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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on February 11, 2001
Don't get me wrong - I've loved this movie since I saw it as a child, but this release leaves much to be desired. There are many good points of course: the commentary by Lokke Heiss, production and concept art, the restoration quality of the film, and even the design of the case, with a great Albin Grau painting of Max Schreck as Count Orlok.
On to what I didn't like about it: first, the tinting of the film. I've alwasy seen Nosferatu presented in stark black and white, and this always added to the creepy feel of the movie. However, Image Entertainment has chosen to use bright tints on the film in order to more clearly present moods, locations, times of day, etc. supposedly, this is how it was originally presented? It is quite distracting, and I feel it takes away from the quality of the video. My second issue is with the soundtrack options, of which you get two new ones. The first, by the Silent Orchestra, gets the right mood sometimes, but is too full and modern for this movie. It's very out of place. The second, an organ score by Timothy Howard, is too quiet, very bland, and adds nothing to the mood of the film. This being a silent movie, the music is a very important part, and I feel that both of these fail miserably at reflecting what is occuring on the screen.
It makes me long for earlier VHS editions I've seen, which, even though their video quality wasn't as good, were in regular B&W and had appropriate soundtracks which succeeded at mirroring the action on screen. Oh well, I can wait for another...
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on October 30, 2003
This dvd has my favorite soundtrack for this film, however, it is out of sync with the video! (which basically ruins it )
The chapter selection is flawed also: there are only 4 chapter selections to choose from; chapter 2 is labeled chapter 1, and so on... so there is no selection for chapter 1.
The title menu is also extremely cheap, showing a small photo of the cover of the dvd case on a background closely resembling the old windows 95 'blue sky with clouds' background image.
Last, and certainly not least, the video quality is terrible.
This one probally isn't worth getting unless you're planning on remastering the dvd with the soundtrack in sync with the video for personal use, and with a decent chapter selection menu. I hope to find that someone has already put a nice version together with this soundtrack on dvd ( I know it exists on vhs ).
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on June 14, 2001
DIE Ted Turner!
Ted ruined forever our ability to see some movies as they are best seen and remembered. I don't WANT Nosferatu in color. I want it in B&W. Now i have to look for it (already) in used video stores.
All is Lost
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on April 8, 2002
Some body told me that I should see this movie because its supposed to br the first Dracula movie and I like vampire movies alot. But this movie is'nt even about Dracula as far as I can tell! For one thing his name is'nt even Dracula its Count Nofsreatu! And he does'nt even wear a cape! And this movie is way too old IMHO. Its like the acters don't even know how to act! Its not evey scarey! Do yourself a faver and watch one of the Newer Dracula movies like Lost Boys or Blade 2. Those movies have lots of aciton and blood that Nofsreatu does'nt have (and their in color, I might add). If you wan't to go to sleep watch this movie! Ill give it 2 stars because theres a vampire in it. Bwa ha ha!
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