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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 17, 2004
"Inconnu" by Zen Sauvage is one of the most solid works I've ever heard from an artist. While it would be easy to pin this album under the glitch aesthetic, there's an expansive, organic undercurrent that keeps this album from being a workout in funny noises. Muted analog beats drive slowly under vast washes of decayed house synth lines in the most natural of fashions. For moments, you forget this is an electronic album. Imagine Biosphere's "Cirque" at a more glacial pace. Best of all, the album is free. "Inconnu" is the sounds of life, the common and the strange. People are just a form of ant, the clouds orchestrate the mood the day, the drone orchestra of wind rattling through the trees, and the subtle realization there's so much being missed.
So where does this leave Avril Lavigne, you might ask? I don't care. I'd rather write a review of an album worth my time. This crap is low, even by teenage girl pop standards. Don't settle with this mediocrity. I beg of you to go buy an album of an artist you've never heard. Download the one I mentioned above from the Internet, it's free and actually dares to stimulate a form of higher thought in the individual. Avril Lavigne, well, we get a song about her not giving up her, uh, virginity. Yeah... umm... I hate you, Avril.
The album cover for this one says everything for me: Avril is a dull shade of gray in a vivid technicolor universe.
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on June 30, 2004
Music is four things.
1. A form of art in which you express the prospect of battle
Example-Nobuo Uematsu's Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy Vi, and One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy Vii
2. A form of art that scares the love out of countless innocence.
Example-music from the Majin Sagas of Dragon Ball Z.
3. A form of art in which you reveal the end of the world.
Example-Ave Satani from The Omen.
4. A form of art that makes your heart burn with a warrior's pride.
Example-Burning Heart by Survivor.
Avril Lavine does not write her own music at all. She is not even a warrior. She's nothing but a weak person who can't even sing.
I promise you that in time, Avril Lavine will go down in battle.
The earth shall shake, hurricanes will rage, and Volcanos will erupt. As a result of this catastrophy, the dead zone will be opened, the music from Avril Lavine, and all of MTv will be consumed in fire and lava, and the dead zone will consume it forever and forever.
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on June 29, 2004
A lot of people here are writing one star reviews because they think Avril is a poser and what not. I'm not one of them. I really liked her first album and after hearing her second single "Happy Ending" I thought the album would be decent enough. And I was very wrong! The only 100% enjoyable song on the album is "Happy Ending", and the only other good song is "Together". The rest of UNDER MY SKIN falls in the gray area between Pop/Rock and Straight-up-Rock, and the results aren't very easy on the ears. There are two reasons why this album fails. The melody is not catchy at all. I guess Avril thought that in order to have a harder sound to have to give up all your catchy melody. So since you don't have a catchy beat to get caught in your head, then your left to ponder the careless, stupid, and unprovactive lyrics. It seems that if the lyrics rhymed, then that meant they were good. Because the lyrics rhyme really well, but they are stupid and combined with the bad melody it makes for a very poor album. Avril was trying for a harder sound, this album clearly shows that she should stick with her Pop/Rock roots because her music is just better in that genre. Bottom Line: Get LET GO instead.
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Avril Lavigne doesn't really adjust her attitude for "Under My Skin" -- she still comes across as the kid sister from a safe suburban family, who's in that "I'm dark and edgy, bad grrl me!" phase. In her sophmore album, she stays on familiar turf with recycled guitar pop and limp songwriting.
Things don't kick off to a good start with a bit of messy synth, and the announcement "I cannot find a way to describe it" at the start of "Take Me Away." Following it is the raggedly cliched "Together," the bouncy you-let-me-down "My Happy Ending," light rock "Nobody's Home," and the chest-beating "Freak Out." Most overrated is the tepid, poppy "Don't Tell Me," a mix of abstinence and girl-power anthem that doesn't live up to its promise.
The general themes are pretty much the same -- she's been let down in affairs of the heart, and she's a tough, unafraid, does-her-own-thing rock chick. Neither is particularly heartfelt -- she insists that she doesn't care, that she's strong and isn't afraid, then puts out helpless cries of "Please cry with me" and "I can't handle this confusion." Be vulnerable or tough, but make up your mind.
Lavigne's voice is pretty much standard pop stuff -- she can hold a note, but can't make it rise, and her voice is suited to the tepid guitar pop that is played behind her. The music itself is pop masquerading as rock -- dig down past the electric guitars and limp basslines, and you'll find basic, repetitive pop rhythms. It's fairly catchy, but almost instantly forgettable.
Lavigne actually pens some of the songs solo this time around, although most are cowritten with songwriting team the Matrix. Unfortunately, neither solo or cowritten songs are much good. "Na na," "ah ah" and "oh oh" are written in as part of the lyrics, which include such gems as "Walk around with my hands/up in the air/cause I don't care" and the cringingly awful "How does it feel to be/different from me?" MTV pop poetry doesn't get much more insightful than that.
Teen pop queen Avril Lavigne still wavers helplessly between vulnerability and I'm-a-tough-girl-don't-mess-with-me, all behind a wall of canned guitar pop and tepid songwriting. It gets "Under My Skin," all right... like a splinter.
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on June 22, 2004
My Uncle Curtis gave me some cash for my birthday and a ride to the mall so that I could buy a CD. He said "get something I can listen to." But the only thing we ever listen to in his car are cassettes of Jefferson Airplane, the Rascals, Bob Dylan, Nazz and the Electric Prunes! I said "Uncle Curtis you have to get up with the times." But you see he gets depressed. He says: I just don't understand all this new music. I said: listen to Smash Mouth! He says: No! and cranks up his Guess Who tape. And if I have to listen Funkadelic one more time I will trip! So we went to the mall and he wanted me to buy Badfinger's greatest hits! As if! Then my Uncle Curtis wanted me to buy him a new blue bath robe to replace his old frayed one... with the money he just gave ME!! On the weekends me and my sister stay with him and he cooks us breakfast at 11 o'clock in the morning. He has a sheet of tin foil covering his kitchen window. Last weekend he was blasting some CD by Lee Michaels. I was like: Dude you HAVE to listen to something modern. So with my b-day money I bought him some Avril to listen to. He hates it. He went out in the garage and smoked cigarrettes for an hour while we played it inside. It was raining the whole morning and he read the funnies out in the garage. He never got out of his bathrobe the whole day!
Finally he came inside and he listened to the CD and looked at the CD booklet. He just kept making all these comments when we were listening. He said: this ain't original, this is garbage!
1. Take Me Away
My uncle Curtis was like, "hmm, she just got this from the ending of "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince when he yells "take me away!"

