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on July 13, 2004
The War is over, but the battle has just begun? That's how they advertised this series and it's lame. I am one of the biggest Beast Wars Transformers fans and I was so excited about this show....up until I actually watched it. Let me list the reasons why...
1. It made no sense. How can they revert back to BW season 1 forms because of a virus? They where wicked cool Transmetals.
2. They made the Maximals into morphers...only the vehicons transform as well as Megatron (when he gets mad).
3. The Plant woman character and the bat are terrible....together they don't even come close to any Beast Wars transformer.
4. The show is way too dark. You only see day light at the end.
5. The show is too "Religious"
6. The designs of the characters is awful, Rattrap is horrific, I used to love that guy and now I can't look at him! He has no legs, he looks like a mobile wheel chair!!! And cheetor has weird insect legs or something. Why totaly change their faces or bodies....transmetal didn't even do that.
7. No projectile weapons like bullets, no body parts flying off, just Power Rangers fighting. Why give chhetor nothjing but a sword"???? Tell me....
8.Cybertron becomes technorganic
9.Just made to open up a new toy line.
Okay so it's saving graces are...
1.Megatron still has his dragon mode under his skirt.
2.The flashbacks to Beast wars and happened to make this future are awsome.
3. Good music (But no electric guitar)
4. The last episode when Megatron's head is on Optimal Optimus's body!
That's all.
And I'm pissed about what happened to Rhinox. It's wrong. I'm mad.
But I hope Mainframe makes a ne Trans show and fixes theis bad end note...return to earth!
----what's sad is that this show is still way better than most shows on kills the CGI spiderman!
Worth the money only if you don't mind tainting the perfection that was Beast Wars with this sequel that any fan could have out done if they led the creative team.
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