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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on June 3, 2004
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Silent Night, Deadly Night was just how I expected it to be.The soundtrack is cheesy yet effective at times.The acting is definetly not Oscar material but it's a horror movie so you can't really blame it.The characters are pretty cool; ecspecially Billy
(The Main Character).The dialogue is also fairly good.Finally the plot is exceptionally well thought out and written.It goes like this; A little boy witnesses the murder of his parents on Christmas Eve and now around Christmas he gets paranoid and has flashbacks.He is now around 18 and is ready to kill all the naughty boys and girls.I really enjoyed many parts of the movie.Many of the death scenes were creative.(SPOILERS)The arrow shooting, the one were the girl is shoved on the deer's horns, the decapitation with the boys are sleigh riding.I really think this is an above average 80's horror flick.I can see some reasons why people wanted to ban it from theaters, but come on there are much worse things on the silver screen than a killer santa.Make sure to check this one out around the holiday season.(7/10)
Silent Night, Deadly Night 2
Silent Night, Deadly Night - Pt. 2 is a toss up. It is hard to rate this movie.The first 40 minutes is basically flashbacks.The rest is kinda silly and ridiculous.Mother Superior's face has some how gotten all moldy and screwed up and they expect us to believe it is due to a stroke.Ricky is all old now and the movie is is just 3 years older than the predeccesor.The characters aren't really remorable; except for Ricky.The dialogue is stupid and dumb.The plot is fairly interesting though.Ricky has inherited the killing spree.He is now out to seek revenge on Mother Superior.I liked the character Ricky; he was extremely stupid at times or just funny.I also hated some of the killing scenes and how they showed some of the first movie in this one; it just seemed weird.I enjoyed how they told a little about Ricky's life after Saint Mary's school;though.Only watch this one if your a fan of the series.(5/10)
Though Part 2 isn't much more dignified than its predecessor, at the very least its isolated pleasures have a culminating effect."
Eric Henderson
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on July 14, 2004
Before i review this film, I really have to give it to ANCHOR BAY FILMS for bringing back all these hard to find 80's and early 90's horror films. No matter if you like or dislike the films that they gotta give them credit, they care about their clients. (I'm not a spokesperson for the company
in case your wondering!)
Back to the film, well the good thing about this film is the price and that you get two movies instead of one, but the bad thing is that only the first one is watchable. The sequel is well...very boring and hard to get through without asking yourself "What the hell is going on?" and the acting is horrific, i felt the main actor was going to blurt out laughing
at some points in the movie. I guess it was just bad casting, but i don't think that even Russel Crowe could've made this script anymore more believable or watchable.(ok..maybe he could have but you get the point!)
So i give 3 stars on the first one and zero on the second,is it still worth it for that price..I SAY YES!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
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on January 7, 2014
I think these movies are terrible-- in a good way! If you like B movies step right up. Everyone else please carry on. The first movie is cheesy but it feels a little more like it is attempting to be a bit more serious in tone (not really though).

The second gets so ridiculous and doesn't take anything seriously...
So many people complain about how bad the 2nd one is. It IS bad, but personally I think its bad in an awesome way. I love how self aware the 2nd movie is. Ricky's "WHAT?!" reaction to plot of the movie he is seeing with his girlfriend is a perfect example. Then there's the famous line "GARBAGE DAY!!" How can you not laugh at that?

The second movie rehashes the best parts of the first one and then has its own ridiculous over the top moments that always make me laugh. Why watch just the first movie when you can watch the best parts of it with all the weird new stuff of the second movie? If only the 2nd movie existed exactly as it is without the first one, would people complain as much? The premise is so silly just sit back and have fun.

Neither movie is very good when watched alone, but lots of fun when watched in a group of people that are into bad movies with drinks in hand.
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on August 15, 2008
SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (4 Stars) - A good 80's slasher film... I wasn't crazy about the restored scenes, as the film quality was quite bad. While some people would really appreciate those extra scenes, I think it would have been better without them - Or with the option to exclude/include them. Other than that, it's a good film that any horror/slasher fan will appreciate.

