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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on December 15, 2013
This review is about the Blu-ray from Alliance Atlantis Canada.
For the disappointed customers that already own the Blu-ray box from Warner Bros with the lame copy of Freddy vs Jason, you have to know this edition is a totally different transfer done by Alliance and is by far superior than the awful Warner Box version... And for the French Canadian customers this edition contains a beautiful french track (dubbed in quebec of course) instead of the Warner Box that has none (french track and even fr sub)!!
This is the details:

- Freddy vs Jason (from Warner bluray box)
picture: 7 / 10
sound: 7 / 10 (Dolby True HD)
french: no french track
foreign: Spa, Por, Ger (Dolby 5.1)
subtitles: Eng SDH, Spa, Por, Ger

- Freddy vs Jason (from Alliance canada)
picture: 10 / 10
sound: 10 / 10 (DTS MA 5.1)
french: 9 / 10 (DTS MA 5.1 - dubbed in QC)
foreign: no foreign language tracks
subtitles: Eng (no SDH), Fre

Hope this review can help some disappointed customers.
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on July 15, 2004
I grew up with Freddy Krueger and Jason movies.
Jason chased down and chopped up a bunch of dumb chicks that fall down and don't have the tendency to get up and run away. The same dumb chicks that go, "Bobby! Tommy! is that you?" When they know they're not there.
Jason has died plenty of times and just keeps coming back up.
Freddy on the other hand is a horrific comedian. He lurks in your dreams and has fun torturing you till your dead.
Many times Freddy has died to be sent back to he11. But he kept coming back.
Jason X and Nightmare on Elm Street 5 were the worst movies made.
Now this was a good match between Jason and Freddy. Jason whooped on Freddy. Freddy uses Jason like a pinball machine, hits him with a missle that made him fly off, and had a bunch of metal bars that impaling his body.
Jason whoops on Freddy Street Style, slices him up with his machete, throws him against the walls like a rag doll, socks him up, clocks him with the one and twos, blow after blow leaving Freddy at his worst. Jason holds on Freddy's head like Sub Zero pulling off heads.
Michael Myers ain't got nothin' on Jason.
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on June 28, 2004
As far as ridiculous, over-the-top, pointlessly gory and stupidly entertaining movies go, "Freddy Vs. Jason" is tops. If you're looking for an intellectual thriller with good twists and turns, you're in the wrong department, buddy. This movie is only for those who want to see a silly amount of red gore splashing across the screen while the two horror movie legends duke it out to the finish.
The plot, of course, is weak. Freddy's powers are gone, so he ressurects Jason Voorhees to incite havoc on Elm Street. Except Jason likes killing too much, so Freddy must stop him. Insert beheadings here.
Ronny Yu, director of "Bride of Chucky," also helmed this project, and he brings with him an admirable style and flair. Without Yu, this would have been a point-and-shoot horror flick, and his cinematography and excellently weird locations add an incredible amount of enjoyment. When Freddy pulls Jason into a nightmare, the audience is served with a visceral, frightening treat, and you're then entitled to overlook the horrible acting from the teenagers, and the fact that they see through Freddy's devices without even thinking.
Yes, it's the living people in this film that drag it down. Thankfully most of them end up corpses, killed in stylish and exciting ways. But the fact that they exist in this film and only perpetuate the horror cliches that could've been murdered by this film requires a lot of patience from the audience. Hence: the suggestion that you get obliterated before even watching.
The DVD is packed with bonus features; indeed, more bonus features than you'll probably even want from the movie. You learn so much about the making of the film that it becomes tiresome. But the mini-documentary about the use of CGI in this film is particularily fascinating. You never knew it took so much effort just to make droplets of blood dance like that.
Fans of the Friday the 13th series will get a big kick of "Freddy Vs. Jason," but those who're more inclined to root for Freddy will be slightly disappointed. The nightmare scenes aren't as creative, engrossing or detailed as they were in previous series installments, and it creates a visible defect in the picture. But if you like hack-n-slash to the highest degree, this film is nothing but pure entertainment.
There are rumors that Freddy will fight Jason and Ash and Pinhead and Michael Myers and a whole bunch of other living/dead things. And with the release of "Aliens Vs. Predator," the versus genre may see a few more bodies stacked up like cordwood in the near future. To quote President George W. Bush: "Bring it on."
