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on December 26, 2013
I have not seen the original but really enjoyed this movie. Intense scenes that give you that uncomfortable feeling and take it up a notch from most movies in this genre. Most humans enjoy stories of revenge, especially when it's justified......and thats why this movie strikes a chord with me. Somehow you get sucked into enjoying the depravity because the term "eye for an eye" lives within most of us whether we want to believe it or not. This movie brings it to the forefront in everybody who enjoys it. I will now check out the original which was supposed to be shockingly uncharted territory for it's time.
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on September 24, 2003
Apart from that, a work of genius. I love it. A see once movie really, as it does not and cannot have the same impact twice. Very Andrea Dworkin, even the humour. Looked Scandinavian and reminded me of Bergman (Virgin Spring?) Has a memorable Boudica like climax only missing the Ride of the Valkyries on the soundtrack. Just great stuff.
A writer at the time related the polarized reactions in the theatre. "Kill the b***h!" Reposted on the distaff side with "right on, sister!" Unfortunately, certain parties didn't want things out in the open and the film suffered censure. There's a book to be written on the moral questions raised by the retarded guy alone, but I'll focus on a couple of things. The pivotal moment when Jennifer lowers her gun when she has her tormentor at her mercy. Does he have a point? Yes and no. At that moment it's like she reaches an understanding with nature and Keaton's enigmatic performance nails it. Is Jennifer's transformation too sudden or was she like that from the start? Another unexpected aspect is the ridiculing of her writing. In an odd way this really gets to you more than the rape. In a stroke of genius that makes the film, Jennifer seems to become 'Mary', a fictional character or characters in her own writing, descending upon the men like some incubus and getting poetic revenge for that particular sleight. In fact, I can't make up my mind if the film is merely (?) didactic, or a poetic lament. What it has to say about sexual politics is true.
Director's commentary: Unsurprisingly, Zarchi appeared to be European, and eccentric to boot. "Listen to the bird, she is saying: Peace on earth....peace on earth." He constantly quotes critics but is frustratingly parsimonious with his own impressions. He distastefully describes a real life rape while the fictional one is playing out but if this tragedy motivated him to make the picture then he should elaborate. We are left hanging as to his real motives. When he quoted 'hell hath no fury', he drew unflattering comparisons with Criswell in 'Plan 9'. There is an enigmatic moment when Jennifer types after the rape. Not a peep from the director on this. Zarchi's observations of male attitudes in the film are perceptive. The guy with the axe almost hiding in fear of Jennifer at the climax. The constant references to their mothers and calling on them in crisis. Many men will recognise themselves in these attitudes and excuses so I'm not surprised to see such fervent condemnation of 'Grave', but from the director, we get less than the dicky bird he is so fond of quoting. He appears to side with the poetic aspect, but he left me feeling puzzled and uncomfortable.
Briggs: Appears puzzled by the plot. Why didn't the men go in the house with matthew? Not difficult, if they want Matthew to be the fall guy, then they can't be in the same room when he's committing murder. Briggs considers the wife by the pumps scene superfluous. Surely this is one of the most telling moments in the film? I don't agree with his assertion that men shouting mysogynistic comments during theatrical performances of 'Grave' don't really mean it. It just proves to me the film was accurate in it's observations. Get it out in the open, I say. Perhaps Biggs sees the film as a lampoon, four burly men never really standing a chance against a smart cosmopolitan women from New York. Either way, I found his commentary to be largely superfluous.
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on January 8, 2003
The DVD print is in excellent form. A big improvement from the old, scrathy, choppy prints we have seen on VHS fifteen years ago. This low-budget film has a cult following. There is male frontal nudity and female frontal nudity. The sex scenes are ridiculously simulated. A woman gets ultimatly raped by four men. They think they have left her for dead, however, she is very much alive and seeks out each man for revenge. For adults only! Available in unrated version.
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on March 7, 2004
I bought this DVD for one reason and one reason only: Joe Bob Briggs. As an avid watcher of Monstervision, my Saturday nights have been dull and barren without my weekly Joe Bob fix (and yes, I know that makes me a geek and a loser -- ask me if I care!). So when I saw that he does a full-length commentary on this particular DVD, I really had no choice but to buy it. I was, of course, not disappointed with Joe Bob -- he was as incisive, informed, and funny as ever (and that's really saying something when it comes to a movie like this). As for the film itself, I found the rape scenes as brutal and offensive as anything I have ever seen...and that, again, is really saying something. The horror in this movie is that of man's inhumanity to man -- or in this case, to woman. The pain that one human being can inflict on another is what makes this movie shocking and offensive. The movie does NOT glorify rape -- quite the reverse. It shows rapists as what they are: mindless, stupid, brutal thugs. And in this movie, they get what they deserve. As I woman, I found the rape victim's revenge to be very satisfying, indeed. At the same time, however, this movie is not at all for the faint of heart. My suggestion: if you like Joe Bob, watch the movie and enjoy his commentary. If you are not a fan, choose another film.
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on March 5, 2004
It was 6 years ago and i had finally purchased my first DVD player for 250 dollars. Pretty good bargain back then. I was staying with my Pops back then and he had brought home his first DVD purchase, It was "I spit on your Grave". Imagine my chagrin. "Its got a hot chick on the cover with a knife" he said. Then we sat down and watched one of the most horrific Rape and Murder movies ever. First the acting is atrocious, the story is so silly and the Director really got his jollies off of overextending the softcore rape scenes that were more laughable then horrific. Not that rape is in anyway laughable but if you plan on tackling a serious subject then have some class. If you want to see a brutal and TOTALLY realistic Rape and revenge flick then track down the French film "Irréversible". Now that film will make you squirm, cry, scream or a combination of all three. Just stay far away from this trash unless of course silly violent sex flicks are your cup of tea. If so, watch away!
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When movies first came out on video there were two legendary exploitation films I had to track down. One was "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and the other was "I Spit on Your Grave," which is actually the more memorable film of the pair overall (although I do grant the highest place to the "hook" scene in TCM). Director Meir Zarchi's 1978 film has become rather infamous, since critics hated it, audiences were outraged, and the film was banned in Germany and Great Britain. The story, such as it is, finds Jennifer Hill (Camille Keaton, Buster's grand-niece) out in the woods of Connecticut to work on a novel when she crosses the path of some local boys who decide she should be the first sexual partner for their mentally-disabled friend. When he cannot complete the rape, his friends do it for him. Then they decide that they are not done with Jennifer.
At issue are not Jennifer's specific acts of revenge, including the infamous bathroom scene, but rather the series of brutal rapes that precede them. I do not want to meet anyone who is not disturbed by these rape scenes and I think it is fairly obvious that Zarchi intended to make audiences uncomfortable. In retrospect you have to wonder about all those movies with rape scenes that do NOT upset the audience (the current obvious exception that proves the rule would be what happens in "Monster" right before the first murder). But Zarchi certainly pours it on thick, absolutely assuring that things go beyond the tolerance level of anyone who watches this film. So the bottom line is that this film will upset you and it is therefore effective at doing exactly what it wants to do. I have always considered this an "X" rated movie although I would not consider it pornographic in the traditional sense. But it is a very disturbing film and I do not think I would want my kids to see it until after they graduate college (if ever). Anyone renting this film for cheap thrills is in for a shock.
As I now understand it, this 1978 film was originally released as "Day of the Woman," but that rather innocuous title was replaced by the well known "I Spit on Your Grave," although the film was also screened as "I Hate Your Guts" and "The Rape and Revenge of Jennifer Hill." All of this is interesting since it seems the producers were trying to pass off this film with both higher and lover levels of pretention. The cult status here is more for the shock value than any cheap artistic pretentions, that is for sure.
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on December 9, 2000
This is a sick, disgusting, movie.(It was great!!)WARNING THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.This film may be low budget, but the acting and the plot of the story are both great.The scenes in this movie are very realistic and some parts of this movie seamed so real they didn't appear to be fake at all.If you love scary movies and you like revenge, get this it makes deliverence and carrie look like it was done by disney.But get this movie, you will thank yourself if you are a horror fan.
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on September 22, 2015
If you’re a fan of the old school exploitation films, you’ve probably already seen the original movie and other than the kills being different, you’re not experiencing anything really different. If you’ve only got into horror in the past ten years or so, you’ll label this film as “torture porn” and compare it to Saw for some reason. It winds up being a good revenge film, but it’s not a movie that can be labeled as “enjoyable.”
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on February 14, 2011
I was looking for something shocking, horror out of the ordinary and just break the limits. This movie does all of this.

