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4.9 out of 5 stars
Reise Reise
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on August 19, 2017
Rammstein, no more to mention
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on March 9, 2017
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on November 14, 2010
Another big hit for Rammstein! This band is truly versatile in regards to musical form and sound. The song, "Reise, Reise," is a wonderful beginning to get you in the mood for this band's music. "Los" is another great song with a differing guitar sound that gets you moving. This is definitely one of the best CDs of Rammstein. It is another "must have" in your collection.
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on November 9, 2017
Stand out track, Mein Teil.
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on January 19, 2011
I heard Sehnsucht first, and thought it their definitive album. Well, no. Not that I don't like Sehnsucht. Amazing for an intro to this great German band.

But this one is better. Less variety, perhaps. But Du hast wears thin, even the clever pun on "Du hasst". This one is consistently good. Hard hitting rock with rhythms, power chords, wailing guitars and bass. The occasional orchestral piece, the occasional female chorus. Mostly just rock. If you know any German at all, the diction is superb, and the words meant to be understood. I won't summarize all the songs, just my highlights.

Reise Reise starts it off with a rough meditation on death and blood, as the waves cry quietly, and spears make the blood flow on the shore.

Mein Teil lends explicit meaning to "You are what you eat".

Moskau is a love song to the city, an old, flabby woman who is still irresistible naked with her breasts rebuilt.

Stein um Stein walls in his lover and stifles her screams.

Amour is a raving beast.

For any fan of hard rock, of metal, or of industrial music will get off on this one. A very good CD from an amazing band.
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on March 12, 2005
I knew Rammstein would produce another great album, as all their other ones were works of art. Reise Reise is a great cd from beginning to end and flows well between song transitions. My personal favourites from the album would be Reise Reise, Mein Teil, Moskau and Ohne Dich.
I'd HIGHLY recommend buying the other Rammstein cds. This one goes into different music genres at times.. but cds like Sehnsucht and Herzeleid are very raw and heavy throughout. I'd recommend Mutter as well, as it has several singles on it (5)and is quite amazing to listen to over and over again. Rest assured that you will not get tired of these cds. Also try the Live Aus Berlin cd... it will get you head banging guaranteed.
If Reise Reise is your introduction to this band, you will be astounded at how great their previous works are as well. This band always delivers and gives you your money's worth. It is impossible for me to distinguish a favourite album of theirs.. but I assure you that all of them are in my top 10 favourite metal cds of all time. There's something for everyone.
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on March 9, 2005
what a pro cd all the songs are good (they are in german cept for a few songs with some english russian and french) the overall sound is amazing good beats good guitar amazing vocals has some orchastra elements this is a pro top notch cd one of metals best and germany's best band
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on July 22, 2012
I was initially critical of this dance-metal band, but decided to pick up their first four albums, given both the astonishing worldwide acclaim for a group that sings almost exclusively in German, and the sensational and not to be missed live concert video, Volkerball Live. For a native speaker, German lyrics are a treat, but the overall quality of Rammstein's songs surprised me. There is not one track on this album that is not outstanding! Although die-hard fans seem to prefer Mutter, I would suggest that this album ties with Sehnsucht as their finest.

Each of Rammstein's albums deals with morbid or objectionable themes on a few tracks. As they stated in an interview, the hardness of their sound demands it. It's true. It is uncomfortable being seduced into tapping one's toes, singing along or dancing to songs about the auto-erotic pleasures of a hermaphrodite, cannibalism, torture, rape and incest. Notwithstanding, Rammstein has enriched the rock canon with remarkable music of lasting merit through their brilliant and catchy lyrics and unique sound.
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on January 30, 2009
Rammstein will forever be associated with 'Du Hast,' the song that catapulted them into western mainstream culture, thanks in part to its presence on the Matrix movie soundtrack. What a shame that so many people refused to investigate the band further! Rammstein's first two albums HERZELEID and SEHNSUCHT were both incredibly powerful releases. The former was a straightforward heavy metal album, while the second added Electronica into the mix to create something new. Their third album MUTTER attempted to inject more operatic atmosphere and emotional drama to the music, which was definitely a welcome addition. Their fourth album REISE REISE however, is the absolute pinnacle of their achievements.

REISE REISE is operatic power mixed with heavy metal. Rammstein shy away from the electronic aspects of past ventures and instead focus on crafting incredibly talented and addictive songs. 'Dalai Lama' is a slow, heavy rocker with typical chugging Rammstein power chords that soon split off to incorporate atmospheric piano and clean vocals. The song literally rises from start to finish, and becomes a highlight of the album. 'Keine Lust' follows the same pattern, climaxing with a bridge that you just can't help but sing along to. 'Los' slows things down a bit, with no-frills acoustic guitar work partnering with electric guitar power chords, which serves as an intermission to the album's most powerful track: 'Amerika.'

The song easily dethrones 'Du Hast' as Rammstein's signature song, poking fun at America's overblown pretentiousness with tongue crammed into cheek. Multi-layered vocals sound like a chorus of people that rise up to chant in unison, and it truly becomes awe-inspiring to hear.

Rammstein don't stop there, following up with the equally epic 'Moskau,' a much faster, harder track that features guest vocals by Viktoria Fersh. From there, things begin to slow down, giving the listener time to breathe easy. To be blunt, REISE REISE is perfectly structured and executed with brilliant timing. It does take a listen or two to truly appreciate it, mostly because of the brilliance being thrown at the listener within the span of almost 48 minutes. Jacob Hellner deserves an award for his excellent mixing job. Production qualities remain balanced and high quality from start to finish. It does pass my car/subwoofer test, and remains one of my favorite sounding albums.
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on April 3, 2006
First a recap of every song on this album, and I do not lie when I say they are ALL #1 hit quality tunes, you will not find any fillers here folks.
1) Reise, Reise - A top of the line, fantastic and simply epic song, will make you cream your pants with awsome.
2) Mein Teil - Another fantastic tune, with melodic screaming, reminds you of a true horror movie, and will make you go insane.
3) Dalai Lama - One of my favortite song on the CD, There is just something about the buildup on this tune that I love.
4) Keine Lust - Another great song, very heavy.
5) Los - People don't give this song the credit it deserves, it takes a slower break from the highpace CD and brings a more grungy middle break into it, top notch however.
6) Amerika - Awsome song, can listen to it for hours.
7) Moskau - Another original and epic tune, with pumping female background vocals that just make it that much better.
8) Morgenstern - Another one of my top favorites, very epic.
9) Stein Um Stein- This wins as my favorite song in the CD, just incredible what this song does to you and your brain.
10) Ohne Dich - A refreshing slowdown and again very epic ballad. Powerful in a way.
11) Amour - Another one of the best songs here, extremly dark sounding and yet its not. Very cool
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