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on March 14, 2004
Best of all the sets. but severely lacking in the special features department as all the sets have been. Luckily it's worth it just for the episode "Call of the Primitives". This has some of the best animation in the whole series, almost if not better then The Movie!
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on June 12, 2004
I own the Season One Box Set and this set. This set is well worth buying if you are as big a fan of the episodes with Optimus Prime returning as I am. Also, I like Optimus's return to leadership status in the 3-part "Re-Birth" miniseries on the final disk with the introduction of the Headmasters & Targetmasters.
I was lucky enough to get an Optimus Prime/Rodimus Prime Film Cell in my Box Set along with a Scorponok film cell. I guess it is just the luck of the draw, because the film cells I got in the first season Box Set were a bit disappointing (Megatron & an Energon cube, Starscream & Energon Cube & my friend gave me 2 cells of Ravage and Rumble all 4 are disappointing). Both Film Cells in this Box Set I got were damn cool and well worth the price alone.
Other episodes I loved in this box set. "Ghost In The Machine" with Starscream's ghost trying to bring Unicron back to life. "Call Of The Primitives" which features the Dinobots, Sky Lynx and others while also explaining a little more of the Transformers history, "Grimlock's New Brain" which was both funny and cool and introduces the Technobots, "The Ultimate Weapon" which has a cool fight between Metroplex & Tryptycon, "The Burden Hardest To Bear" with Rodimus Prime doubting his leadership and the Matrix is stolen from him & Hot Rod returns! But 2 of my fav Transformers episodes of all-time is the 2-parter "The Return Of Optimus Prime" there is a hate plague that is spreading through the galaxy infecting both Autobots & Decepticons. Optimus's body is saved and he is brought back to life by a Quintesson. The Matrix is the one thing that can stop the hate plague, but it is in an infected Rodimus Prime. Optimus & Rodimus have a classic battle. These are two of the best post-Movie Transformers episodes and well worth the price of this box set in my opinion. The 3-part "Re-Birth series is also nice, but a bit ruined by too many Tramsformers with little or no character to them. I think this is when a lot of fans started tuning out the Transformers, when quantity was valued more then quality. Still Optimus Prime makes this 3-parter well worth watching and buying.
The animation in this cartoon series (years 1-4) are among the best well-detailed animations of all-time. This is part of why this series is so beloved, besides great character development. The Generation One cartoons are the best and should be in all true Transformers fans collections.
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on March 9, 2004
What can those of us who were very, very small children in the 80's (like me, I'm 20) who grew up with Transformers or who were just fans of the show possibly say in tribute to this series? It holds a special place in our hearts.
With this final DVD set, Rhino has given us another excellent package. As with previous DVD's in the set, the animated menu is superb with a 3-D model of a character (in this case, Rodimus Prime) performing some minor action. Although this menu is a little strange. Its like the animated menu from the Season 3 Part 1 set, but the Autobot headquarters is damaged and Rodimus is also heavily battle-damaged. A little odd, but still very cool. The special features are somewhat limited (the first DVD set was so jam-packed with them that they sort of got used up), limited mainly to an interesting interview with a series writer and original broadcast audio.
The episodes on this set are among the best of the series. The oft-maligned season 3 has some great stories to offer. Rodimus Prime continues to struggle with his inner angst regarding his burden of leadership, Galvatron slips further into madness, and of course it culminates with the return of the greatest Autobot of all, Optimus Prime. Season 4 gives birth to the Headmasters and Targetmasters while bringing a somewhat conclusive end to the series. The animation quality varies, as is typical of previous seasons.
The most interesting aspect of this DVD set is the inclusion of the 3 season 4 episodes (Rebirth parts 1-3) spliced together in a "movie" format. The Rebirth trilogy was released on video years ago in this fashion and was called a second Transformers movie (which it was not). Although nothing particularly spectacular, its still an interesting special feature to be able to watch these episode as they aired or as a "movie." If only they had included the original ending to "Dark Awakening" in this or the last DVD set.
All in all, this is a wonderful release with some great episodes. Theres something here for most Transformers fans. If you like Rodimus Prime, he's in the spotlight quite a lot. If, like most fans, your an Optimus Prime-lover, you'll love his triumphant return. Well worth it, all Transformers fans should have this set to complete the series.
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on March 12, 2004
This DVD set is the end to probably the best toy-animation series created. It actually survived in Japan for a couple more years, but to the Americans' fan it was a fading toy-line. I was shock as a kid when it went of the air. The later toys were a major downfall to the series, since the qualities became generic. The toys had more plastic, the details were getting less interesting, and some products were very odd-looking.
