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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on February 9, 2003
I bought this CD over the internet. I listened to it. I liked it. I still listen to it sometimes, and its pretty good. But it gets entirely too much credit, because its not anything very wonderful or deep.
Ill start with the good. This is great party music. Lots of happy, fast, danceable beats mix well with Ludas cartoonish style of rap. When hearing songs like Move or Go 2 Sleep, you cant help but get into the music. .... This is nothing new, but Luda gives it a twist by adding his wit. Keep it on the Hush and Crybaby are good examples of his crazy humor. Luda is a pretty good rapper, and consistently brings good rhyme schemes, crazy/happy beats, and jokes through the whole CD.
But thats it. The beats are good party beats, but theyre very forgettable. The lyrics barely ever change, and on the couple of tracks where they do it doesnt work very well. Cold Outside doesnt sound very good after hearing songs like Saturday, and there are much better "ghetto life" songs. Luda cant do much beyond his crazy humor. Skill-wise, there are plenty of rappers out there who can beat him. .... Thats why I call it cartoon rap. Cartoons are entertaining and fun, but usually kind of dumb, and there is no deeper meaning. Just cheap laughs. Same with this CD.
Closing comments:You can pretty much guess what the CD will sound like from the cover if you havent heard the singles.
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on October 9, 2002
This is a pretty good CD. Even a white dude like me can tell Ludacris is a good rapper, and it really gets a 3.5. But although I enjoy this CD, its not anything really special.
Part of the reason I'm not so into this CD is that I dont speak ghetto so most of the slang is lost on me. "You know I sent two to his dome..." to me means absolutely nothing. But I still like the CD. It has almost all good songs and its funny...The skits are great. It has good beats and Luda is extremely witty. It features good rappers too. Its a good CD all the way through. The problem is that its stupid. I know its trying to be stupid, but theres no seriousness or meaning or depth or anything. It tries in a few songs and fails miserably. Luda can do funny witty things but thats it. Its all fun and games, which is cool but you cant relate. Its good for parties, but if your feeling depressed and need some anger release, you wont go home and listen to Ludacris. The other problem is that Ludacris is so insanely full of himself. The truth is I couldnt care less about his immense number of hoes, even less what their area codes are...Now I know a lot of it is toungue-in-cheek, but I get sick of hearing how great he is and how pathetic everyone else is. So if you want fun, wit, and good rap, get this. But if you want to really get into or relate to the music, forget it.
Closing comments:The cover is funny and so is the Rollout video.
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on April 29, 2002
Ludacris has been in the game for a while now and he's got mass appeal like Gang Starr. When he dropped the double-platinum Back For the First Time (or, Incognegro to you underground headz), he dropped his lyrics and folks ate it up. Though he's not the best rapper, or the most original as far as subject matter goes, he is straight hilarious, and Word of Mouf focuses mostly on his sense of humor and clever wordplay.
"Coming to America" starts the album off right when Christopher says, "My rap career goes back further than yo father's hairline/It's Ludacris!/I pack more nuts than Delta Airlines." Lines of this nature are found throughout the album. But it's not all fun n' games: the album's best track, "Growing Pains", is a deep introspective of 'Cris's hard times growing up, as well as guest stars Fate Wilson's and Bryce's. By the way, it uses the same "I Forgot to Be Your Lover" sample that Dilated Peoples used in their "Worst Comes to Worst". And if you hate skits, then maybe the few on this album will change your mind, especially the "Greatest Hits" one.
There are a few duds, though. "Roll Out"'s subject matter reminds me of that in Juvenile's "Ha" (as in, "That's you with the..."), but Luda's lyrics don't really stick to the ribs. Same story for "Area Codes" which isn't really about anything. If you like the song, it's probably because he gave a shout-out to your area code. "Saturday" is okay, but let's face it: the singles he released off his last album were way better than these three. And the long song "Cold Outside" is a little deep but is very dreary.
But that's like 4 aight songs out of 16. There are more rewindable than fast-forwardable songs on here, like the mind-bending freestyle and his ill "Block Lockdown". This album is dope to listen to, even though it's a mystery to figure out Ludacris' method of madness. I mean, although he has an uncanny cadence, it's hard to tell whether or not he's using style over substance (remember Cappadonna?). Overall, this album is good for right now because Luda is what's "in", but I don't know if I'll be listening to this five years from now. In fact, I've only listened to this album twice since it came out. Oh well, that's just me.
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on November 28, 2001
Alright i copped the Ludacris album thinking, hey second album, hes up and comin wit some skill, so I had high...high expectations for this Ludacris joint. Well after listening to it, I retired it. lol Nah, thats harsh but this album was nowhere near what I expected. The first single Roll Out is about all ur gonna get off this album. Its the first Track on the album then it goes downhill. Prolly the best joint on the album is a skit. Its called Greatest Hits, now this made me laugh, it makes fun of all those white folks out there that try to rap, and are off beat as hell. This was tight for sure. Also Growing Pains is an ill track, but the beat was jacked off Worst come to Worst by the Dilated Poeples. But the songs pretty ill. Other than that this album has some catchy beats that will stick in ur head, but the lack of lyrical flow realy hurst Ludacris. This album may sell jus cause the hype, but people will be findin themselves retirin this one to the dusty CD case ASAP. I dont like to hate but this made me mad, I wanted a tight joint and Ludacris released this.
