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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on March 16, 2004
I gave up Freddy's and Jason's films for a longtime (from cheap to cheaper production with bad to worst stories/screenplay I had enough), But I was curious to see those two freaks together in a flick. My curiosity paid. It was actually not as bad as I was expected. I found it enjoyable even if wasn't scary at all but kind of funny mainly, and even if the fight between the two nasty and ugly looks like a Kung-Fu scenes sometimes. Produced by the original Friday the 13th director, it is compared to many of the Horror genre movies released those last years, not the worst of all. It was a cool moment, very predictable of course and full of bad acting as usual. Christopher Marquette is the only one actor to do it fine.SFX are quite cool and I guess good money has been spent in. The dialogue are quite stupid and will make you laugh nervously. So if you are looking for some non-serious moment with your two favorites ugly,bald and nasty...Go for it. (A sequel of this NEVERENDING fight is already in talks)
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on July 15, 2004
I grew up with Freddy Krueger and Jason movies.
Jason chased down and chopped up a bunch of dumb chicks that fall down and don't have the tendency to get up and run away. The same dumb chicks that go, "Bobby! Tommy! is that you?" When they know they're not there.
Jason has died plenty of times and just keeps coming back up.
Freddy on the other hand is a horrific comedian. He lurks in your dreams and has fun torturing you till your dead.
Many times Freddy has died to be sent back to he11. But he kept coming back.
Jason X and Nightmare on Elm Street 5 were the worst movies made.
Now this was a good match between Jason and Freddy. Jason whooped on Freddy. Freddy uses Jason like a pinball machine, hits him with a missle that made him fly off, and had a bunch of metal bars that impaling his body.
Jason whoops on Freddy Street Style, slices him up with his machete, throws him against the walls like a rag doll, socks him up, clocks him with the one and twos, blow after blow leaving Freddy at his worst. Jason holds on Freddy's head like Sub Zero pulling off heads.
Michael Myers ain't got nothin' on Jason.
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on January 13, 2004
OK..King Kong Vs. Godzilla was terrible. Bad example. But really, this isn't too's not. Two of horrordoms biggest villians, Freddy Krueger and Jason come together for one huge deathmatch.
Seems Freddy is not happy. By wiping away any evidence of his existence, the parents of Elm Street have effectively defeated Freddy the dream-dwelling child murderer. An experimental drug keeps their kids from dreaming, so a nearly powerless Freddy has to recruit Jason (Ken Kirzinger) to revive his legacy. Not one for manipulation, Jason soon cuts into Freddy's revenge plan, resulting in the brawl for all.
The movie builds quite well early on but its overall plot is not too smart and neither, as usual, are the typical teenage victims. Although they do, somehow, figure out it's Freddy behind jason's attacks.
Still, it's great fun watching these two onscreen at the same time, just as it was watching Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman all together in those old Universal pictures.
Go along for a fun ride but don't expect anything great.
Good DVD includes commenary by Robert Englund, deleted scenes, featurettes, and more.
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on January 9, 2004
It is safe to say that everyone who has some involvment in watching movies over the past 20 years know who these two are, and by making this film it is a revival of a lost genere, the crossover which Universal was so notoriouse for. Now with this one set it might reopen for other classics.
The story is that Freddy has been forgotten, thus is powerless. So he decides to revive Jason Voorhees and send him to springwood to make it look like Freddy has returned. However when Jason starts to do his own thing Freddy must stop Jason, ultimatly leading to a clash of the Titans style war between the two.
The reason this is so great, besides the fact that Freddy and Jason are in the same flick is that the two Characters are so very different, Freddy is wisecracking smart bum who is very creative, and Jason is a juggernaut that can't be stopped. These two are so different it worked out fine, now if they did say Michael Meyers and Jason it would have sucked because the two are identical, or Freddy vs Pinhead because they are so much alike (actually Freddy vs Pinhead sounds kind of cool). So this is a must own.