I personality thought the third season was great. I love the action scenes, space was a great setting. The giant combiners (Defensor, Superion, Predaking, Abominus, etc.) were tough adversities. The Autobot became more self-reliant since they don't follow every word Optimus Prime said anymore, except at the end. What you get in this package is really 2 DVDs of 7 episodes each from the end of the third season. The third DVD is a repackage of Transformers' Heroes which was the final season about the Head/Target-Master with extra features. Rhino's extra features have not been very interesting at all. An interview with Matt Wise was about it, the first season set had some nice extra though. The main menu isn't very good with a slow Rodimus Prime (injured) walking up to a damage control room. Rhino added some sound affects that were not too bad.
My favorite episodes are: "Ghost in the Machine," is the end to Starscream (ghost) again, here he takes control of many Deception bodies for his own deeds. The" Call of the Primitives" was great; here we see all the animalistic transformers grouped together in a single conquest. Grimlock's New Brain" is interesting because the simple minded Grimlock is infuse with intelligence and creates the Technobots. "The Ultimate Weapon" got some nice scene on Earth with most of the powerful Autobot and Decepticons battling, also it was about being a part of a team to contribute. Some episodes got side tracked, which I didn't really like: "Nightmare Planet" and "Only Human". "Nightmare Plant" is the Rodimus Prime fighting his way out of Daniel's nightmare. "Only Human" is weird twist but corny. A character that probably is "Cobra Commander" from J.I. Joe makes an appearance. The Third Season's characters are rasher and more stereotypical then the more settle character of the first and second seasons. Galvatron is crazy; Rodimus Prime is boring and a little dry. Grimlock and Wreck-Gar bring comic-relief to the series. The Quintesson, third factor, bring an interesting twist to the series.
This set is no-better or worse then the First, Second I, II or Third Season part I, except it is a lot shorter. The series has definitely evolved from the first season. If you like the fast action and interest character the Transformers provide then there is no reason to skip this one.
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on March 9, 2004
To the viewer from Georgia, get over yourself. America is a faith-based country which in my opinion is a lot better than secular Europe where every moral fabric is breaking down.
But anyway, I haven't bought any of Rhino's G1 Transformers sets, but may sometime in the future. However I am collecting Rhino's Beast Wars sets.
I haven't seen any of these Transformers episodes since they first ran back in the '80s. But what I do remember of them, Season 3 was the one where I was starting to get the age (junior high) where buying toys became uncool. Little did I know that as a 20-something adult that I would start buying Star Wars toys. But anyway, Season 3 (and 4) of the G1 was an interesting one where a whole new set of Transformers emerged from the aftermath of the movie. I remember I found it interesting, but it just lacked the nostalgia that the first 2 seasons had with their classic line-up of 'bots. Quite frankly I could never get used to the new line-up. So my interest wained.
But I love Beast Wars. Go figure. But to say that the religious right killed Transformers? As Bill O'Reilly would say "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day".
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on March 15, 2004
Most of us grew up with the Transformers and if you didn't live, eat, and breathe them as a kid, you certainly have heard of them. For those not already familiar with these sets, Rhino has remastered the final 17 episodes of the series. The shows are clean and crisp and the sound is great.
As far as the episodes go some of the best and some of the worst of the series are included. Nightmare Planet and Only Human are certainly forgettable. Call of the Primitives, Dweller in the Depths, and the two-part Return of Optimus Prime are among my favorites.
Two things really stand out about this DVD and keep it from five star status 1)The entrance to these DVDs again show Rodimus walking into the control room as in S3 Part 1. What's different this time is that he limps, is badly injured, and the control room is in shambles. Now I realize he is not Optimus Prime, but I personally found that apalling and I think many true fans of the series will agree. 2) Special features are once again lacking. They have included an uninterupted version of the three-part Rebirth episode in addition to the originals (with intros and commercial bumpers for each). The other is an interview with writer David wise. (I personally found this very interesting.) The fact remains though the extras were very thin and much more could have been included.
If you are a long time fan of the series than you will enjoy these episodes particularly if you liked the first half of season 3. If you are new to Transformers I would recommend checking out Seasons 1 and 2 before purchasing this. All in all this is another well done set by Rhino!
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on June 4, 2004
The overall image quality has definetly been improved: brighter colours and very sharp images. I have found no mistakes. If I find one, I'll post them here in this review.

They have learned!! At last an option for the "Original Broadcast Soundtrack". Everything is done good so far I can see, additional soundeffects only in the 5.1 and 2.0 mixes.
They really could have included so much more! What about the toy commecial spots? They are hardly to find and in bad shape if you find them. They really used up everything in the first boxset it seems! The interview with one of the writers is superb though!! Stick to the UK boxsets for additional extras.
- all new transfer from the original 35mm negative
- Dolby Digital 5.1 remix & Dolby Stereo & Original Broadcast Soundtrack
- 2 limited-edition cels of Transformers characters (limited?? just to the availability of this boxset LOL!)