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 (0 Stars) - Poor, poor, poor film. The first 40minutes are a recap of the previous events with 95% of the footage taken straight from the first movie... I had to fast forward through it. The next 35 minutes are boring. The movie finally picks up during the last 10 minutes, but by then it's too late... BTW, Mother Superior's home doesn't seem very wheel-chair accessible and the guy who played Ricky was a REALLY bad actor! (Also: This movie does not even pass for a comedy)
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on October 25, 2003
(Instead of reviewing a film you probably already know, I stick to DVD special features)
Those Extras (Part 1):
Commentary: This was really laughable, but fits in with the theme of the disc. The back cover says audio interview with the director...turns out it's actually a phone call to the guy!! Once you get passed that, it's not halfway bad. Runs for about thirty minutes and is fairly informative. Unfortunately director Sellier comes off as gruff and bothered, one of those guys who you choose your words with carefully. The only film related stuff he discusses is the infamous antlers moment and how cold it was. Really would've liked to hear how the sledding scene was done.
Misc: A dopey "extra" called Santa's Stocking Stuffer of Outrage are what appear to be letters to the editors of several newspapers upon the film's release. Anonymous cogs chiming in there two cents about the film's controversy. I read three of them and moved on.
Overall: Well, at least this is on DVD now. The transfer is beautiful, looks like the film came out last year. For whatever reason the more violent scenes switch to a murkier, cheaper look. I assume only the scenes approved by the ratings board were the ones mastered. And depsite hype, this is the full-length cut that has been available for years on VHS.
(Silent Night 2)
Commentary: Classic. Better than the film itself! Makers Harry and Earle, along with actor Newman pretty much lambast what's on screen. At least they're honest with the quality of this joke of a film. Though actor Newman comes off like a pervert/schmuck, he tires very quickly. But they're laughter gets you through some unbearably amateurish and stupid scenes.
Overall: Well, can't say at least this is on DVD, as this sequel appalled me after the great part 1. But it's included on part 1's disc so there's no avoiding it. For some smiles and low-budget filmmaking stories pop it in.
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on December 3, 2003
Ah, SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT, that little slasher movie that pissed off a lot of critics and PTA groups in half the nation (it was pulled before it reached the West Coast) since the killer was dressed as Santa. Incidentally, it's easy to see why it was so controviersial, <PUNISH!> since the story is told from the point-of-view of the killer and it focuses on the factors that cause his murderous rampage. <NAUGHTY!> Gee, didn't producer Ira Richard Barmak or TriStar Pictures learn anything from the brouhaha that surrounded MANIAC (an excellent movie)? Didn't they realize that <PUNISH!> any horror movie where the murderer is the main character and not just a plot device, especially when the movie involves a sacred holiday (it worked for the excellent BLACK CHRISTMAS), <NAUGHTY!> will incur the wrath of sensitive moviegoers? (Hello, parents, it WAS rated R anyway; kids wouldn't be able to see it anyway, although those TV spots must have been scary to unwary kids.) I guess they didn't, and God bless 'em for that! Anyway, this is the good stuff here; we get an uncut presentation (with deleted scenes from another source; as with DEEP RED-THE DIRECTOR'S CUT, once you get used to the switches in quality (DEEP RED's restored scenes were in Italian only), it's a great ride), plus a telephone interview with director Charles E. Sellier, Jr., who expresses interesting and thoughtful opinions of the film and the controversy surrounding it.
But I myself prefer the hilarious sequel <PUNISH!>, which seems to piss off all the horror purists out there, especially fans of the original. Hello! This is SUPPOSED to be a comedy (along the lines of EVIL DEAD 2, which came out in the same year), meaning NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! <NAUGHTY!> But anyway, I think that the editing of footage from the original was pretty cool at times, especially <PUNISH!> when it jumps from old scene to new scene. For example, when we see the scene where Mother Superior is belting Billy, it cuts between that and Ricky (Eric Freeman, who was awesome) recalling it (<Whip!> She <Whip!> was <Whip!> naughty.); I thought that was too cool. Among other things, the funniest scenes are when Ricky impales a loan shark on an umbrella and opens it, as well as Ricky's shooting spree (hence the title of this article). The commentary by the director/editor/writer, the other writer, and actor James Newman (the psychologist) enhances the humor of the movie; <NAUGHTY!> I laughed right along with them and I am glad they feel the same way that I, and a few other viewers, feel.
Anchor Bay did right by the fans of these two movies by putting them on a flipper disc. <PUNISH! NAUGHTY! PUNISH! NAUGHTY!> The supplemental material on both movies as mentioned above alone is worth the retail price! So don't be NAUGHTY!; go out and see these lost gems of the slasher wave, becasuse <PUNISH!> in the words of the grandfather in the first film, "Christmas Eve is the scariest damn night of the year!"
