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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 30, 2004
In this DVD, Kuwabara's fight with the Elder Toguro concludes and Yusuke's fight with the Younger Toguro begins...
In the episode Sakyo's Proposal, Kuwabara's fight with the Elder Toguro concludes. The man event is set to begin: Yusuke vs. Toguro. But, before this match can begin, Sakyo makes a wager. He puts his life on the line. If Toguro wins, he lives. If Yusuke lives, he dies. Koenma agrees to these terms. Now, this is the desicive battle. The winner earns 2 points, winning the tournament.
In the episode Yusuke vs. Toguro, the climactic final battle begins. In the beginning, it is an even fight. At least, that's what Team Urameshi thinks. Toguro destroys the ring. Now, the only way to win is by death. Yusuke fires a charged up Spirit Gun, but it doesn't leave a dent in Toguro's body. Yusuke now knows that he will have to give everything he has to defeat this monster.
In the episode Toguro's Full Power, Yusuke shows Toguro that hw hasn't been fighting with full power. He removes the Spirit Cuffs, and item givin to him by Genkai for his training. Yusuke's power explodes and he, well, he beats Toguro mercislessly. But, this doesn't last for long. Toguro is impressed with Yusuke's full power, and charges to 100%...
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on June 25, 2004
i have been a huge fan of Yu Yu Hakusho for a long time now and this is a must see addition to anyone's YYH collection! In true Yu Yu style the Dark tournament finals continue after the shocking techinicality that gave Toguro the first round point, and now it's pay back! In an effort to regain control and win their freedom hiei takes the stage facing off against the quite bohemeth bui and his unlimited axe supply! don't judge by size though because i this battle it's the 9ft. tall bui versus our favorite fire demon, and we all know when it comes to revene there is no fiercer warrior than hiei. in this heated battle the floor goes flying and the audience is feelingmost of the pain as the two hardened demons clash. In the end it is Bui's fearsome battleaura versus the power of the newly mastered drgon of the darkness flame. Bui manages to send the dragon back at hiei but don't count hiei out yet because he is about to reveal his newest talent. In the end after leveling half the stadium and causing major panic within the crowd Hiei wins and the score is tied. Now we have to count on Kuwabara to push our team in th e lead, ( heaven help the goodguys.)Can kuwabara manage to wi this fight or will he blow it as usual. Either way this show is chock full of the mayhem Yu yu fans love and and for any diehard Hieithere is a lot of great scenes with the cute little demon. i love Hiei!!!!!
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on April 24, 2004
In the episode Beneath Bui's Armor, a disturbing verdict is handed down for the 1st round (Kurama vs. Karasu). The Elder Toguro steps up to face the remaining members of Team Urameshi all at once, but the silent Bui steps up to fight instead. Hiei explains to Yusuke that he originally wanted to fight the Younger Toguro, but after what happened, Yusuke deserves that right. He decides that Bui will be enough to entertain him. Hiei is dominating the fight, and Bui knows this. Bui removes his armor, unlocking a great power. Hiei cannot stop this. He knows he will need more power. He unravels the bandage on his arm, ready to end the fight...
In the episode Wielder of the Dragon, Hiei unleashes his ultimate attack, the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Bui struggles to hold back the dragon. As he is losing, he remembers his loss to Toguro years ago. He does the unthinkable: he turns the dragon back on Hiei. With a look of shock and terror on his face, Hiei is swallowed by his own cursed creation...
In the episode The Shadows of Elder Toguro, the Hiei vs. Bui fight draws to a close. Now, Kuwabara must fight the eerie Elder Toguro. In this fight, he learns the truth about Genkai. Blinded by rage, he attacks. To his horror, the Elder Toguro arises unharmed...
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on December 31, 2003
This DVD was awesome! Spirit Flyswater? Kuwabara is hilarious! But when Younger Toguro killed his brother, it was beautiful in a freaky, murderous, stalker kinda way! His brother was freaky! But when Toguro got to 100%, ewww! All those muscles were creepy, yet cool! And Yusuke's flashback to the Spirit Cuffs was funny! And like Jin said, "Wow, when your wind can make a pheonix ya know ya got something big!" That was like the coolest thing I've ever seen! And when he went after Toguro, that punching was incredible! I love this DVD! Go add it to your collection and make sure you go watch this first and then get Tournament's End because that's great too! Anyone who said it lacked fighting is so blind to see the truth! It's awesome! But, if you can't stand the sight of blood or some swearing and a "weird" comment or two, then you're watching the wrong show or just go get the dubbed version! It depends on your age or what you can handle or what your parents say! But overall, it's off the heezy ya'll! Holla Back! 5 stars baby 5 stars!And I'm a girl and I can say I love this show just like my other friend who's a girl! Many girls in Japan love this and all girls who love or like DB,DBZ,or DBGT will like this anime! Go get it!
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on November 22, 2003
This volume of the 2nd season of Yu Yu Hakusho sadly contains only three episodes.
"Beneath Bui's Armor" had Hiei fight the heavily armored Bui. However, Bui's armor isn't to protect him, but to contain his powers.
"Wielder of the Dragon" shows Hiei's mastery of the Kokuryu-ha technique which had before eluded him.
NOTICE: The artwork/animation for this episode is completely different and is awful. I don't know what happened here, but it is shockingly different and unpleasant!
"The Shadow of the Elder Toguro" has Kuwabara facing the shape-shifting eldist Toguro brother.