2. Together
My uncle Curtis was like "You know, Country Joe and the Fish made a whole album called Together."
3. Don't Tell Me
Uncle Curtis was like, "Dude, you wanna hear a good song, play "Girl Don't Tell Me" by the Beach Boys. Sure, Curtis, sure.
4. He Wasn't
Then he's like "Or listen to "I just wasn't made for these times" by the Beach Boys. He's like, the bass guitar on that song makes me weep like a child!

5. How Does It Feel
Uncle Curist was like, "Man, does she just rip off Bob Dylan or what? While this song was playing he just starts screaming the lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone" right over Avril.
6. My Happy Ending
"Happy Ending" by Joe Jackson is 100% times better according to Curtis.

7. Nobody's Home
Forgot what he said.

8. Forgotten
Forgot what he said.

9. Who Knows
Who's Next! That my favorite tape of Uncle Curtis because they do that Limp Bizcit song. I mean, you know, its originally on this album. My uncle curtis heard Limp doing "Behind Blue Eyes" and he freaked. That was the night he hit his head on that lamp that he has coming down from the ceiling that is way too low. Man, he was in agony and we had to put ice cubes in a paper towel for him. But he was so ticked that "someone would make such a mess of such a good song."

10. Fall to Pieces
Can't remember.

11. Freak Out
You should have seen him. He dropped the cigarrette that was dagling from his lips and he jumps out of his seat and screams "rip off, rip off, she got this from Frank Zappa, rip off rip off!!" His dog started barking and howling and he's just yelling "rip off" and then he shows me this old record he has and it says "Freak Out" on it.

