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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 18, 2004
I won't even try to persuade people to purchase this dvd set because I personally believe that if you watch the first episode of the show (try Sci-Fi channel) you'll most likely either become a life-long "Roswellian" or pass it off as boring television.
In my opinion, Season 1 is the "premier" season in Roswell's three year run on television. The sci-fi audience that is enamored with Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel (both decent shows) should look more to Season 2 & Season 3 when they are released. Season 1 has often been characterized as "slow and boring" by this particular segment of the Roswellian population.
Be aware that there are some dramatic music changes that were made to make the dvd affordable. And yes (as a previous reviewer mentioned), it does have a negative impact on a couple of very important scenes. It was a tough compromise that will probably anger quite a few fans.
BUT, it is still Roswell and to give it a one star rating merely for that is just petty.
5 STARS (even with serious music tampering done) - Watch & understand why this show has a fanatical fan base that spans across age, sex, race, and class.
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on February 18, 2004
I loved Roswell and still do. Whenever the episodes come out on the SciFi channel, I make sure to record them and watch all of them. I put in my order for the first season on DVD months ago and received it in the mail today, and all I can say is that I'm heartbroken at what I received. Someone has already mentioned this, but what the producers had to do because of high copyright costs is replace a lot of (probably most, I'm guessing) the original music from the show with other music. I immediately popped in a disk that had on it the episode with one of my favorite moments from the series on it - the ending of "Missing" when Max, Michael, and Isabel find the dome from Michael's vision in the book and Counting Crows "Colorblind" begins to play in the background - and I started to cry - they had replaced "Colorblind" with something else. It changed the whole vibe, feel and mood to the whole scene!! I didn't think I would have such an emotional reaction, but it broke my heart. I now own the first season of a show I truly loved and parts from the show that I loved BECAUSE OF the music ARE NOT as they were when I fell in love with them. I can't believe I bought a season of a television show on DVD and it is not in it's original form. I feel cheated because I didn't know this before I made the purchase. If I had known, I probably wouldn't have. I can't believe I won't be able to re-live one of my favorite shows as it existed in it's original form. I'm afraid to watch the rest for fear that I will continue to have my heart broken. To anyone who has yet to purchase the DVD set - if Roswell is as near and dear to your heart as it is to mine, I might re-think purchasing this set.
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on February 18, 2004
Roswell went through a lot of turmoil in its short life. Relaunched. Almost cancelled. Cancelled. Moved network. Cancelled again. But it achieved more in its three seasons than many shows do in twice that time.
Season one is reasonably sappy, but still enjoyable for the most part. Probably the highlight of the first season is the recurring guest spot for Julie Benz (aka Darla from Buffy). But the show really comes into its own towards the end of season one, when the show was relaunched. At this point it took a distinctly sci-fi twist and became a compelling drama. It went from watchable, to unmissable in just one episode.
In particular, I'd compare this show to Buffy. If you're a Buffy fan I'd highly recommend Roswell, as it mixes the same elements of a young cast and brilliant -- and sometimes shocking -- drama.
If you watched Roswell but gave up in season one, I definitely suggest getting the DVDs and giving them another go. The relaunch changes everything, and takes the show into a totally new level.
So even if you decided Roswell wasn't for you, take another look.
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on February 17, 2004
Got mine from today (9:30am the day it came out; so much for 2-day shipping)! I've watched the pilot episode and some of the extras.
First big thing to note: regardless of what Amazon or anyone else says, the episodes are widescreen! I had heard that the US version would be fullscreen while other versions were widescreen; it's nice to see that this is not the case.
I know people are concerned about the music. First of all, Fox makes it very clear on the box that some of the music is new (in traditional marketing form, "Includes cutting-edge songs selected by the original Roswell music team!"). Inside the case is an insert by the executive producer, Jason Katims, explaining his reasons for changing the music. He mentions some of the songs that they kept (Sarah Mclachlan during the healing scene, Dave Matthews during the pilot episode, and the Dido theme). That combined with the Roswell Season 2 insert shows dedication to the fans (who pushed so hard to get this DVD released).
