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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 14, 2004
I'm a big fan of Baby Einstein videos for the most part. We own most of them and have watched them countless times. My daughter (now 20 months) has lost interest in them now. She was most drawn to them from 8-15 months I think.
But I was thrilled to see this one come out and got it thinking it would be more "educational" than the others seem to be. I was right. I really like how this one goes through the numbers, counting, sequence, etc. The puppets, music, objects, format just seems to make more sense than some of the other more "out there" ones.
Best of all, my daughter loved it and quickly learned to count from 1-5. My only regret was that 5-10 wasn't out (and still isn't)! I'd also love to see an A-Z one! The other new one Baby McDonald is pretty good and slightly different than the "traditional" format too. My daughter asked for "mcdonalds" almost every day for a month after we first got it!
And like another reviewer said, be sure to check out the other choices on the DVD, especially if your child seems bored with just the video. You can find lots of other learning/fun things on each one too!
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on April 8, 2004
This has been a wonderful addition to our kid-viewing library! I purchased this because we're starting to get into correctly identifying numbers and quantities, and because our son has really enjoyed many of the Baby Einstein series. What a great decision! I like the fact that they repeat some of the same items for each number, so toddlers get the see the quantity grow-ex: one cup, two cups, etc. I disagree with some of the earlier reviews that wish that the video had gone up to higher numbers- going to "5" was perfect. In my opinion, going to 10 would have meant rushing through each number, instead of using a lot of repetition to get the idea of truly counting across to toddlers. We've used this video as an extension of our teaching to our 2-year old. The puppet sequences are very good, too. There's one skit where the duck has two toy planes and won't share with his friend until the horse brings over two balls, and this gives me a chance to talk about sharing with my son. Another skit has the three main puppets in a car race with each other that my son absolutely loves (although I find it a little long). Because of the combination of education and entertainment, our family gives this a bigs thumbs up! If you're really wanting it to help teach, I wouldn't use it for children younger than 18 months old, but if you're just looking for entertainment, I'm sure that younger is just fine.
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on November 29, 2003
We are definitely a Baby Einstein household. I received the first 11 DVDs as a baby gift from a *very* generous friend. My daughter starting watching them as early as seven weeks old. They held her attention even at that point. She likes some better than others (Baby Beethoven and Baby Neptune are favorites). I picked up this latest one when I was Christmas shopping. We watched it this morning for the first time. I'd definitely say it's more in the style of the older videos... less video footage and more "toys in motion" kind of stuff. She seemed to enjoy it and it definitely kept her attention (she never took her eyes away from the TV).
My major complaint is that for a DVD that's supposed to be an introduction to numbers, only introducing the numbers 1-5 seems a little silly. Even Sesame Street goes up to 20. The box says that "Numbers Nursery" is intended for 1 year and up. I'd say it seems more something for even earlier than that. My daughter is now 6 months old and it's about perfect for her. If they wanted it to have appeal to a later age range (up to 2-3 years for example) they needed to include a lot more than the number 1-5.
Overall though it's still an enjoyable addition to our Baby Einstein collection.
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on December 4, 2003
My daughter has been a big fan of the Baby Einstein video series and we have nearly all of the videos. This one has gone back to the B.E. earlier videos, in using some familiar puppets from previous videos and has the typical classical music playing while showing one toy. I watched it with my daughter as a before bedtime video and she sat with me the entire time and didn't move. When they counted she would hold up a few fingers to show me "how many" and when I asked her if she liked her video, she nodded yes.
Sure it would be nice if they went a bit higher in the numbers, but this isn't supposed to replace me teaching my daughter how to count. It's an entertaining video and helps associate one-two-three with how many objects are in front of her. I highly recommend this video for your younger child and also for those children who are my daughter's age and are big fans of the baby einstein videos.
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on December 6, 2003
Like many parents, we own all of the Baby Einstein videos. Baby Bach and Baby Einstein are the only two my kids never enjoyed. Numbers Nursery is another HIT!
Disney has finally been smart enough to go back to Julie Aigner-Clark's original Einstein concept. What made Baby Einstein so special in the first place was that it was so simple. Babies don't need special effects and computer-based graphics - such as in Baby Newton - ugh!
Both my 11-month old daughter and 2 1/2 year old son love this tape. Yes, it would be nice if it went higher than five, but the point of the tape is not to teach your children how to count. That's your job. It's educational entertainment, or so I like to think.
If your kids love Baby Einstein as much as I do, they are going to love Numbers Nursery.
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on April 22, 2004
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I own all of the titles, and feel that this is certainly the best one for toddlers age 1 and up. When my daughter turned 19-months old she could count to 5, thanks to this video (of course I recommend the use of books, fridge magnets, and counting as you walk, etc.) but if you need 25 minutes to prepare dinner and would like for your child to get some educational fun in, this is it. Once she was too familiar with the main video, I clicked on 'Bonus Material' to discover that it was loaded with additional videos, counting games, discovery games and even flash cards for numbers 1 - 10 in 7 languages, which is perfect for our English/French bilingual household. Within 3 days, she was counting to 10! Now if only there were a part 2 that would count to 20.
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on September 8, 2008
I liked the sequential introduction of the numbers from 1 through 5, and I also liked that when showing five objects, for example, they'd start with four and add the fifth one - that introduces the basic concept of addition to the little ones. My one-year-old son thinks this is great fun and will watch the entire thing (which is a feat, as he's quite active).
My problem, as always with every Baby Einstein video I've seen thus far, is the promotional material you HAVE to watch before you get to the feature of the DVD. Lots of movies have promotional material, but you can usually choose to watch it (or not). That should be the case here, too; the fact that you have no choice but to watch it is enough to dissuade me from buying too many more of these.
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on January 9, 2004
We own several Baby Einstein DVD's and this one, as well as Baby Shakespeare, are my 14 month old sons' favorite videos. He will walk into a TV room and run up to the television, insisting either one to be played. The puppets play a large part in this video, along with other children. There are also various puppets included, instead of only 1 or 2. For these reasons, he really enjoys them. They are extremely educational and fun to watch. Of all the Baby Einstein videos,Nursery Numbers and Baby Shakespeare are the ones to get if your child is 1 year and older. These are the only vidoes my extremely active son will actually sit down and watch! I have bought this video for 2 girlfirends who have 1 year olds. I strongly recommend both of them.
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on December 18, 2003
Now that my daughter is two I thought I would stop buying the Baby Einstein series. On a whim, I purchased Numbers Nursery. This is by far one of the best Baby Einstein videos! Even though my daughter already counts way past 5, this video helps her conceptualize the numbers. She calls the video "tiger numbers" and loves the characters - especially the horse. She belly laughs when he eats a flower. We have been collecting many of the items from the video around the house so that we can count along with the tape - for example, we find 5 apples and count when they come up on the tape. It is very interactive and fun. I highly recommend this video along with the other Baby Einstein classics. Thanks Julie!
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HALL OF FAMEon December 8, 2003
Now THIS is more like it!
This DVD clearly illustrates the numbers one to five, in a clear, fun format, with music, great visuals, and logical format. The graphics are simple and uncluttered, the toys are new, and the puppets are not doing the same things over and over again.
It teaches not only counting, but also reading, and this is the first time in the series that the bonus material is as good as, or better than, the main feature.
The main feature runs nearly 30 minutes, exactly as stated on the box, and the bonus material doubles the fun.
An essential Baby Einstein DVD to jump start your child.
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