March 22, 2004
Boat Trip is a comedy that notches up the raunch factor in the best tradition of Porky's and American Pie. The film stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and SNL's Horatio Sanz as two unlucky in love buddies who decide to take a singles cruise. Gooding Jr. playing Jerry has just had his marriage proposal to his girlfriend played by Vivica A. Fox turned down cold and really needs this trip.
They run afoul of a vengeful travel agent play by Wil Ferrell who instead, books the pair on a gay cruise, which they find out MUCH to their shock after the ship has left the docks.
This of course sets up many of the obvious jokes as they are hit upon by other travelers on the ship, including Louis, a rich English gentleman played by former James Bond, Roger Moore.
However they eventually do find some rather opportunistic female companionship. Gooding, in a drunken state falls into the pool and is rescued by a gorgeous dance instructor played by Roselyn Sanchez. Sanz gets even more...the entire Swedish bikini team which just happens to be floating around on a raft and rescued by their cruise ship. Sanz takes an immediate liking to the blonde bombshell played by Victoria Silverstedt.
The movie is low-brow humor at its most low and there a number of rather raunchy scenes including many scenes of simulated sex, most notably Sanchez demonstrating oral sex on a banana, and Sanz having a go at the Binkini teams very strict coach. Add to that some brief nudity and LOTS of swearing and the movie definitely earns it's "R" rating.
Still, while it's no classic there are several laugh out loud moments. Moore is funny as a career military man now gay English gentleman. Gooding and Sanz seem to be a bit of an odd pairing and it's the old thin neat guy and fat slob guy pairing with them. The women of course are very gorgeous in the movie even though you'd think there's no way someone like Silverstedt would ever GO for a guy like Sanz.
Fairly funny movie and at least worth a rent.
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on October 9, 2003
Here's a movie that seems to have offended almost everybody. It's certainly different. Artisan Pictures snuck "Boat Trip" into theatres in early 2003, months after it's completion the year before. In 2002's "Boat Trip", Jerry and Nick are two cool Gen-X guys just looking for love; they get side-tracked onto a rollicking 5-day, non-stop European cruise. OOPS!! Too bad this cruise is just for gay guys! TV screenwriter-turned-director Mort Nathan has assembled a lively, fast-paced comedy that dares to pull it's pants down. Pardon me. His pants down. Gender-bending, gay-bashing, and outright homophobia clash with Swedish bathing beauties in this zippy, sparkling frolic. "Boat Trip" stars the remarkable Cuba Gooding Jr., and features Vivica Fox, Will Ferrell, and the delicious Puerto Rican Roselyn Sanchez. 74-year-old Roger Moore is nearly hysterical as a devilish gay queen. Flooded with bright, tropical colors, "Boat Trip" was shot in Cologne, Germany, and the alluring Greek Islands. This brand new 1.77:1 anamorphic widescreen DVD includes out-takes(not too good), deleted scenes, chapter stops, tanning tips(don't ask), a trivia track, trailers, and a documentary first aired on Showtime Cable last spring. "Boat Trip" doesn't take itself too seriously. And guess what, neither should you. Put aside 90 minutes, check your brains at-the-door, and be sure to buy a ticket for this "Boat Trip".
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on August 3, 2003
I can't believe that people [really complain about] this movie and c'mon people, this movie isn't all that bad I mean it's far from Oscar-worthy material but it is a fun way to relax and Roselyn Sanchez is totally hot as Gabriella, former James Bond actor Roger Moore pulls off a good performance as one of the [alternative life style]men.
This movie is about two guys Nick (Heratio Sanz) and Jerry (Cuba Gooding) whose lives have hit rock bottom and Jerry's girlfriend (Vivian Fox) dumps him and the two decided to go on a cruise so they can meet beautiful women but unfortunately, they ended up cussing one of the travel agents so the travel agent ships them on an[alternative life style] CRUISE and from there on the situations that the boys get themselves into is hilarious, then later on Jerry's girlfriend Felicia ends up looking for him and she tells one of the guys to be careful with her luggage cause she claims that they're worth more than what he makes in a year and it goes to show you how obnoxious she is.
I felt that Vivian Fox should've been used more often in this movie cause she is a great actress and her scenes are worthwhile.
I actually give this movie 3.5 stars instead of 3 cause this movie isn't quite in the 4 star league.