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on June 21, 2004
Although I'm not really all that into the whole sequelized-to-death-hacker/slasher horror-flick scene, I decided to take a friend up on his invitation to watch 'Freddy vs. Jason' at his place. I had nothing better to do, and he had a pretty good spread of victuals and libations for me to choke down while we watched the show. So much for that low-carb diet...
From the opening scene on to the very end, I found this flick so chock-full of the usual hackneyed slash-&-hack-flick cliches and idiosyncrasies, I could see from a mile away what fates would befall the unfortunate teenage victims (played by mid-to-late-twenty-somethings, 'natch). But despite its by-the-numbers predictability, it was pretty fun to watch and pick apart, ala that jaded wise@$$ horror-film buff from the 'Scream' movies. Adding to the fun were several kills that were so over-the-top, they were more funny than they were gruesome. Especially hokey were the "flamin'-flyin'-machete-through-the-thorax" and the "180-degree-neck-snap" kills that Jason laid out to a few partiers at a cornfield rave. The slightly overdone CGI effects used on these and several other, er, creative dispatchings added another cartoonish layer of hilarity to it all. And it didn't hurt that Robert 'Freddy' Englund seemed to be havin' the time of his life doin' his most notable role for the umpteenth time-- he was the show's ultimate ham, and wasn't ashamed to let the viewers know it!
Oh yes, we mustn't forget the diverse cast of teenage stereotypes, starting with the heroine, and her trusty freshly-sprung-from-the-psycho-ward boyfriend. Then there's the loser geek who gradually gets cooler as the film goes on (thus gaining the respect of the sassy ethnic chick character), the... er... promiscuous drunken smoker girl and her muscle-headed jock boyfriend (as you'd expect, their boink scene near the start of the movie is what gets the body count started), the guy who knows what's goin' on but no one believes him (initially), the smart-@$$ stoner who looks like Jason Mewes (AKA Jay of 'Jay & Silent Bob' fame), and the sassy ethnic chick (read: the only non-white teen in the central core of 'victim/potential victim' characters) who softens up on the 'tude (especially with the geek) as the film goes on. Of course it's a given that all but two of these characters end up hacked up, clawed to death, or otherwise permanently taken outta the picture. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out which two of these folks survive at the end...
Then there're my fave parts: the two knock-down drag-outs between the genre's two most visible icons. We're talking a weird mix of city-leveling super-hero bout, WWE hardcore match, and psychotic ballet with a few 'The Matrix'-style gravity-defying moves thrown in for kicks. Adding to the camp factor are some more of those overdone CGI 'enhancements'. Oh yeah, we can't forget a few limbs hacked off here 'n' there, which despite all the gallons of blood loss seem to grow back almost instantly. Finally, there's the ending scene where the victor emerges from the depths, clutching a memento of his hard-fought win, with a little hint that this particular battle may've been won, but the war is far from over. Or, to put it simply: you can bet the farm that a sequel is afoot...
And if the movie wasn't enough of a fix, there's plenty of special features to check out. Included are several behind-the-scenes/production featurettes, the most notable being the one that talks about the decade-long effort to get this movie made. Included in this doc are the various scripts and ideas that were thrown around before they finally settled on the finished product seen here. Also tossed in are the usual trailers & TV spots, a corny "boxing-weigh-in"-type press conference promoting the flick featuring the antics of ring announcer Michael "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!(tm)" Buffer, and a behind-the-scenes look at "The Camp Hack-N-Slash Experience" featuring hundreds of Freddy/Jason freakos doing weird crafts and other summer-camp-type things prior to watching the flick on a portable outdoor screen. I tell ya, many of those fanboy campers looked way scarier than the film's titular combatants! But they were still prettier than most UberTrekkies I've seen, so at least they've got SOMETHING goin' for 'em...
On my second viewing I decided to tune in to the secondary commentary track featuring director Ronny Yu, Robert "Freddy" Englund, and Ken "Jason" Kirzinger. About three-fourths of the commentary comes from Englund as he goes into how much of a pop-culture icon Freddy Krueger has become, his pontifications on acting, and several anecdotes relating to the previous "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies. I found it kinda scary just how much he knows and remembers from all of those flicks; he sounded like a one of those walking-encyclopedia-of-horror-movies fanboys at times! Ronny Yu also gets a few thoughts in on the difficulty of producing and filming certain scenes. And, much like the character he plays here, Kirzinger hardly adds anything at all to the conversation. 'Course, the way Englund was hoggin' the mike throughout the track, you'd've been hard-pressed to get a word in edgewise, anyway...
