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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on November 7, 2006
Season 5 of Angel has a more subtle story arc than Season 4 and has more stand alone episodes. This season is full of gems like A Hole in the World/Shells, Damage, Time Bomb and Not Fade Away. I think there's a good mix of humour and poignancy this season.

The relationship between Angel and Spike is fascinating to watch. The pair have such history together and each reminds the other of their time as soulless vampires. They eventually get over their petty jealousies and anger and become, dare I say, friends and partners.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 17, 2008
Angel's fifth and unfortunatly last season was aired in 2003-2004 and was announced to be cancelled before the season's end.It was a questionnable decision as the show was one of WB's highest rated that season yet they decided to cancel it for a series that no one cares for anymore,funny isn't it?That decision haunts them even today.Season five of Angel was arguably the best depending of your opinion but it still manage to be very interresting and captivating.Partly due to the arrival of Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer wich made this season the funniest of Angel and comedy had a great place in the first half of the season.Its also in this last season that Angel celebrates its 100th episode in wich Cordelia appears for the last time in the series.There is also the brilliant puppet episode "Smile Time" included on this.This season also had many Buffy fans watching the show since the show ended after season 7.

The season starts with the Angel Investigations team moving in the Wolfram and Hart L.A. office after being given control of it by the senior partners of the company.That is one of the misteries that season five holds.Also Angel receves a package that contains Spike in it!Spike at first doesn't have ,instead is like a ghost as he doesn't feel anything by he is there.His body starts to fade away and he just really added humor to the show and he was a great additon and by doing that it attracted Buffy watchers as well to in conclusion become one of Angel's most entertaining seasons.There is also the mystery of Illyria who will ocupy the boody of Fred latter on this season.This season also has Angel litterally making a deal with the devil and there is an episode where he becomes evil.As one could have expected not everyone of the gang will survive and that makes some intense drama and especially since I and fans really liked that character.After Cordelia being in a coma in season 4(Charisma Charpenter who played her was pregnant)some fans tought the show wasn't going to survive without her.But with the great addition off Spike,it did and we can live with the fact Cordelia ain't around because he's a great character.Its also to note that Wesley Windam Prince(Alexis Denisof)was getting unleashed in recent seasons and we discovered that he is more than a nerdy looking guy.In fact during this season he goes from being prey to predator!The first half of the season was wonderfull and they were some of my favourite and some of the best moments of the series too.The second part of the season is more of story ark with Illyria and Fred with many other things that the team has to deal with,its a noticably slower moment in the season.It gets better in the last couple of episodes and the final episode despite some minor complaints made by fans was pretty good and we felt the pressure the crew had and it ended nicely with Angel saying "Lets Get To Work" to the gang(as there was an army of villains against them)and then saying "Well personnally i kinda wanna slay the dragon" ending on a humorous touch,and there is enough emotion and action to making anyone's heart beat real fast.

I really enjoyed watching the team work and issues between Angel and Spike.Also i tought they did a great job of doing a season that wasn't confusing like season four was,it was like some maze and all.The WB themselves tought that as they said that they would renew Angel's contract for another year during season four at the condition that those complicated plots as season four wouldn't be too much of a big presence instead wanting the show to return to its original monster-of-the-week format as in the first season.They did that in season 5 and it worked and immediatly worked with viewers of the show and its ratings just exploded,Spike being a reason why.Some other characters got some more spotlight thi season like Fred who became very important by the end of the season and Harmony who took a big place and was hilarious as Angel's secretary.New character Nina,the werewolf was interresting but was only present in a couple of great episodes and i tought she there was a great story going with her.

Its too bad that the show got cancelled then when it was doing so great and it became even more interresting with Spike in it and if there would have been a sixth season it would have been very good as well.Even Spike couldn't save the series from being cancelled.There was still potential and stories to be told about Angel,the vampire with a soul,for instance we would probably have seen Fred returning and Willow from Buffy would have made a special appearance by making her come back with her wizard skills along with another character.No one expected the show would be cancelled at that time and neither did i,still Joss Whedon gave us 144 episodes of Buffy and 110 of Angel.This closed the Buffyverse and Whedon stopped doing any other shows and closed his company Mutant Ennemy Inc.A great ending season of a great series and it provided great episodes such as "Smile Time" and "Lineage" were Wesley faces his father wich were excellent nad were really entertaining.I highly recommend it to fans of the show of the Buffyverse.
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on July 7, 2010
This is a slim set, which matches the rest of the series I have and it arrived in perfect condition and in a very timely manner. Couldn't ask for better!
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on October 16, 2013
Great spin off series, great price. For all those more traditional vampire fans this is definitely a series to watch. You would need to watch Buffy before you would understand this spin off series. As far as packaging it is in the slim dvd case as shown.
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on April 29, 2014
I bought this as a gift to a friend who is a GREAT fan of the serie. I followed the 2 first seasons when they were televised and I liked the show but could miss episodes and not fret about. Not the case for my friend now she's into Once Upon a Time.
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on April 24, 2013
I loved Angel in the tv series Buffy and love him more as the vigilante crime fighter he is on his own.
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on September 7, 2014
Great service, great products.
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on September 20, 2005
I began watching Angel regularily in the fifth season, since Buffy had ended the previous year. I thought Angel would be satisfy my Buffy-withdrawals. Unfortunately, this was not so at all times. The addition of Spike to the series was a HUGE help (I love Spike), but even from the beginning of the season, one could tell that it was dying. There are highlights in the season, some episodes/scenes were laugh-out-loud funny, dramatic (the Cordelia episode...that was heartbreaking), etc, but generally, the show was fairly bland. Another annoying thing was the number of times they had "Buffy"--they couldn't get Sarah Michelle Gellar, so they used a faceless blonde and old Buffy sound clips. Jeeze! If you can't get Gellar, just don't write Buffy into the scene. That was ANNOYING. But still, for Angel lovers, I'd suppose this DVD set would be worth it, if not just for closure.
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on June 10, 2015
tout etait parfait
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on December 1, 2015
c'est parfait
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