Although episodes should be in correct airing order, there are some minor differences between this set and most internet site listings. It seems to be unsure what the correct airing order was at that time.
The only additional thing I can write about here is season 3 itself. It is still G1 and for fans a must-have! But there are so many errors in the scripts/voices/animation that most of the episodes are just bad. The second half of season 3 has definetly better episodes like "Dweller in the Depths", "Call of the Primitives" and "The Return of Optimus Prime". The animation quality has improved considerably in this era.
Disc 3 is dedicated to season 4 ("The Rebirth"). Fully remastered and two versions included, this is a worthy addition to your TF Heroes DVD you propably bought earlier. The first version is the one you know already. The second version is the new version without recaps and teasers.
D i s c 1
Ghost in the Machine
Dweller in the Depths
Nightmare Planet
The Ultimate Weapon
The Big Broadcast of 2006
The Quintesson Journal
Only Human
D i s c 2
Call of the Primitives
Grimlock's New Brain
Money is Everything
Face of the Nijika
The Burden Hardest to Bear
The Return of Optimus Prime Part One
The Return of Optimus Prime Part Two
D i s c 3
Rebirth Part One
Rebirth Part Two
Rebirth Part Three
Rebirth Triology (edited without recaps and teasers)
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on March 10, 2004
Okay, if you are buying or have bought this set you probly already have the other box sets in this series. I think Rhino did a great job at remastering the actual quality of the show but have failed to make their box sets very interesting. I enjoyed the first few box sets with bots like prime and soundwave as the main menu interface. With this last box set they used what was left of season 3 part one and just made it look like rodimus got beat up. Plus as far as the extra's there is an interview with David Wise(a writer) and an uncut version od The Rebirth. Come on Rhino, take a cue from Maverick in Australia. I own Tformers the Movie Region 4, and the extras on that disc are almost as long as the movie. they included commercials, interviews, and that awesome Japanese trailer from the movie with the cut footage.
All and all I am glad to at least have all the original episodes on dvd I just think that both rhino and hasbro should ask thier fans what they want, I mean of course we are going to buy it so give us what we want.
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on March 16, 2004
In a span of four and a half years, Rhino has established itself as a champion of the cartoons of Marvel and Sunbow. Now, provided Rhino doesn't bow to fan pressure and release a corrected Season 1 set, Rhino ends their relationship with the original, true Transformers with this set.
Again, the video and sound have been remastered, although the default audio choice is now the original stereo. However, four episodes ("The Burden Hardest to Bear" and all three parts of "The Rebirth") do not feature picture from the 35mm source, but the old broadcast masters, so like Season 1's "Countdown to Extinction", we are left to assume that the 35mm source is missing.
The special features are extremely sparse this time out, even by Rhino's standards. There is an option to view "The Rebirth" as a complete movie and an interview with David Wise. And nothing else. While the interview with Wise is excellent, these features are extremely underwhelming when one considers that this is the final word on Transformers DVDs (unless all of the currently undiscovered 35mm retake masters show up).
The episodes themselves run the gamut, from the overrated "Call of the Primitives" to the classic Season 3 finale "The Return of Optimus Prime". Transformers fans of all types will be interested in getting these episodes on home video (a number of them for the first time), though, and won't be disappointed.
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on July 7, 2004
As a child and as an adult, I remember seeing both season 1 and season 2. To be perfectly honest, I, as well as many other transformers fans was alienated from the season 3 series, due to the killings and replacements of many autobots and decepticons, don't get me wrong, this whole new spaceage era in cybertron, despite how boring that may sound, wasn't bad at all, it was good, since if there's no change in a series, it will eventually get boring anyway. I missed starscream and his naive plots against megatron, ironhide, optimus, etc, but the birth of many new robots wasn't bad at all either. The season three series, unlike the former episodes, doesn't take place on earth, it's primarily based on the planet cybertron about 25 or so years in the future. At first, i thought that they ruined the series, but if you actually see them all, you'll love it like i did in the end. The animation did not have the good quality that season 1 and 2 had though. Another thing that really annoyed me was that galvatron(which was a morphed megatron) seemed strong and powerfull in the movie, just like his former self (megatron) was, but in the series, galvatron was like a spoiled, tempered, immature little brat that simply liked to shoot at his fellow decepticons. The excuse that was used in the series was that his brain was dammaged due to the battle suffered in the movie (completely ridiculous reason to give him an uncharismatic character). Also, Rodimus Prime, the replacement for Optimus prime was immature and is an obvious reason why fans wanted an episode in this season which consisted of optimus prime being revived. Well, beside this criticism, i recommend people to buy this as a good completion for the transformers collection, it's well worth it. Till all are one!
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