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on July 19, 2017
i already had season's two and three and they were Fantastic,so i knew i couldn't go wrong with season one and i was right.comedy at it's best.great actors,and great writing,so you can't go wrong.just great family entertainment at the highest level.
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on March 24, 2016
So pleased to have found this.
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on June 25, 2017
Fast shipping and great product
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on October 26, 2015
I had almost forgotten just how hilarious this underrated old comedy is. Its cast of characters was second to none: Mr. Haney, the wheeling dealing con man(in a sort of modest way); Mr. Kimble, the county farm rep, mumble jumble speak, to name just two. Arnold the Pig doesn't appear much the first season, but already it's apparent all the local hayseeds and even Lisa Douglas understands what he is grunting; except New York Lawyer Oliver Wendel Douglas - hilarious. I have one major complaint with Amazon however - why are seasons 4,5, and 6 not available on DVD?!? This is something that should be addressed by Amazon in the near future.
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on April 17, 2004
What a pleasent surprise when I first saw the "Green Acres 1st Season" DVDs on display, one day at a shopping mall! It was one of my favorite TV shows in my youth, which I've nearly forgotten about until that shopping day. I'm happy to read EVERY comment made on IMDB is highly favorable of the show! With no second thoughts and its rather low sale price, I eagerly snagged it up to watch every show. It only took a week or so till we got to see every episode, laughing and enjoying each one. Definitely worth the money, though I must say the discs have left me with a few disappointments.
First, all 32 episodes are written on only two double-sided discs. A personal pet-peave, true, but having two grade-school-aged boys that get into everything, I don't mind having one side for any potential "unwanted abuse". Further, since this leaves no room for labels, there ends up being no way to identify what side of what discs has the first episode, ect.... You must either guess or use the 'trial and error' method.
Next, perhaps one of the reasons for the lower price tag than most other TV-Show-DVDs, is that it looks as though little or even no time was spent on restoring the quality of the video. Each episode was plagued with dirt spots, dust, scratches and other poor quality film elements, even an occasional hair popping up on the screen from 'projecter lint'! In episode 22 "The Day of Decision" for instance, is very grainy-looking as if it was taken from a poor quality 16mm film print. The focus and audio isn't quite as sharp and clear as say, even older TV-Show-DVDs like 'I Love Lucy" or 'Dick Van Dyke'.
A surprising oddity; we couldn't use our computer mouse to click on any of the 'menu' or 'episode' selections. We could use our keyboard at least. We've never encountered such a situation on any other of our DVDs. Hopefully they'll fix that on future releases.
Lastly, no 'Bonus features' - Biographies, Trivia, Behind-The-Scenes, Audio Commentaries or anything atall like that!
"Green Acres 1st Season" DVD is still a good package for the price and a real treat for any 'Green Acres' fan. Hopefully the following seasons will be out soon. Although I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer or maybe paying a little more for the many potential improvements these discs could use. After all, that is why we have gone to DVDs in the first place.
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on November 25, 2003
CBS struck prime time gold in the 60's with a string of rural based comedies, that ran for a decade. First came The Beverly Hillbillies, followed by Petticoat Junction, and then Green Acres.
Hilarious and memorable, Green Acres' opening credit sequence and theme song (sung by the two lead actors), explains the show's premise. New York lawyer, Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert), seeking to live out his dreams of becoming a farmer, leaves the Big Apple for the rustic paradise known as Hooterville, accompanied by his loving, but ditzy wife Lisa (Eva Gabor). The cultural clash between urban and rural lifestyles, is nearly the reverse of that in found in the Beverly Hillbillies.
At its heart, Green Acres is all about dealing with cultural differences. Farmer Douglas is an idealist, struggling to find his way, in a place he doesn't understand, where absurdity is commonplace. Often put in the role of the one sane man in an asylum, he deals with people, customs and situations that often defy reason, leave him bewildered, and severely test his patience and sanity.
To the inhabitants of Hooterville, Oliver and Lisa are "city folk", that strange breed, who just have a different way of looking at things. Among the eccentric populace are Department of Agriculture agent Hank Kimball (Alvy Moore), part salesman, part conman Eustace Haney (Pat Buttram), farmhand Eb Dawson (Tom Lester), and model neighbors, the Ziffels, with their pet pig Arnold. This eclectic group and more, contribute to the comic madness that is Green Acres.
Assuredly this program is not for everyone, and may offend some viewers. However, if you think Green Acres "is the place to be", and want to say goodbye to city life, and enjoy a hearty taste of "farm livin", this boxed set provides excellent value for your money. The 32 episodes in the first season add up to over 13 hours of this classic bucolic comedy.
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If there is one town so beloved as Mayberry, it is Hootersville! The treat on this collection is 32 episodes, complete with a color pamphet with full detail about the shows. The 2-disc set contains shows on both sides.