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on June 20, 2004
Hate to admit it, but I really loved "Freddy vs. Jason" -- after about a billion years of waiting for the long-talked-about crossover films that blends the "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" series together, when the film finally arrived it had gone through so much press you just knew it HAD to be bad.
WRONG! Instead, "Freddy vs. Jason" is exactly what many of us thought it would be -- one hell of a kick-ass thriller that exists mainly to have Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees beat the crap out of each other 'til the end.
The plot (such as it is) revolves around Freddy Krueger's attempt to come back from hell -- seems like he can't because most of the remaining Elm Street kids have all been put into a sanitarium and doped up with Hypnocil so much, they can't dream anymore. Searching the "bowels of hell" for someone to do his dirty work for him - and to bring fear back to Elm Street in a whole new breed of brats, so he can return to full power - Freddy comes across Jason, whose got emotional baggage of his own. Posing as Mama Voorhees (the movie's only real letdown - what the hell was wrong with letting Betsy Palmer reprise her role as Pamela Voorhees?), Freddy cons Jason back into life, and sends his ass to Elm Street to kill.
And kill he does, but the problem is that Jason LOVES killing -- once started, it's kinda hard to get him to stop. After a brief showdown in Freddy's dream world, Krueger gets his butt pulled into the real world -- and now that he's on Jason's turf and their powers are on more of an equal footing, the showdown is set to REALLY take off between these two movie monster giants!
Other reviews gripe about the lack of plot and victims' characterizations -- well, DUH! This is about the two killers, and their battle for domination. The humans are incidental, and fall by the wayside like cattle.
And that's why the movie works - it spends most of its energy where it belongs, on Freddy and Jason. You still care about the teenagers lined up for slaughter, to a degree -- and God knows the special effects and gore are gonna keep you occupied -- but "Freddy vs. Jason" works best as exactly what it is: a roller coaster of evil battling evil, where good is less likely to win no matter what the outcome.
An awesome flick, well worth owning and watching, over and over again.
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The youngest generation of Freddy and Jason fans have no idea how long we, the original fans of the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises, waited for this movie to become a reality. We dared to dream of this monster match-up back in the mid-1980s, years before development actually began; that development, as we all know, went through all manner of scripts and writers and producers and directors and basically but the kitchen sink over the course of eleven years. When New Line took over the Friday the 13th franchise, the first sparks of belief were born from the fiery ashes of hope, and the ending of Jason Goes to Hell sent us into tremors of excitement. We waited, and waited some more. New Line also waited - waited for a script that would join these two distinctive storylines in a way acceptable to both the studios and, most importantly, the fans. Freddy vs. Jason, in my opinion, was more than worth the wait, and I thank New Line for caring enough about the characters and their fans to wait until they had a script we could all buy into and respect.
I love this movie. It has everything I would have asked for: gratuitous nudity (well, I might have added a little more of it); an acceptable number of kills and the blood and gore to go with them; insights into the "births" of both Jason and Freddy; a return to basics for Freddy himself, veering him away from his stand-up comedy career of later Elm Street films yet retaining his wickedly sarcastic wit; an interesting cast of characters I enjoyed seeing die one by one; and of course both a home and away match for our two star attractions. It also has plenty of an oftentimes wet Monica Keena, and the fact that she remained clothed throughout the film only made her that much sexier. You've got plenty of action at Crystal Lake as well as Freddy's boiler room turf, and the premise of the film works very well. How to bring Jason and Freddy together? That was always the crux of the matter, and the assorted scriptwriters who worked on the story over the years came up with some ridiculous ideas that would never have worked. Damion Shannon and Mark Swift deserve kudos for discarding all the old ideas that continued to cling to the project and giving us a darn good script. We all know that Freddy draws his power from the fear of his victims, but he has suddenly been forgotten. The adults of Springwood have erased Freddy and his activities from the collective history of the town, and those kids who know Freddy and fear him have all been shipped to an asylum and deprived of the ability to dream via drug therapy. Freddy has been made too weak to come back, and so he selects Jason Voorhees to go to Elm Street and spread fear anew. His plan works, as the authorities let Freddy's name slip out, and with each of Jason's kills, Freddy grows stronger. This leads us to the second critical aspect of the plot: why would Jason and Freddy fight one another? Once Freddy's back, he doesn't take kindly to Jason claiming all of his own would-be victims - obviously, the guy in the hockey mask needs to learn who the boss really is. And so the rumble begins, a fight brought over into the real world thanks to the kids of Elm Street who work things out and intentionally place Jason in Freddy's path.
