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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on October 24, 2003
This is supposedly considered by many "otaku" as one of THE anime films out there. When I finally saw it...I had to wonder why.
The main character spends most of her time naked. In fact, the opening of the film she says one line and then strips down. The reason she does this is to turn invisible for her stealth mode, and you accept that...then later on a man she's chasing simply has to put a hood over his head and BAM! He's invisible. You have to wonder why if a common street thug can put a hood over his face and become invisible, a government agent has to strip down nude to do it? It sounds like the animators just wanted an excuse for nudity.
Perhaps the main reason people call this a great anime is because they can barely understand whats going on or what the storyline is. Well, that doesn't always mean its good. "Ghost In the Shell" is a bit of a typical manga-to-anime tribulation in which the writers assume the audience has read the manga and knows it by heart, hence there is no reason to explain backgrounds or why some one is doing this.
Also, the action is not that great. Its too few, and the supposedly famous scene between the heroine and a tank at the end isn't worth watching. First, its not a tank, its a mechanical spider. Second, there is no "showdown," just her running from point A to point B, then jumping and trying to pull open the door and, failing to do so, ripping her arms off. End of fight. Wow. I thought the showdown between Hiro and the ACTUAL tank at the end of "Venus Wars" deserved more credit than that fight.
And some one tell me why there is at least ten minutes of random shots of the city and weird, annoying girl choir chanting in the background? I had to fast forward through that. Its like Oshii is telling us, "I can do art! Really! See? Art!"
Once again, "Ghost In the Shell" taught me to go with my gut on animated films, not what the "otaku" class tells me to watch.
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on December 21, 2002
I rented this once, I fell asleep. I figured, well maybe I was just tired that night or something. So I rented it again. I fell asleep again. That should say something about this movie. The only good thing about this movie is the animation which is fantastic. But it takes more than animation to make a quality anime. Especially when it's a an anime that's trying to have a "deep" and "one of a kind" story with the time constraints of a movie format. The entire thing from start to finish was boring and I really wasn't liking Oshii Mamoru (although he redeemed himself in my opinion with Jin-Roh). Kusanagi is naked too often too, I never got what the point was with her being naked so often. It was probably just for fan serivice, and that's not a good idea to throw in pointless fan service in a movie that is supposed to be "deep". I didn't notice the music at all so it probably wasn't very good. All in all Ghost in the Shell is just eye candy. I hope that the new GinS tv series is better than the movie.
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on October 1, 2002
Let's face it, this anime is beautiful. But instead of deciding to tell Masamune Shirow's epic story in a series of films, the producers decided to pack hundreds of pages of manga into a 2 hour feature with slick production values.
What's even worse is that Shirow's characters are drawn and animated by other people! His great artistic style is not at all present here. If you have ever seen the "Ghost in the Shell" PlayStation game, you've seen Ghost in the Shell as animated by Masamune Shirow. That is what this film should have looked like.
Roger Ebert and James Cameron gave this film two thumbs up, but it's doubtful they read the source manga. If they did they would say the film is the equivalent of trying to grasp the meaning of the Bible in a 10 page synopsis.
The plot of this Anime falls terribly short. I've read the entire manga and what the film presents is the prologue, and the last two chapters hastily slapped together. If you are an anime/manga fan, I urge you to spend the money on the manga and not this DVD.
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on June 6, 2002
Ok this movie had awesome visuals. There are about two fight scenes that were the coolest things I've ever seen. Other than that it stunk. It tried too hard to be in depth and thought provoking but it somehow missed it's goal. Like the main character's lovely 10 minute speech where they show a close up of her face as she rambles "I am me and that is why I am myself. I am an individual bacause I am the one no one else is like and so I am me. That is why I am not you and there is only one person who is I..." or something along those lines. Very ...very boring. Then there was another long time consuming part that was once more trying so hard to be deep. It was about another ten minutes of just showing scenery of the city while they played freaky music. ummm ok, so this is suppoosed to show her accomplishing what, finding the meaning of life? Yeah so a couple awesome fights and a cool demented guy that had a picture of "his family" (u'll know what I mean when you see it) was not enough to save this movie. It is worth viewing at least once though. Perhaps if you borrow it or something.
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on January 22, 2001
I rented this tape in the hope that it would be as good as the manga of which it is based off of. Both of them start off the same and both of them end the same (sort of) but still it doesn't excuse the fact of what was done to the series. The magna contained humor and plot combined perfectly. This tape while having some humor still can't compare to the magna. Some people say that since I'm into humorous anime I won't like any serious show. This is not true. I love Record of Lodoss war and that is serious. This show just didn't have enough plot to get me into it. They also tried to combine a pretty hefty magna into a 90 minute movie. As such they had to sacrifice plot, comedy, and the funniest robots of all time. If you want Ghost in the Shell go get the full issue magna from Dark Horse Comics this just isn't worth it. So unlike almost all the other reviewers I don't love this movie. Sorry.
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on December 29, 2000
This is one of those anime "classics" which puts domestic animation to shame, and rightfully so. The technical presentation is amazing. The reason I can't recommend this to anyone is the storyline bites big time. If you like waxing poetically (or not so poetically) about the inner-workings of human and machine psyches _ad_nauseum_, then get it, but I felt it all got old really quickly. Many movies have done the whole man/machine dichotomy so much better. I think the writers thought that if they kept overloading your brain with techno-mumbo-jumbo you'd think it was amazing (and apparently they were right for a majority of viewers), but for anyone who has any technical sense about them, it was just dumb.
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on February 10, 2002
The first half of this was so boring I nearly turned it off -- no real science fiction, just one scene after another of gunfire and profanity with no visual impact or dramatic tension. The second half was a little better, once it started dealing with the science fiction aspects, but then it got bogged down in a confusing plot, obvious exposition, and heavy-handed philosophy that still lacked dramatic tension. Action without humor, nudity that didn't manage to be artistic OR sexy, characters that gave you no reason to care about them -- not even as eye candy. If you want an action anime OR one exploring the cyborg/human question, you'd be better off with Armitage III.
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on February 16, 2001
If you like anime, you will not like this. It's all about philosophy and lots of boring chitty-chat questioning life. The thing is, you can not relate yourself to the characters because their all cyborgs, and the world they live in is so dark and unrealistic. There are only two action scenes, but aren't very exciting and has exploding heads! When you reach the end you can't believe you paid the kind of money you did to get the film, expecting something groundbreaking, instead you get something reasonably scary, but absolute rubbish. The only reason why it got two, instead of one, is because the quality of the animation with the use of computer graphics is good.
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on November 18, 2002
Plot: It's the future, there's android machine people, and the story follows a cop who's an android. The humans get body parts replaced, even their brains, but they have a "ghost" which seems to be what makes them "human". Deals with a theme of what makes us human. (It was hard to follow, that's what I could gather from it.)
My thoughts: The plot was very hard to follow, the dub of the main character's voice is horrible, didn't give me any care for what happens to the characters. I watched the first half, with no desire to watch the second. The animation itself was good, which is what gives it the 2 stars.
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on October 30, 1999
This was a poor movie, not even saved by two, or should I say one and a half action scenes- one where the major fights an Uzi toting baddie and the end fight, with a bug-like tank. The music and environment shots were too long and horrible- as boring as Blade Runner. There are a lot of incomprehensible technotalk scenes AND lots of philosophical psycho-babble scenes. Plus, the animation is UGLY. The major looks ugly, the men look poor, and there's a lot of black. While I didn't LOVE the MAtrix, it too was confusing, it made alot more sense than Ghost in the Shell.
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