If you have 'enjoyed' the movie The last house of on the left, this is about the same category, but I found more gory and gruesome.

The story is a bit slow paced but once it gets started you are on. I was surprised at this small twist, but then I could see it coming. Even so, I was still shocked at the level of human beings and what htey are capable of.

Revenge is very soughout and hell it was deserved! The way the main character tortured her attackers was just beautiful and you can simply condone after the hell they have put her through. I thought the hard scenes (rape) was worse than that of the previous movie I mentioned (The last house on the left)

It had been years since a horror movie had me looking away from my tv screen or just pause to like take a minute. You want something shocking, breaking the rules and be surprised but yet open minded to this hardcore stuff, pick this title up! I enjoyed it to its fullest.
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on October 31, 2003
This is a five star film with brutal honesty and is the product of the director's real life encounter with a rape victim. Other open minded reviewers have done this film justice, I just wanted to point out a few things about the small minded review put foward by PETER below:
1. The scenes are extended to make the audience feel as though they have gone through an ordeal and to fully express the pain and horror of the crime! But you seem to think a PG rated sequence lasting 10 seconds be more honest?!
2. This movie deserves royal DVD treatment more so than any of todays mainstream garbage as it clearly makes more of an impact than any major studio's tame market friendly drivel which is put out as modern horror. Many companies such as Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Shriek Show ect have made it their buiness to put uncut lavishly produced DVD's of films like this out as there is a gap in the current market that can only be filled by classic genre films. Don't belive me? They have remade Texas Cahinsaw Massacre!
3. I'd like to know how you can critize the intelligence of other reviewers when in another review you gave a CD by boyband FIVE 4 stars?! There is a lot of sybolism in this film and if it went over your head then no one else is to blame but yourself! You show your true intelligence by quoting a previous review which is clearly written by another small minded reviewer who hates the film and is satirical mocking the films fans as an example of a 5 star reviewer?! Try reading that review again and this time you might get that they are against it too! Unfamiliar with the concept of satire are you, Peter?
4. As an international customer I found your xenophobia (get out the dictionary Peter) quite distasteful to say the least. If you don't like foreign film directors then stick with Titanic and Pearl Habour and write reviews on how brilliant and important those films are and leave the genre films to true genre fans!!!
I just hope that I've helped any one else who is reading these reviews and is deciding on whether or not to give this contraversial film a chance. Ignore condesending reviews like Peter's and see for yourself. This film is definitely not for everyone and I am sure that there will be intelligence people who won't like it due to it's confronting nature. It's best that you take a look for yourself, make up your own mind and please do not let the ideals of a very vocal and dim witted group who have continued to persecute this film from it's initial release to this day lead you to dismiss the other level to this film beyond it's harshness.
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