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on November 28, 2001
Ludacris: Rap music's answer to Dr. Seuss. "Cadillac grills, Caddilac mills, check out the oil my Cadillac spills..." If this couldn't have been a line from the ghetto version of 'Cat in the Hat', then I guess I'm just crazy.
Anyway, if you liked 'Back for the First Time', then you'll definitely like this one. It actually sounds like the same CD all over again. Hell, it should have been called 'Back for the First Time...Again'. 'Word of Mouf' has the same feel, same mood...damn near the same beats and lyrics as 'Back for the First Time'. If you liked the freestyle track on the last one...there's another one with the same guys on this one. Even the skits on this CD are continuations of the skits on the LAST CD. If you're expecting our boy Ludacris to break new ground or 'push the envelope', you're sadly mistaken.
Yes, the lyrics are elementary, the beats are simple (even the Timbaland produced "Roll Out" is much toned down from what we'd normally expect from 'Timmy'), nothing spectaclar to this CD at all.
That being said...I can't help liking it. 'Back for the First Time' was a CD that I couldn't believe I spent my hard earned money on at first, then it grew on me. Like a bad rash that ends up looking like a nice tattoo. 'Word of Mouf' is more of the same. Though artisticly speaking, it's trash, it really is an enjoyable disk. 'Cris is just a humorous cat, who can put together catchy hooks and get over. I really hate to say it, but I like this CD.
Troy's picks: 'Keep it on the Hush', and 'Saturdays'
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on May 28, 2002
I heard the song "Southern Hospitality" on MTV one day and just couldn't resist buying "Back For The First Time". I quickly fell in love with it's great beats and lyrics. Then I patiently waited for Ludacris's new one "Word of Mouf". I went to the store, picked it up, and popped it in my CD player. The first track seemed kinda stupid and sounded similar to "U Got a Problem?". "Roll Out", the single, is a good stand-out track but too repetative. His others sound, well, the same. His lyrics are exactly like each other, rapping about money, hoes, sex, and cars. It gets almost unbearable at times and he needs to find something better to write about. My suggestion is to buy his first before this since this sounds alike. If you already have his first, then you should buy Outkast's new one or Dungeon Family. Hold off one this record or just buy the singles. It's not worth your money at all!
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on January 5, 2002
I give it a 3...and THAT'S just being nice! I am a HUGE Ludacris fan, but this cd, it was worthless. It's the same as his last one, "Back for the First Time", basically. Same kind of beats, same production, same topics! Come on now, Luda, get some new stuff man! For real, I love Ludacris to death, but I was expecting more. I would say, don't bother buying the cd, get it ... or somewhere! I don't mind the occasional "slip of the tongue" words he uses, but Luda is rhyming about the same stuff, money, cars, & ...I'm getting sick of it already! I think he is a phenominal artist who can ride any beat, but his content is getting repetitive! This cd just made me want to take it back to the store and pick up another copy of "Back for the fist time", since it is basically its clone! My advice...don't get it, borrow it from a friend if you have to!
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on January 2, 2002
Im still trying to decide whether this is better than back for the first time.......... the best songs on the album are without a doubt growing pains, then keep it on the hush. alot of the songs i must admit sound similiar to the first, but he might just get away with it on this one. the skits though are funny.........especially the greatest hits white and i still found this very funny, so i dont think ludacris lost a lot of white fans with this, as people have said. the other songs i liked on this album were area codes, cry babies, saturday and freaky thangs.
all in all a pretty good effort, but lets hope he can do better still cuz he is a unique rapper!
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on January 2, 2003
Don't get me wrong folks, Luda be the shiznit. But the second album just doesn't get it done like his first. "roll out" gets old, almost laughable after a few listens. And honestly..why have all these other people on your record? Luda kept his featuring to a minimum on his first album but this one...UGH! too many people, luda should be showing off, not showing off others...this cd feels like the luda presents cd...NO ENOUGH CRIS! Some songs are tight, but some leave ya wondering why, a completley average effort..this man has only tapped his potential.
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on March 28, 2002
What's happens to an artist when he gets signed to a major label?
Answer: A lot of the power is taken away for commerciality. That is what happened here. Not bad, however, I'm sticking to the up and coming artists who have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Their lyrics ain't written for the radio and won't ever see spin on the airwaves, however they are keeping it real. Check out D.O.W.N. Southern Slang, they also have a chopped and screwed version out.....Bangin' beats and realest rhymes....If your under 18 beware explicit lyrics.
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