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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 3, 2006
...Blood & Donuts is perhaps the most novel vampire movie out there. Not just because of its odd juxtaposition of comestibles, but because, instead of focussing on the dark, sexy power of the vampiric legends, it zooms in on the mundane, making its chief character, Boya, actually a bit smaller than life, a lost bit of jetsam in the stream of time.

The story is simple: Boya, an ages-old creature of the night, goes into a funk in 1969, when humans reduce the moon from an untouchable, deified source of wonder to a piece of property with a great view. He wakes up again about 25 years later, to find the world has moved on ...a lot. He finds shelter in that most normal of places, a donut shop, and makes a few friends who, after the initial shock, accept him as just another guy. A piece of his past resurfaces and spends a lot of time trying to kill him for not killing her. There's an entire side story involving a petty mob boss. This is all nice and novel, but let's face it, we've seen these gimmicks as audiences require some spice to their horror diet. Novel is predictable.

What makes this movie great is that Boya really _is_ just a guy. He's regretful, not in the angsty gothic oh-the-dark-anguish-of-being-undead mode one normally sees, but in a resigned, human, manner. He's insecure, embarrassed about his blood-sucking nature, lonely, alienated, and altogether as pitiable as a lost puppy. These are things everyone feels at some time or another (okay, except the blood-sucking. What, you don't suck blood? Really?) And, while he affects a few lives, they're small lives, and you get the feeling the living will shrug and move on when he's gone. It's a movie to buy, because it just doesn't get old. (I'm replacin my 10-year-old copy due to misplacement).

And did I mention the soundtrack? It rocks. If I could figure out how to bold things, it would ROCK in bold print. Okay, picture this bold-faced: ROCK!!

Rent, borrow, steal, or *gasp* buy this movie. Spread it among your friends like a bad cold or that thing your boyfriend swore he got cleared up. Make it the linchpin of your vampire film fest. This film deserves more than a small cult following, so get it, watch it, share it, repeat.
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on November 1, 2007
Blood and Donuts is a an unusual film.It is one of the few films with a
vampire that contains very little blood and the vampire is a very
sympathetic character.the vampire is very shy and unassuming,and only
harms people when there are no other options.he also has sense of
humour.but this movie is more a study of human relations than anything
else.the story revolves around the people that"Boya",the vampire, forms
relationships with,via an all night coffee/donut shop.the movie is very
low key in every aspect,which is very effective in this is
strangely compelling,though it contains mostly passive action.this is
an example of minimalist film-making,a film that is very much character
driven.the vampire is very likable,with a genuine care for people and
has a romantic streak.there are two other main characters,Earl a cab
driver who,for reasons unexplained, is on the lit list of two minor
thugs,and Molly, who works in the donut shop.These two characters are
likable in a sad way.the whole film has an air of melancholy about it stands to reason the characters themselves are also written as
being sad,(as in having little hope),people.the 2 hoods are
unlikable,and painted as sort of inept and pathetic.the movie itself is
unique and low budget,and interesting to watch.if you are an action
fan,you may not like this film.however,if you like a film with
psychological underpinnings running through it, you should like Blood
and Donuts. 3/5
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on December 18, 1998
This film, despite a garish cover, is really a well-made, well-hidden gem! It begins with the lead character, a vampire named Boya, crawling into a bag in the crawlspace of an apartment building when he reads the news about the moon landing. Twenty-five years later, the demolition of the building wakes him once more.
He comes to be friends with a hysterically funny cabbie, whose dreams far exceed his reach, and the lovely waitress at a local coffee shop in a bad part of town.
The character studies are exquisite, and the movie, though funny, is tinged with a palpable melancholy, as it follows the lives of people on their way down.
Look for David Cronenberg in a cameo role as the local crime boss.
Well worth the ten bucks they're charging.
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on October 29, 2002
I always prescreen the vampire movies I purchase before sharing them with my husband. He's not a vampire aficionado like me. I was only about five minutes into this one when I just knew my husband was going to have to see this one. I think it was Boya cracking his joints immediately following his rather unexpected, abrupt awakening. The half-serious, half-for-laughs nature of this movie reminded me of another favorite vampire film, 'Nightlife'. Gordon Currie does an excellent job of portraying the vampire, Boya, as mysterious, dangerous, unpredictable, quirky, enthralling, tender, and sexy -- all rolled into one handsome, albeit slightly frowzy package. Maybe those reviewers who didn't like 'Blood and Donuts' were looking for more 'blood and guts'.
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on June 21, 2002
Sorry, but it's true. Wow! was this off the wall or what. Great
characters, great story line. A vampire flick like you have never
seen. I had my finger on the power button of my tv remote for the first 20 minutes of the movie. Somehow I just couldn't bring myself to kill the power. Now I have watched this offbeat flick 4 times. Low budget B movie, and yet it blows away other vampire movies such as the Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt ( Interview With The Vampire). No one lives forever!
Buy it, watch it (several times ) just try to get Boya and the others out of your head. You'll be walking around humming the soundtrack for a month.
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on November 2, 2003
I live in a small college town, and there isn't a whole hell of a lot to do once it's cold and you're tired of skiing/snowboarding in the winter. So, my friends and I have started to do a "stupid movie night" every once in a while. Find some really bad movies, some decent beer, and provide additional commentary MST3K style. This movie is quite well suited to the purpose. The plot is weak, the acting... horrible, but what can you expect from a Canadian Horror movie? It's hilarious! I highly reccomend it, for stupid movie nights anywhere.
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on January 22, 1999
BLOOD & DONUTS is a hidden gem. Canadian-made, it didn't benefit from any kind of marketing campaign and got lost in the shuffle. But it is very cool, very funny, and just when you think you're watching a little B-movie, the heart of the film leaps out at you...and grabs you by the throat. Shot in 20 days for a half a million Canadian, BLOOD & DONUTS is one of the quirkiest, warmest, and funniest twists on a tired genre ever made. And it's only ten bucks!!!
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on March 21, 2001
Not your typical vampire film. A romantic & conflicted vampire awakens after 25 years and encounters some off-beat, but realistic characters, each with their own foibles and circumstances that are each affected by his presence. Without the vampire, this film would've been different but just as interesting because of the characters that populate it. This movie is, strange to say, almost heartwarming. Well plotted & executed. Fantastic.
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on September 3, 2000
Although the basic premise of this film is rather silly, a vampire who awakens after 25 years to find a very different world and ends up helping some of the characters in the process, the best part of the whole film is a cameo by Canadian film director David Cronenberg, who I adore anyway,as a mob boss. He's witty, funny and makes a great villan. The film is worth a look for anyone who's a Cronenberg fan.
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on March 31, 2002
Well I found this one pointless and dull, really not very satisfying or intriguing. The story never seems to go anywhere, the whole movie was stuck in slow motion. I couldn't tell what they were trying to get across, some parts were comedy and others were serious and so it kind of leaves the viewer in limbo. Not a very good vampire movie.
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