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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 22, 2017
The best album after 'The Song Remains the Same'; reminiscent of 'Physical Graffiti'
Paige & Plant at their best.
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on March 23, 2017
Great music. The video quality reflects the era.
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on May 13, 2017
Couldn't expect anything better from Amazon and the best from Plant and Page
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on January 3, 2003
5 stars when released in DVD format.
Until then 1 star for Video only.
Great songs though
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on October 31, 2004
A decade after the original broadcast, the DVD adaptation of the lavish 1994 concert has finally been released. As with the recent Zeppelin DVD set, the footage has benefitted greatly from recent improvements in digital technology. Even with a conventional stereo the remixed soundtrack reveals a much broader spectrum than in 1994; indeed, some tracks may be alternate takes altogether. Using Kevin Shirley and the same production team responsible for the Zeppelin DVD set, the interface is clean and intuitively designed, featuring a small number of extras. What started as a routine in studio presentaton of a solo Robert Plant concert grew into a behemoth project when Jimmy Page was invited along, with both an Egyptian and western orchestra, and cutaway segments in Morocco and Wales. An interview circa 1994 (previously only seen in dribs and drabs in-documentaries) shows Page & Plant eager and fresh to exploit their newfound partnership, while wishing to pay respect to the Celtic, Arabic and Far Eastern roots of their former band. A brief montage of clips from their 1994 visit to Marrakesh is almost a throwaway, but that may have been all that was left on the cutting room floor. A new version of Black Dog, recorded before accepting an award at the American Music Awards, shows a brave attack on reinventing a classic rock chestnut.The 1998 video for Most High, directed by Canadian Flora Sigusmundi, exploits the esoteric imagery inspired from the lyrics. The concert hints at the potential the pair might have had, unleashed from obligations to recreate their former band; any new song arrangement or input from outside musicians was up for grabs. Pressure from fans to relaunch Zeppelin may have crumbled their resolve in the subsequently disappointing Clarkdale project, but at that time, the horizon was the limit. Overall, a satisfying effort for the diehard fan.
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on December 1, 1998
A must have for any Led Zeppelin fan, No Quarter displays the long-awaited reunion of guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant, members of arguably the greatest rock and roll band ever. Backed by an Egyptian orchestra on several tracks and talents Michael Lee, on drums, and Charlie Jones, on bass, the two legends revisit and revise such classics as Kashmir, The Rain Song, and Thank You, and also introduce new material, including standouts like Wonderful One and City Don't Cry. Both nostalgic and ground breaking, it is no wonder this performance broke rating records with it's MTV debut.
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on August 19, 2006
These guys are professionals who love what they do. And oh how it shows here.

The LedZep -magic can be found here, although only half of the band is presented. If you like/love Led Zeppelin and it's music and are interested in music in general so you'll love the new versions and arrangments you really should add this to your collection.

Jimmy Page is still the guitar genius and Robert Plant is one of the best singers in the world.

Picture is good, sound is good. Music is good.

What are you waiting for? My warmest recommendations? Well, you got it! :o)
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on November 13, 2002
I had the chance to see this broadcast on MTV when it was originally showed. Since that day I curse myself daily for not having prepared a tape to record it.
My brother purchased the VHS edition recently, and it looks really neat. Video and audio quality are really good. But not as good as a DVD...
Will this be ever released on DVD with 5.1 audio? I certainly hope so (not like Marillion's first video-compilation DVD which was recorded on regular stereo only).
As one of the other reviews mentions: if there is a concert worth to be transferred to DVD, it is this one!
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on May 16, 1999
Finally, page and plant reunite to do an MTV unledded...I would not have missed this for the world. Led Zeppelin was gone before I every had a chance to see them, this allowed me that oppertunity. Like everyone else, I too was waiting. The egyptian players are fantastic, and page and plate are great. Gallow Pole is a rocker, and you will find that the part you never heard in Thank You is original, it is on BBC release. I am excited to add info to one of the greatest rock bands ever. I too wish JPJ and Jason could have been there. scott Humphrey
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on May 3, 1999
Let's put it this way; We never thought it would happen. And sure it would of been nice to see John Paul Jones in there, but nonetheless, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are not only back, they are back in style. From the Morracan ensemble to the new bassist and drummer, Unledded is what any Zep fan has been waiting 15 years for. If you haven't seen this tape, GET IT!
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