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on January 14, 2004
Horror fans of both the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th series will be pleased with the DVD release of Freddy VS Jason. I already see that many people have already reviewed the movie in general, so I'll go straight to the 2 dvd set. The picture and sound on the actual movie is pristine. The commentary is fun and informative. There are several alternate and deleted scene, including an alternate intro and ending. Fans of Jason Ritter and Monica Keena will like the alternate ending, and I like both the original and alternate ending personally. The alternate beginning is more or less an extended version of the original beginning. The extended scene before arriving at the rave in the cornfield should have been kept in the movie also, but at least it's on disc 2 for everyone to see. There are several other extras here, but many are useless if you don't have a dvd-rom drive in your computer, and that's the only reason I gave this set four stars. Otherwise, a fun movie for the fans, and definitely not to be taken seriously by square critics who despise both series. If you're up for a good popcorn movie to invite your friends over and view, this is definitely one to add to your collection.
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on January 16, 2004
I love horror movies and it's very hard for me to find one that doesn't please me, as long as it has blood, gore and all around good fun. So, when I rented "Freddy vs Jason" I had high hopes of being entertained and even wanting to buy the DVD. Boy, was a wrong. First off, Freddy Kruger just isn't the same as he used to be. You want real good Freddy? Rent the orginal "Nightmare" of "Wes Craven's New Nightmare"; I guess Wes just does it best. Freddy was way over doing the lines, the actions, the motions...everything, seeming like just a plain bully inside of a snappy killer that actually is almost frigtening. Jason, who I've never really cared for, comes off as a wounded puppy with it's tail between it's legs, killing again because "mommy" told him to. (For those of you that don't know the story, Freddy brings Jason back to life to kill the kids on Elm Street to make them afraid again so he can haunt their dreams once more). Then there's the human characters, those people that you're supposed to route for, provided the movie's been done right. Jason Ritter, who plays Will, the main male lead, is very good (and very smooth and sexy) in his role, though he doesn't get enough screen time as he needs. Monica Keena, who plays Lori, the lead female, has some promise, especially as a horror movie star because she can scream well and look scared and betrayed quite well too. The rest of the cast needs some serious work, with the exception of Kelly Rowlands (that's right, from the band Destiny's Child) who manages to steal the show with her quick one liners and all around humorous quips. Who knew?
While the plot held so much promise, the movie simply tapers out, with very few interesting scenes that don't make you want to fall asleep where you sit (the best being Freddy's beginning intro, any scenes involving Kelly Rowlands and the scene where one of the characters catches on fire...pretty cool). The effects are bad, way over the top with blood gushing out needlessly and bodies flying through the air (if you want *good* gore, rent "Final Destination 2") and many of the lines are bad as well. If you're looking for a mind-numbing way to lose an hour and a half, good a head and rent it, it does have it's good points. Or, if you love Jason Ritter, this is a great place to see him outside of the television show "Joan of Arcadia."
"Freddy vs Jason" is just proof that once a series is's done and usually the first directors are the best. Freddy's just not scary any more and Jason's too weak. The real question should be "Freddy and Jason vs waste of time."
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on May 17, 2004
I watched this movie for one reason. I grew up on during the 80's watching both series upon which this movie is based. I got this purely for the nostalgia, expecting zero; absolutely nothing. I was surprised. This is a good movie, and a great movie for fans of the genre.
The premise which brings Freddy and Jason together is well thought out, even inspired. It has Freddy stuck in limbo, his power to enter dreams is gone because no one remembers him anymore. The town initiated a secret program to wipe all traces of Freddy's existence out. As for the handful of youths who still remember Freddy, they've been locked up and given dream suppresants. All very fascist on the part of the people perpetrating this, but they are doing it only to protect their children. Freddy comes up with a solution: he enters the dreams of Camp Crystal lake serial killer Jason Voorhees, taking on the form of Jason's mother, and encites him to go to Elm Street and start a reign of terror.
Naturally, a problem arises. When Jason's killings have awakened talk of Freddy Kruger, and thus restored his power, Jason continues killing the teenagers that Freddy is so eager to murder himself.
The movie is visually very appealing. There are a ton of visuals that made me smile and nod and say, 'wow'. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and there is some very funny dialogue.
The final battle itself is really fun to watch. It's clear that this movie was a labour of love on the part of all who made it.
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on April 1, 2004
I really enjoyed this movie just as much as all of the other Nightmare on Elmstreet films! I own the entire Nightmare on Elmstreet DVD collection (Box Set) and I must say that I love them, and I love Freddy vs. Jason just as much! If you have yet to see the Nightmare on Elmstreet movies, I believe that you should see then ASAP.