As this season draws to a conclusion, many things are what you'd expect from this shounen series. FUNimation does its usual excellent job with subtitles in which all honorifics (but family ones) are included as well as the fun Japanese phrases attached to the series. And the English dub voice actors have the spirit of the original Japanese seiyuu down, making it pretty good. There are some issues of domestication with the English dub script, but since they Japanese subtitles are so well done, I can't complain.
The only complaint is the middle episode which frankly isn't FUNimations fault. But you should know about the shocking change in art styles just the same.
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on October 12, 2003
There are only 3 episodes on this DVD, not 4. Sakyo's proposal will be on the next DVD.
While I'm unhappy that they've cut down on the number of episodes they're putting on each disk, I can hope that when they're done with the Dark Tournament, they'll go back to their previous policy.
Other than that, the three episodes on this disk are great. Hiei's big fight is shown in its entirety, and if you watch it in Japanese, you *will* learn how to say "Ensatsu Kokuryu-ha" or "Jao Ensatsu Ken Kokuryu-ha"--the name of his big attack. The English version uses a lot more pronouns. Just a silly little thing for your amusement. It reminded me of the Christian Arc of Kenshin, where Kaoru and Yahiko kept repeating the name of Kenshin's final attack: Ama kakeru ryu no hirameki." But I digress...
The animation style in the second episode on this DVD is screwy. The animators obviously took a short break and someone with a distorted sense of proportion stepped in. It's not that bad, just screwy.
I also recomment that if you're going to buy this DVD, you get either the rest of the Dark Tournament, the rest of the series, or at least the three disks before it. It's a series. A few episodes don't really stand alone.
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on October 10, 2003
If you thought that Kurama's fight with Karasu in the last volume was the appetizer, this volume serves the main course, as Hiei and Kuwabara battle it out with Bui and Toguro Ani respectively. Hiei's fight alone makes the DVD worth watching! It is crazy, as he summons the Black Dragon Wave/Dragon of the Darkness Flame to defeat Bui, and it's lashing around the entire tournament arena! I'd hate to admit it, but the destruction in this volume actually puts even DBZ to shame. This is a great buy, but there's one problem... like a previous reviewer said, in the second episode(Wielder of the Dragon), the animation is HORRIBLE. It is far below Yu Yu Hakusho standards, and you'll especially notice how badly Hiei, Yusuke, and Koenma are drawn. If you can avoid it, add the fifth star on my review, but I personally found it distracting. But still, the fight's awesome! The next volume contains the second half of Kuwabara's fight and the first of of Yusuke's fight, and I can't wait! Not only that, but the next volume will be using different animation for the opening theme song.
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on October 7, 2003
Hai, I admitt, when I first reviewed this dvd, I had no knowledge that they would cut Kuwabara's fight in half. They had orginally said that this dvd would contain four new episodes. Unlike Genkais Test though, I am happy to say that there are no errors what-so-ever on this dvd. Also, according to other reviews, the animation in the second episode are more cartoon like, though it makes Hiei look really cute! Do not read further if you wish the dvd to remain a surprise for you. Juri announces that even though Karasu is dead, her ten count had finished before Kurama managed to stand, so Karasu is the victor. With the Toguro team ahead with one point, Bui steps forward ready to fight. Hiei also enters the ring, telling Yusuke that he had wished to take Younger Toguro, but in respect for Genkai he would leave it to Yusuke. He takes off his bandages on his arm, and you see the Dragon Tatoo for the first time. Skipping tons of detail, including Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness Flame turning on him, Hiei wins the fight, falling unconcious for a 6 hour sleep. Kuwabara fights Elder Toguro and during this time period is shown the story about Genkai and Younger Toguro's past. The dvd ends with Kuwabara swearing to kill Younger Toguro...
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on October 9, 2003
Well, I don't know what version of this DVD the previous reviewer watched, but his summary extends well beyond what happens in the three episodes contained on this disc. This volume contains Hiei's fight and the beginning of Kuwabara's. No farther.
That being said, the first two episodes on this disc are an absolute MUST for Hiei fans. He is as arrogant, sexy, and just as cool as hell as always. However, and this is a big however, for whatever reason the animators decided to play a cruel sadistic joke on the viewers and play around with a different style for the characters during some parts of the episodes. That means that during my beloved Hiei's big fight he alternates between looking like his normal lovable demon self and some demented kewpie doll. It's horrid. I certainly hope that the animators don't make this style a habit in future episodes. Just thought I should warn others. It was rather disconcerting when I saw it.
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on April 30, 2004
Like all of my Yu Yu Hakusho review so far, I saw this one on a crappy subtitled version which took all of the fight and condensed it into 5 minutes. I didn't see much of the Kuwabara/Elder Toguro fight but I can mention this: Kuwabara learns of Genkai's death from Elder Toguro and becomes enraged. In his blind and stupid fury, he tries to slice his enemy to bits. Throughout the entire fight, I'm guessing Elder Toguro is sliced up and put together around 2 or 3 times. Eventually, and in a way I wasn't explained in my junky version, Kuwabara defeats Elder Toguro, leaving Yusuke and Younger (yet much more evil) Toguro for the final round of the Dark Tournament!
Togoro FINALLY goes to 100% of his power and Yusuke releases his energy in what I think looks like a phoenix. Anyway, I'll continue this review of the Torugo/Yusuke fight in the next volume of Yu Yu Hakusho: End of the Dark Tournament (Uncut)!
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