I was surprised at such vivid clarity and sound. And you won't find that on the televised episodes.
Green Acres is a gem that originated in the late 60's. It's something the entire family can watch without embarrassment. This show is clean! No offensive language! Just plain humor. And that humor was unique. At least for the early years, and yes, like any show that runs more than a few years, at times it can get too stupid.
But there are some great comedic moments in this classic show. The theme revolved on this town that lives by their own rules that only someone like Lisa can understand.
This is a great collection! We need more!
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on January 19, 2004
First, I must say I am biased, as I have always considered "Green Acres" to be one of the most underrated sitcoms of all time. The surreal sequences make it unlike any other "rural" show, and it is funny yet today.
But, alas....the transfers on these DVD's leave something to be desired. The primary fault is during the opening sequence....the classic theme song. The opening sequence is spattered with scratches and dirt. It also appears they used the same source for the opening for all of the shows, as the dirt and scratches are amazingly alike on every episode. Given the classic status of this opening sequence, I am surprised they didn't put more effort into making it spotless.
I am not through every episode yet, but the majority of the episodes have average at best transfers....not as dirty as the opening, but not spotless either.
Of course, given that this is the one and only time these episodes will probably ever appear on DVD...snatch them up if you want them. Just be's not perfect.
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on February 17, 2004
I sincerely hope that someone at MGM sees this!! Can we please now have all the other wonderful episodes of Green Acres on DVD (the other five seasons)?? It is so great to have the entire first season on DVD, epecially since most show's early episodes are usually the best ones. But, Green Acres was a rare exception to that rule. The show was consistently and quite joyously weird and wacky and unpredictable throughout the six seasons it was on CBS. CBS also prematurely cancelled the show, despite it's still high ratings and popularity, along with it's other "country" shows, "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Petticoat Junction", reportedly in an effort to offer more "sophisticated" fare. I can't help but wonder just how many of those replacement shows are still even remembered, let alone have been released on DVD!! Now if only "Petticoat Junction" would be offered the same way on DVD, as well!! The packaging of the two, two-sided Green Acres DVDs is adequate, but is somewhat spartan. But, the price makes up for it. There are no extras, not even chapter selections, but the episodes themselves more than make up for that. Especially since the episodes are complete and look great!! This DVD set is a bargain and I'll be on the lookout for the last five seasons of Green Acres to hopefully follow soon!! I can't recommend this purchase highly enough to any fan of Green Acres, who like me, grew up watching the show during it's original run from 1965 to 1971 and who like me, is a lover of classic, clean, family television entertainment.
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on January 25, 2004
Well... I've been waiting for this First Season DVD set ever since I ordered the Columbia House video releases of Green Acres (late 1999-2001). Columbia House chose to release the "best" of Green Acres in no particular order, which was disconcerting to a fan. BUT, this new DVD set is released in broadcast order! It's great to see the development of the characters and it's quite satisfying to see that by the 14th episode ("What Happened in Scranton") all the characters have found their niche.
Some of the episodes have a few film scratches, but they are really minor. The sound is brilliant (no scratches there!) and the color VERY vibrant! I remember watching Green Acres re-runs as a kid, and didn't realize that the hay shoveled by Eddie Albert in the beginning credits was a green color.
Another reviewer mentioned the chemistry between Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor and I must also mention it. Interestingly, upon seeing the two actors names, one would think that Albert and Gabor would have nothing in common and be a disaster, but... something "clicks" between them just right. As the episodes move along, one can see that Eddie and Eva clearly TOTALLY ENJOYED each other and played off each other wonderfully. In fact, watch closely at the conclusion of one of the episodes (I kick myself for not remembering which one), where Eddie and Eva are in bed and Eddie goes to turn off the light (and theoretically conclude the episode). Eva leans over and TICKLES Eddie and he knocks the lamp off the table and he and Eva both laugh in an "out of character" way, all while the scene fades out and the end credits role. You can just see that they had FUN while making these episodes.
The surreal comedy starts to "creep in" to these first season episodes, although it wouldn't be fully explored until later seasons. By "surreal" I mean where the characters "poke fun" at their own show or others similar. One episode starts with Eb milking Eleanor the cow while humming the theme song to the show! Then at the conclusion he "sings" in Eva's voice, "Dahling, I love you but give me Park Avenue!" It's in the later seasons that things like the names of the director and producers appear in the opening credits on Eddie's towel (as he exits the shower), or appear in the darkness in Eddie and Eva's bedroom where she asks him who the names are, etc.
So, watch these episodes... enjoy them. And notice that they are really sophisticated "pokes" at society as we know it. Finally... these episodes (well, the ones halfway through the first season and onward) are REALLY FUNNY! Don't be ashamed to LAUGH OUT LOUD!
Let's hope MGM releases all the other five seasons!
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