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on January 26, 2004
Boat Trip is one of those movies that you definately have to have open mind when you and see it. Cuba Gooding Jr's plays Jerry who starts off being dumped by his girlfriend Vivicia A. Fox. Jerry gets lonely and figures out where did he go wrong in the relationship until Nick (Horatio Sanz) sweet talks him into a singles cruise--not realizing they've been sent on a gay singles cruise by a travel agent who has a few scufflings with Nick in the beginnning. Nick and Jerry thought they had died and went to hell as their was not one woman on the boat until found Jerry meets Gabrielle (Roselyn Sanchez) who appeared in Rush Hour 2, is a hot dance instructor is pretty much fed up men because all they wanted her for was sex. However, their chemistry is great throughout the movie. Nick finds some sexy supermodel who find him just as attractive he felt of her. Both men did what any straight guy would do, pretend that they were gay so the girls can feel very comfortable being around them. However, things weren't working out with Nick and the girl and starts to build a bond with some of the guys on the boat and believes that maybe this was the life for him. Jerry after takes numerous dance lessons with Gabrielle being to have a bond with her and he knew that she was the one for him. Of course things weren't working out with Vivica A. Fox's characters and her men with a passion for buffing and decides to find Jerry and get back together with him. When she gets on the boat and sees Jerry play into a homosexual play she is mad and ask Jerry why he never told he was gay. Gabrielle hears Jerry confess that he was never gay and revealed all the lies he had told her and wants him to stay away from her. Vivicia and Jerry decide to get married until Nick stands up and convinces Jerry that Gabrielle is really the one for him and they end up getting back on the boat and Jerry and Gabrielle do make up and become a couple and Nick after realize that the supermodel was the one for him decides to fly to Alaska to look for her but she wouldn't be back for another 3 months. The only advice I could give is if your not easily offended with homosexuality and don't mind seeing cross dressing, men holding hands and smacking each other on the rear, then you might want to check this out. However, it's not recommend for viewing.
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on November 19, 2003
Cuba Gooding, Jr. must have had some free time on his hands when he filmed "Boat Trip". It's definitely beneath his acting ability, but I guess he thought it would be fun. If you are one of his fans, it's worth a look. He plays a man named Jerry who is dumped by his girlfriend (Vivica A. Fox) for another man. His best friend Nick (Horatio Sanz) convinces him to go on a cruise to hook up with some women. After a squabble with a travel agent, the two friends are set up to take a gay cruise unbeknownst to them. On a gay cruise he finds of all things the woman of his dreams. The story line is lame I must admit, but there are some laughs. There is absolutely no gay bashing. The R rating is due to the nature of conversation and suggestive actions. The only nudity is watching some men walk around in those butt less pants. Plus, they have a new one. Instead of the Swedish Bikini Swim Team, they have the Swedish Bikini Tan Team on their way to an Hawaiian Tropic competition. They were rescued by the crew after their helicopter was shot down with a flair gun.
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on October 18, 2003
I enjoyed this film for what it offered and found the comedy fairly amusing for the most part. This would be an OK date movie. It addresses discrimination, but in a funny way that makes it acceptable and easy to take without being too heavy. Some of the humor was in line with slap stick ( no pun intended ) and I will admit it had some fairly funny scene's. I enjoy Cuba Gooding Jr. in many of his films however this was not one of his better works. The story had promise but failed to deliver in the end ( no pun intended ). I recommend you rent it first and then make the call on buying. This has adult subject matter and would be in questionable taste to show to mixed crowds. Not one of my better purchases.
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on July 7, 2004
The only reason I gave this movie three stars is because James Bond, aka, Roger Moore portrays a homosexual.
All in all, I was not impressed. I usually love Cuba Gooding, Jr. but in this film I felt his acting was a bit contrived.
You're welcome.
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on October 31, 2003
The comedy in this film wasn't really that great, the funny bits were mostly one liners and the plot wasn't too deep. After buying and watching the DVD I must say it didn't live up to the expectations I had to begin with but it was funny in it's own way.
It's a movie that can make anyone laugh, regardless of what your comedic preferences are, and so I give this 3 stars, its a fun movie and anyone who likes movies will find this worth watching.
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on July 30, 2003
Ok,ok,ok! This movie will never end up winning a grand award anywhere-HOWEVER! If you want to see a movie with some gorgeous girls(Playboy's Victoria Silvstedt!!)this flick has them. Well, there are loads of perky gay boys, too of course! It's a silly movie(Ex-James Bond, Roger Moore as a queeny man!? That alone was worth the movie ticket!)that takes you away to the Carribbean, at least. I thought it was fun to watch because it lifted my spirits for about 2 hours. It's totally unrealistic, but HEY! That's why we go to the movies!! As long as you don't take life or this movie too seriously, you'll enjoy it! Alllll Aboard!
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on March 3, 2004
Though "Boat Trip" has some hilarious moments, this is not the greatest releases of 2003. Also, the movie cover only desplicts the two lead actors on a boat with women wearing bikinis. They don't say anything about this movie being about the men going on a gay man cruise mistakenly. This proves that the producers are sell-outs. If they would have written it on there, this would have been a wonderful gay pride movie. The plot doesn't allow the scenes to blend with one another very well. It sometimes gets confusing, though it's entertaining at times. The acting is weak by some performers. Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. definitely doesn't show his tremendous talents like he has in the past, though he adds some of his own humor into the movie. This gives it some added enjoyment. "Saturday Night Live" star Horatio Sanz overreacts some of his words, he underreacts other words. The other performers are either average or good. Though "Boat Trip" offers some unforgettable moments, this movie is best to only watch once.
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