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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on December 27, 2003
I give it 5 stars because it is a great introduction to the series, and has some of the best episodes of the whole series. I really watch this disc often.
Fist of the Northstar is a violent japanese animated series, which takes place in a postnuclear western setting where only the strongest, and usually most brutal survive.
FOTNS starts with Kenshiro (the true fist of the northstar and main charactor) searching for his love Yulia, and old-friend (and kidnapper of Yulia) Shin. Kenshiro has seven scars making up the constelation of the big dipper on his chest which were given to him when Shin took Yulia away from him. On Kens journey he encounters and befriends two children who accompany him on his travels. They play a major role in the first 4 discs, and really help level out the story and violence with the humanity they bring.
During their travels they run across people (usually struggling farmers)who get bullied, robbed and killed by ruthless bands of super-strong villains who have no mercy (lots of really innocent people get murdered with brutality by motorcycle thugs). Ken usually gets their a moment to late to save some mom, old man, or child, but he always makes the villain die an explosive death. Ken is a Good man and he knows that the only way to stop the violence is to destroy the villains. There are always ranks of bad guys who Kenshiro must punch his way through, so your always waiting for him to get to the next stronger badguy.
On his way to get to Yulia and Shin (like 20 episodes), Ken uses his Hokoto shinken (misspelled) a special martial art passed on from father to son where by knowing how to press punch or kick certain power points on a body, you can manipulate the body to do what you want it to do. Kenshiro can heal but to his enemies he will probally explode their chest or face out, or cooler. Only one man on Earth can practice Hokto shinken at a time.
If you like horror/scifi/fantasy/comedy/animation, dont mind the gritty feel, and low quality compared to anime gems like Samurai x, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Rahxephon. You should buy FOTNS (for $18 a disc at Bestbuy, or circuitcity). If you like movies like Army of Darkness, Road Warrior, Conan the barbarian, The Streetfighter, From dusk til Dawn, etc. buy this. If your a fan of great hip hop artists like Mf Doom (listen to most of his albums after watching series especially the 2003 releases ) El-p cannabal ox aesop rock, old Wu tang, Necro, buy this series. Musical taste really has nothing to do with you liking FOTNS though, I'm just saying you can see the influence throughout popular culture.
The only bad part about the whole FOTNS series is that around episode 22 or 23 on disc 4 another journey begins with a different new mission and mostly new charactors , it's still good after but the series could have ended there. Also at the end of the series on episode 35 on disc 5 the last episode of the series there is no conclusion, though disc 5 still follows the recipe found in disc 1 minus the humanity. If you don't mind recurring themes, some recycled content, and probally like 20-25 deaths a 20 minute episode average, and some of the funniest lines you've ever heard on a cartoon, coming from awful post-nuclear mohawked bad guys, buy disc one.
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on October 28, 2003
It was a beautifully intricate blend of flavors that make this a classic. I laughed and cried at its beauty.......... The ecstacy is similar to the ecstacy felt that you would recive if you arrived in heaven, looked into god's face, and he said, "You, you are my most wonderous creation. Come, be with me." The most touching, heart felt, truly powerful piece that ever graced my vision. I would rather die than have not have seen it in its glory. The highest elation recived comes when watching this.........
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on October 25, 2003
It was such an epic, that it made me shed a tear or two. The drama rivals that of 'Gone With the Wind'. A must buy.
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