Amazon lists the commentary wrong so here it goes:
"Pilot" - Jason Katims and David Nutter
"Blood Brother" - David Nutter
"The Balance" - Thania St. John
"Sexual Healing" - Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino
"Crazy" - Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino
"Destiny" - Jason Katims and Patrick Norris
There are a couple of featurettes: one behind the scenes ("Area 51") and the other is a making-of ("Roswell High" - this one deals with the books). The Tess audition tape is great as well.
And the episodes themselves are great. I don't know the original music well enough for the changes to bother me. Just being able to watch this show anytime is enough for most Roswell fans. There are enough reviews here about the show itself so I won't go into that.
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on February 16, 2004
Roswell to many people may just be a television show. But every fan knows that it was so much more. It wasn't just about teens and how many times they could hook-up with another person, it was about love, teen alienation, fear, courage, trust and loyalty.
I think so many people fell in love with the show because it was something that everyone could relate too or was something thatpeople wanted to realte too. Everyone wants to have friendships that you can depend on, that you can trsut, and form un breakable bonds.
Everybody wants to fall in love, whether in a soulmatey kind of way, an on and off kind of way, or a bittersweat kind of way. Most people long for love and this show gives you all the heatbreak, the bitersweat moments, and realistic relationships you can ever dream of without being boring.
This show allowed people to realte because many people feel left out, a loner, as if they are alienated from others. The aliens in this show allow you to see that you aren't alone out there. That there are people that are just like you and you have a chance to feel normal if you learn to let people in and live without fear.
The show showed everyone the unbreakable bond between 8 teenagers. How much they would go through together to help another. This show is something that you don't want to miss. If you don't belive me you can ask anyone else that has every scene just one episode. From the first time you see the show you will fall in love and never will stop.
Believe me when I say...Roswell is a exceptional ride that your never going to want to end!
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on February 12, 2004
To think it all started with Jason Behr's guest appearances on Dawson's Creek. Viewers of "The Creek" will remember him as Chris, the "rico suave" who acted in one of Dawson's movies. Apparently, "the powers that be" saw potential in Behr, thus Jason Katim's sci-fi teen drama was developed and formed around him. More recently, The Creek did the same thing for Chad Michael Murray, currently of One Tree Hill.
Immediately engaging and involving Roswell raised the bar, somewhat, for teen dramas with an incredible cast, original storylines, and a near-perfect balance of sci-fi elements and teen angst. There's no wonder why so many have so much to express about the phenomenon that is Roswell. Life was good for Roswell until it started losing support during it's 2nd season due to what TV Guide Couch Critic Matt Roush called "convoluted storylines." "Too much stuff going on," he said. Yeah, right. In any case, WB dropped Roswell (along with Buffy) from it's schedule. Luckily, UPN picked up Roswell (along with Buffy) for the show's 3rd and final season. For it's worth, Roswell went out fighting like a champ (along with my other cancelled favorite of that year, ABC's Once & Again) with one of television's better series finales. Treat yourself to, argubly, the most anticipated DVD you'll buy this year.
Wondering about Season 2?

The DVD's insert says this about Roswell - Season 2:
Continue your collection....
Roswell Season Two.
Return to the town where the term 'Alien
Encounter' takes on a whole new meaning.
Season Two available this Summer
on DVD... And nowhere else!
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on February 6, 2004
After all the years spent sharing our excitement about this show on posting boards... all the hours reading and writing a bazillion silly fanfics... after dreaming and hoping and working to keep the show alive when it seemed all hope was lost... many fans even going so far as to gather at self-organized conventions across the country so that we could obsess about it en masse... ROSWELL definitely got under our skin and into our hearts :)...