12. Slipped Away
Oh well.
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on June 2, 2004
In getting to know Avril through her music, we have discerned that she infact has nothing worth getting to know. Maple leaves are more beautiful than her, and they have a lot more pizazz and personality than she does. Stupid Canuck. Avril's turnoffs include: Boys, men, and people attempting to do her a favor and offer her some guidance. I tell you, if none of us out there ever got any guidance or tips on getting through being a teen, we'd have all ended up like Avril; a spoiled little b*tch unable to do for herself and who will no doubt be unable to file her own taxes by herself let alone live by herself. Nobody wants to hear everything you hate, Avril. And nobody especially wants to hear you making money off all your little clone fans that like to hear everything you hate. I swear, The Offspring's' "Cool to Hate" was MADE for Avril. With lyrics like "I hate the jocks, I hate the geeks, I hate the trendies, but I also hate the freaks/I'm only happy when I'm in my misery", the song describes her perfectly.
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on June 1, 2004
Albums from artists like this really make me want to wrap my head in duct tape so I suffocate and die. There was an interview with her about those new "angry" lyrics and she said they came from her frustrations of dieting......yes. Let that sink into your skull for a second. I saw it on Fox News and yes...those were her words, I kid you not, Seems she was easily frustrated and that put her in a "dark" place. I read those lyrics and they're somewhat reminiscent to a bad PG-13 movie that has been edited for television, or a dramatic episode of "Saved by the Bell" (Screech gets V.D.). The sounds her band mates emit from their instruments is boring enough to trigger a "brown noise", making you soil your pants if you listen to more than half of any of her songs, kinda like Lionel Ritchie. How could someone like that even joke about claiming punk.....yes punk. That's like saying Backstreet Boys are death metal. She is pop music, "diarrhea complex" pop music that pollutes the air waves, she could not be farther from real punk music if she was a country star singin 'bout her husband cheatin on her, and her diesel truck. Like Metallica claiming "metal". Jeez, that's a laugh, people who believe that listen to this crap. This is completely pathetic and disgusting. The Casualties, Operation Ivy, Blatz, Discharge and Rancid are real punk music, how this little girl even comes close I don't know. It's like she was cleaning her ears one day and didn't realize when the cu-tip reaches resistance you don't keep pushing! Then the little girl from the suburbs decides to dress like a hobo?? That does not make you punk or Marky Mark would've been the next Sid Vicious. Come on now, she wears a neck tie with jeans? Regan Youth did that like 15 years ago!! But her fans wouldn't know that because they are 15 years old and don't listen to real punk music. How are you people that dumb to claim her as original or even music? Her voice reminds me of wet butt cheeks on a window. I'll bet you anything fans of this chick think Simple Plan is "hardcore punk" as well. That really is funny, the first time I saw those queens I was flipping through the channels and caught them on Nickelodeon, "because that's where I go to see what's hip in punk." F*cking give me a break. I wont even suggest real punk for you to listen to, because this (avril lavigne) is sooo far from that genre of music you wont even recognize it. I'd really like to see a mosh pit at her shows. HAHAHAHAHAHA Some posers getting stomped, kinda like what would happen if you saw fans of this little girl's band at a Filth or Smachet show. It's like the whole f*cking world is on crack and I'm just drunk.....
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on May 30, 2004
It doesn't say a lot for the integrity of Avril Lavigne's work when her fans, specifically these Avril-Lavigne-hater-haters, can do little to properly construct a sentence. All things grammatical aside, it needs to be said that Avril Lavigne is mediocre at best. Long has she been hailed as a punk rock queen, however this is not so. Those who make such remarks have a musical taste that obviously doesn't surpass the realm of Music Television. How did Avril Lavigne end up being classified as punk to begin with? Really, though her style of dress is admittedly unique among the typical scantily clad pop divas and blingy-blinging rap artists, it's not something to be revered. Honestly, wearing a tie isn't that big a deal.
If you're thinking of buying this album, I ask you to reconsider, especially if you're under the impression that Avril Lavigne is one of the great female rock artists of our time. There are bands out there, other than what you see on any top20 countdown. If you're interested in female rock 'n roll check out the "riot grrrl" movement of the '90s, with bands like Bikini Kill and Brat Mobile, or even popular bands of today like The Donnas and the Sahara Hotnights.
If you like dull thoughtless lyrics, and yes I've read them, by all means throw your money away on this album. If you want to expand your horizons and actually learn something about music take the time to explore the possibilities. There's no need to be a slave to the corporate exposure of artists who's sole asset is their sellability.
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on May 30, 2004
Avril Lavigne came on the scene shouting that she was different. That she hated all pop-icons and that she was as "punk" as they come.
Yeah, sure.
Anyway, her first album was a pathetic attempt at proving to everyone that you CAN write a song called Sk8ter Boi and still be punk. Turns out you can't though. Her music was flat, obviously written by someone else, and lacking effort in the emotional department.
With her new album she tries to be what Liz Phair used to be, an indie princess. Someone who can mix mainstream music with Indie's musical intensity and simplicity. And now Phair is 'extraordinary' on the radio 24/7. Not the best person to be your role model...
Lavigne, not quite ready enough to call her music art, tries to force an artistic album down the throats of her fans. Songs sound misguided and almost self absorbed. Her theme for this album is the same one we've seen from all pop-icons recently. Christina did Stripped. Britney In The Zone. All about them "finally" getting the chance to be "themselves" and play and sing the music they've been wanting to for oh, so long. Lavigne says that she hates their image yet follows in their footsteps so eagerly that her album is a more 'rock' verson of any Pop album out right now.
I recommend this album if you have no taste in music. If you want to listen to something good pick up a Radiohead album and don't waste your time with this Canadian loser.
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on May 30, 2004
I can't stand this this girl. She has zero respect for anyone over her age, anyone from certain social backgrounds she doesn't like, and anyone who has the right mind to tell her what she needs to hear (mainly that she's a little b*tch that needs to give the fake "punk girl" facade a rest). It so funny to see her on the tele, because whenever she makes an appearance, she's always good for a laugh. It's so obvious she's putting on a front. Somebody really needs to tell her off. I bet she'd either run off crying and/or end up getting smacked upside her noggin for giving somebody the finger. She's like one of those bullies we've all encountered in middle or high school; she tears you down for not being like her, and yet she still says she's "an individual". Yeah, and individual like everyone else. I find it horrible that Avril alienates her fans and makes them conform to the way she dresses and acts. Because, after all, if you aren't like Avril, you aren't "cool enough" to be her fan. What an awful message to send to her young listeners. When her main audience is younger pre-teen girls, I'm sure it's a hard blow to their self image when they find out they have to compromise their own identity to be her fan. I suggest bypassing Avril altogether, not being her fan at all, and going for some music that you can groove to and be yourself with.
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