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on October 15, 2003
Silent Night Deadly Night really caused a ruckous when it was originally released, but remember the golden rule, there is no such thing as bad publicity. All the bad hype it was getting actually drew more people to the film. It worked on me, I admit. I had to see the film that caused so much commotion. I ended up really disappointed. Although not a bad concept for a horror film, it's just executed poorly. Poor directing, editing, acting. This film might have turned out alright if it has some actual talent behind the camera (such as John Carpenter or Wes Craven). Even though the film isn't all that good, Anchor Bay does a great job bringing it to DVD. This time it is FULLY uncut for the first time. Sadly the cut portions that were added back in the film are of poorer picture quality than of the original film, but Anchor Bay did the best they could to get the cut scenes to match the original material. What can I say about Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2, it is just terrible. At least the original SNDN had an original story, the second film is 45 minutes of flashbacks from the first film and 40 minutes of new material. Talk about a cheap trick to get people into the theaters. The director even admits it in the commontary! No wonder they shoved it on the same disc as SNDN1, because there is no way they could sell it seperatly. I still can't believe there were even 3 more sequels! Horror fans who are curious, rent this film first. If you like the film for whatever reason, you won't be disappointed by this DVD release.
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on October 24, 2003
I look forward every year to the holiday season because that means that my buddy and I get to watch our all-time favorite Christmas classic - Silent Night Deadly Night 2. It's become a tradition every December for us to watch the one Christmas movie that truly puts us in the holiday spirit.
First of all, how this movie wasn't nominated for an Oscar is beyond me. This is some of the best acting I've ever seen. The dialogue is terrific. Mesmerizing if I may say so. The cinematography and editing are first-rate as well. During one particular scene, you can see the boom mic bobbing in and out of the top of the screen. Absolutely brilliant attention to detail.
Silent Night Deadly Night 2 has all of the best scenes from the first one and so much more. There are some side-splittingly funny scenes like when a guy trys to rape his girlfriend and when she stops him, he says, "F this, I'm gettin' a beer". Moments later, he's run over about 30 times with his own Jeep Wrangler. Towards the end, the movie theatre scene is one for the ages (sshhh punish). You even get to see a set of jumper cables hooked up to a '67 Mustang and placed into a guy's mouth. Did you know that an umbrella can be impaled through a person's back and still be usable?
Forget Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, to heck with It's a Wonderful Life. Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is the cornerstone of the holiday season in my house. Children of all ages will enjoy learning the true meaning of Santa Claus by watching this masterpiece. Naughty!
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on October 26, 2003
It is so funny upon thinking about it that Silent Night, Deadly Night has gained such a reputation as being a film that is so gory, so offensive, that it was banned in many places for years. Honestly, the only reason the film was banned and the only reason parents had problems with the films was the fact that the TV commercials were making little kids terrified of Santa. This movie isn't any more gory or violent than it's holiday-themed predecessors such as Friday the 13th and Halloween. It's just that fact that it deals with such a "sacred subject" as Santa that upsets people.
Frankly both of these movies aren't even really that great. Anchor Bay has released the first film unrated with extra gore spliced in, making it the most complete edition ever released. I can honestly say that I did not find any of the added footage any more offensive or disturbing than the original. The fact that these films (especially the first one) take themselves so seriously is the most offensive thing of all.
Anchor Bay has released these films on a two-sided DVD and each movie has it's own small amount of special features, including trailers, interviews, and a commentary track. The video quality is decent on both films. The "uncut" footage that was spliced into the first film from a different print looks much rougher and more washed out than the rest of the film, however I did not find it too distracting. The mono audio is sufficient for what it is. No technical problems really.
If you are looking for a good holiday movie, buy "It's a Wonderful Life." If that's not available, get "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol." If Christmas cheer is what you are after, these are perfect. If you want to see a psycho in a Santa suit hack people up, get the Silent Night Deadly Night double feature. Just don't expect it to instill the Christmas spirit into your family.
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on January 1, 2004 actually has a decent story for a slasher flick. Yes, I know hard to believe. Now normally I don't like slasher flicks but when SNDN came out years ago, with all of the bad press, I just had to see it. My buddies and I were not disappointed. This is simply, the goofyist slasher I've ever seen, except perhaps Army Of Darkness(of which there is no equal). But Army of Darkness was not a true slasher, while this is.
There are some classic scenes in this one, but my favorite is when the guy dressed up as Santa robs the store, shoots the guy behind the register, and goes out to his car only to find that he only got a few bucks from the store and expressed his dissatisfaction with his meager "take". There is also the antler scene, the box cutter scene, the sleding scene....heck, they are all good.
Listen up you primitive screwheads! If you liked Army Of Darkness you'll like this one too. (Naughty!)
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