Hope you all enjoy slipping this little bit of magic into your DVD players. If you're new to it, I very much envy you. You're in for a huge treat. I know that when I'm through viewing those 6 disks I'm going to be PINING bigtime for the next batch. Season Two was a whole 'nother thing, but equally startling. I can't wait :)!
And I've got to say.. any DVD that has already generated 73 reviews (even before it's been released?!?) says something powerful about how the characters effected us :). Many blessings to everyone involved for having created such an amazing and entangling story.
Dido's theme is the siren's song of ROSWELL, and I will be jumping around on my sofa the night I can finally sit down and crash into my pristine new copy of all these fabulous first season episodes... YAY!!!
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on February 6, 2004
I write this with the all the sincerity I can muster. This show is unbelievable. I watched the first time it came out on the WB and when it was moved to another channel (at the end of the second season) that does no reach Puerto Rico i was heart broken. You will never see another show that can rival this one in emotion, complexity, action, drama, comedy, romance... absolutely anything. If you really think about it: the show is about three alien teens and their friends here on earth that know their secret and how they fight for their lives. To keep a show like this one real and believable you NEED the writer, director, actors... EVRYTHING to be absolutely amazing, which it is. I cried and laughed and got really depressed, I mean how can you watch Jason Behr (Max Evans: the reaaly good looking guy on the cover) and not get depressed because one: you can't have him, Two: you can't be him (if your a guy)and three because everytime his face falls and is wheighed with emotion you want to make the world a better Alien Accepting place. ITS AMAZING, please buy it, you won't be dissapointed and i really want the next two seasons!!!! Do it for humanity!
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on February 6, 2004
Again this is the most enrapturing love story I have ever seen on TV. And they're only teenagers!!!! And to top it all off they have more than the normal insecurities to deal with. . . they literally have to hide who and what they are. That's a lot to handle and I thought this show pulled it off with flying colors.
Granted the 1st season was the best of the 3. I didn't not like season 2 but I did feel as though it was a little less thought out. And season 3 just rushed us to the end (nice last episode though). Liz and Max showed us that love involved loyalty, doing things for someone you cared about and holding on to each other as you leap into the unknown. They made it a point to say it wasn't all about Sex. Something teenagers who watch the show should definitely see. The actors were superb and the writing in the beginning gave this show characters that were believable and engrossing.
The sci-fi part wasn't all encompasing but there was enough to the plot that you knew the special effects would have to escalate even though the 3 aliens really wanted to just fit in.
I completely feel in love with this show and I am awfully sorry that it has been taken off the air. Though if they ever decide to continue the story they'll need some really good actors (or bring back the old ones) because the chemistry was real and powerful. And there is a lot rogue adults can do that teenagers tied to the apron strings can not.
Thanks to and those who logged in for trying very hard to keep this show alive!
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on February 4, 2004
I received a review copy of this DVD. All of the extras that they promise are not actually on the DVD. There is one deleted scene and six episodes with commentary, but there are only two featurettes and one audition tape for Emilie de Ravin. No outtakes or anything like that.
The only other real disappointment was the change in some of the songs within the episodes. �Heatwave� doesn�t seem the same without Santana pounding out �Put Your Lights On� during Michael and Maria�s first heavy make-out scene. And while the �new cutting-edge song� that the Roswell music team found for that scene at the window in �Independence Day� was an appropriate song, I kept hearing �Run� in my head while Michael stood outside in the rain.
In spite of all this, the DVD set still exemplifies why season 1 was the best season of Roswell. Even though some of the songs have changed, the picture is crystal clear - a lot better than most of my tapes are right now. And the commentaries offer a lot of insight into behind the scenes on the Roswell set. Listen to Shiri and Majandra comment on Sexual Healing and Crazy. Those are probably the best two.
If you're a fan, buy this set. If you're not a fan, buy this set and realize why so many people fought so hard to save Roswell two seasons in a row. While the extras aren�t everything that was promised, the DVD itself brings back enough memories to make it worth it.
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