I thought all of the young actors did a great job, even though a couple of characters were not fleshed out as much as they might have been. Freddy is his old self again, witty but downright vicious, and Jason is his single-minded murdering self. I had a hard time deciding who to pull for, though. I love Freddy because he takes the time to enjoy tormenting his victims before killing them, but you have to admire the one-man killing machine that is Jason Voorhees. I think there was plenty of fighting between the two at the end, and I approved of the ending. You can argue about the victor of the fight, but clearly (whether or not a rematch ever occurs) the fight ain't exactly over just yet.
The DVD is fantastic, filled with all sorts of goodies. I actually started wondering when the featurettes on the making of the film would ever end - there is an amazing amount of material here. Another wonderful addition was the two-part Fangoria article detailing the wild history of this long-awaited film; I could not believe some of the ridiculous ideas espoused by earlier script writers; had New Line made this film earlier than they did, they would very likely have doomed both the Jason and Freddy franchises. The Ill Nino video for "How Can I Live" is fun to watch, although I was disappointed it did not feature any movie clips (and thus no Monica Keena). Best of all, though, you get a number of deleted/alternate scenes as well as an audio commentary of the film by director Ronny Yu, Robert Englund (Freddy), and Ken Kirzinger (Jason) - England sort of dominates the conversation, but his excitement about the film is palpable. Yu was an interesting choice as director, but I think he did a fine job; I was especially fascinated to learn how much of an impact early screenings of the film with test audiences affected the final cut - Yu knew that the fans were more knowledgeable than he was on the subject at hand and rightly deferred to their opinions when they made plain the fact that certain elements of the first cut just would not fly.
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on June 11, 2004
Freddy vs Jason
(The Plot)
Freddy Krueger springs Jason Voorhees from his own personal hell and sends him to Elm Street, determined to strike fear in the hearts of Springwood teens. But when Jason won't stop killing Freddy's "children," Krueger decides it's time to take Voorhees out.
(The Movie)
There are so many things about this movie that I like but it's all dragged down by slow, boring scenes once they've shown everyone that Freddy and Jason are back. After a few scenes of Freddy and Jason, they disappear off screen for quite a while which just left me waiting for them to return. Though, I guess the wait was worth it as the fights between Freddy and Jason were rather entertaining though it seems Freddy picked up some martial arts lessons back in hell before meeting Jason (What the hell?).
I'm happy with the music played during the movie, the heavy music gives you that powerful feeling (fight music) and they also have the slower, creepier music which is much more common in horror movies. The acting, the acting is partly good and partly bad. You'll find some good performances in the movie but some of the main characters like Lori (Monica Keena) just seemed to over-do-it. Her little Freddy speech at the end is enough to make me cringe, same with her stupid one-liner which she stole from Freddy "Welcome to my world, bitch!".
If you want a fun movie that will give you a laugh, watch this with your friends. If you want something serious where everything on screen has to be perfect, you may have problems while watching this film as a lot of it is just fun gore and not exactly all that realistic.
(The DVD)
This is the way DVD's should be. 2 disc set, full of extra goodies to feast upon. Many featurettes to check out such as behind the scenes, stunts, publicity and promos. The audio commentary is quite informative and interesting, even funny so it's worth it to check out that. The quality of the DVD is superb, no problems with picture or sound. I also notice that I can watch this DVD in 3 different aspect ratios such as 2.35:1, 1.78:1 and 1.33:1 (full screen). If you're interested in the movie, pick up this DVD as you can get much better than this for extras with a horror movie.
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on May 30, 2004
This film isn't too bad. If you can ignore some of the plot holes and some inconsistancies in the story then you should be able to enjoy yourself a fair amount.
You've heard the story by now, freddy is forgotten, he wants to keep scaring and so he dreams up a plot to turn the only killer who is arguably as unstoppable as him, jason vorhees, on the forgetful kids who don't remember him. Apparently freddy is powerless without them. It's basically an excuse, albeit an ingenious one (by both series standards) for more frequent bloodletting and violence. Only this time the emphasis isn't on horror, but action.
For this reason, if you go in expecting some serious horror, you will be disappointed. However, if you go in expecting some hardcore action, then you will most likely love this.