I really enjoyed the fact that they brought back some of the sayings and twisted them around a bit. For example, "How sweet, dark meat". This was taken from the line, "How sweet, fresh meat" in on of the earlier Nightmare on Elmstreets. If you know your Nightmare on Elmstreet movies well, you will spot little things in Freddy vs. Jason that will remind you of them. Also, I hear that Jason's side of the film contains similarities as well from the Friday the 13th films. I have not seen any of the Friday the 13th films, so I wouldn't know.
Note: I am NOT revealing the ending of the movie in the following text. I was unhappy with the ending however. The ending seemed a bit to blah to end a good movie like this. Somehow, A Nightmare on Elmstreet's endings where much better than this. You can tell that they didn't put much thought into the ending. It does leave everything open for a sequel however.
Overall, I give this movie four stars for giving tons of suspense, and minus one star for the sad ending.
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on January 12, 2004
It is remarkable this film got made at all considering it took nearly 10+ years and 10+ script rewrites before New Line would green light the project.
Where many foreign directors fail is to completely adopt the Hollywood cannon without injecting their own unique sensibilities. That said, Ronny Yu has a good grip of the American horror genre and knows when to apply his own artistry. In the end, what we have is some forgettable popcorn, but enjoyable nonetheless.
The film, like any previous sequel, deftly wades through a series of obligatory horror scenes, including scantily clad women and carnal-to-carnage scenes. Ronny Yu knows the audience well and can play it up with genuine gusto. Behind all that, there is hint of some serious thought into the pop mythology of both the principal characters Freddy and Jason. Clearly, no one behind the film wants to disappoint the fanbase.
Films of this type were never really clever to begin with, but Ronny wisely knows to stick to the well-beaten material and what would please the fans most. But absent is the satire of some of the more highbrow horror flicks (New NIghtmare, Scream, etc) and some genuine chills would have been helpful.
The film modestly advances, building up to a crowd-pleasing climax without the boring pretext of supernatural garbage that diluted many of the sequels of their respective characters. Ronny Yu and company know what the audience wants, and that is an ultimate showdown. And it delivers, in true WWF style, promising gratuitous wanton destruction of property you can only see at monster truck rallies. All done with much aplomb, showing that Ronny Yu really enjoys the genre.
Given that the horror genre rarely gets the critical attention it deserves, and forced it into a subculture, I can only give it 3 stars. For all you fans (and I'm guilty too), that is pretty darn gooood.
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on November 4, 2003
Okay, heres what I thought of the movie: The best film I've seen so far this year! Freddy was cruisin, Jason was bruisin. They were doing the right thing by introducing some new stuff like the new and improved "Martial Arts Freddy". It's true that we never saw Freddy do all that stuff in the original "Nightmare on elm street" movies. But let's put it this way, if you think you know the old Freddy movies like you think you do, then you'll realise that Freddy wasn't even putting any effort into his killings. He was just toying with those teenagers. He just laughed with satisfaction and slashed without hesitation. However, he wasn't laughing when he realised that Jason doesn't die as easily as his other victims did. The movie had plenty of blood(probably more than we would've asked for), a couple scenes of nudity that every slasher flick must have, and something we here every day: language. Freddy really introduced a new hobby of his in the movie: He called almost everybody a *itch, which was pretty funny, yet annoying. Okay, let's talk about Jason: Jason was very strong, and sometimes unparticular with his killings. He also got pretty pissed off when he found out what Freddy had done. Now let's get something straight: anyone who is a Jason fan would know that Jason is not afraid of water! In the old "Friday the 13th" movies, Jason would sometimes hide in the water and wait for some stupid teenager to carelessely walk in the exact place where Jason is hiding and idiotically put his/her
self in danger. I'm not saying that was a bad idea because it did put some of the storyline in place I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't the only one who noticed. Anyway, Jason didn't
throw as many hits as Freddy did but when he did, it really knocked Freddy senseless. The only problem I had with this film
was the fact that you had to sit through an hour of recognizing the plot, than in the last fourty-eight minutes, it was just pure claw to mask cat-fighting. I almost gave this movie four stars until I realised that I got my money's worth.
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