The pro points are it's not too bad a plot to throw these two titans of terror together, and i applaud that the makers have made a decent effort to connect the two. It contains one or two minor scares, most involving freddy as he regains his past power, and most genre fans will be pleased by the copious bloodletting.
The score, well, it's hardly special but it fits the movie well. The acting is poor apart from the two leads, who play freddy and jason. The fight scenes towards the end have a certain gory panache to them. Plus it boasts the novelty value of seeing the two fight on screen for the first time. Plus, by the standards of the films other sequels, it is pretty good.
The con points are on balance slightly greater. Most of the acting is terrible, and the film offers no surprises at all. It is pretty ineffectual as a horror and as a result is only enjoyed as an action movie. You see relatively little of Jason and the film decides to focus on freddy, who i felt perhaps shouldn't have dominated the film as much. The ending is hokey i thought and i really, really wanted to see a definite winner, and i'm sure i wont spoil it for you by saying there isn't one. For a well budgeted production such as this some of the effects are surprisingly hokey.
But the main point of detraction, is the title of the film in believing you to expect freddy vs. jason. As it is, the two only cross swords (or in this case finger knives and machete) in the last 15-20 minutes. You would expect them to at least fight for half the film and to meet up several times. There is a brief dream sequence of freddy battering jason but it's only a dream, and i wanted to see a conflict in the real world, which was held from the viewer for far too long. So what does the film do to fill in the gaps? Why, freddy and jason kill more teens. Boring! Seen it before.
Plus, in my honest opinion the greatest horror psycho slasher is left out altogether: Michael Myers. At least an appearance would be nice, as im sure he could wipe these two clowns out. But that's the ownership for you.
Overall it's only worthy of average marks of about 2.5 stars, but the superior DVD which is exploding with features rounds it up to 3, just. So see it, and perhaps enjoy it as a slick package.
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on May 26, 2004
Excuse me? To all the people out there who think that Freddy dominates the movie, well, I've got 3 words for you: YOU'RE DEAD WRONG. (No pun intended) This is more Jason's story than Freddy's. It delves into Jason's mind so that the audience will know the little 11-year old, tortured kid behind the hockey mask. Ok, well, I do admit that Jason is somewhat retarded. (When he and Freddy fight at Crystal Lake Camp. Can you say "Fingers?")
1. Jason actually has a purpose for killing people: revenge for his and his mother's death. Freddy, well, he's just a sadistic sicko that enjoys torturing kids and teens.
2. Jason is really intelligent sometimes. For instance, the rave scene where that jock gets killed with the flaming machete, that is Jason being smart. If he was really dumb, then why don't we see him tramping through the cornfield still waving that machete around?
3. Freddy is a downright coward. He's afraid of getting hurt, while Jason just charges into the killing with a devil-may-care attitude. He doesn't care if that person's alone or with a bunch of people.
4. And for the humanists who think that this movie is sick and wrong, Jason doesn't torture his victims, just follows the kill and repeat method. Whereas Freddy digs deep into the victim's brain and finds their fears and after a long, long time, eventally kills him/her.
And I like how they cut out the first ending. It had to end on Freddy and Jason, not two teens having sex.
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on May 17, 2004
I watched this movie for one reason. I grew up on during the 80's watching both series upon which this movie is based. I got this purely for the nostalgia, expecting zero; absolutely nothing. I was surprised. This is a good movie, and a great movie for fans of the genre.
The premise which brings Freddy and Jason together is well thought out, even inspired. It has Freddy stuck in limbo, his power to enter dreams is gone because no one remembers him anymore. The town initiated a secret program to wipe all traces of Freddy's existence out. As for the handful of youths who still remember Freddy, they've been locked up and given dream suppresants. All very fascist on the part of the people perpetrating this, but they are doing it only to protect their children. Freddy comes up with a solution: he enters the dreams of Camp Crystal lake serial killer Jason Voorhees, taking on the form of Jason's mother, and encites him to go to Elm Street and start a reign of terror.
Naturally, a problem arises. When Jason's killings have awakened talk of Freddy Kruger, and thus restored his power, Jason continues killing the teenagers that Freddy is so eager to murder himself.
The movie is visually very appealing. There are a ton of visuals that made me smile and nod and say, 'wow'. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and there is some very funny dialogue.
The final battle itself is really fun to watch. It's clear that this movie was a labour of love on the part of all who made it.
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