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on December 16, 2016
Christmas gift so not opened yet, but was thrilled to get two in the case! I'm sure it will be a hit.
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on May 4, 2014
its very fast , thats cool. Im very Happy. C'est super , version complète , très bon films .

Je recommande a tout le monde
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Superheroes used to span the globe, saving people from all sorts of calamities and stopping numerous supervillains from taking over the world. However, after an incident in which Mr. Incredible saved someone who didn’t want to be saved and the superheroes were sued for not only that but all the collateral damage their superheroic exploits caused, the government forced the superheroes to go into hiding and created a superhero relocation program for them.

Now, many years later, Mr. Incredible is married to Elastigirl, has three superpowered kids, and is just trying to lead a quiet domestic life while also being unable to help himself but sneak out now and then to do good deeds for people along with his buddy Frozone. When an opportunity arises from a private party for him to once again don his tights, Mr. Incredible jumps at the chance and gets to be a hero once more. The only problem is this private party is not who they seem and has a deadly agenda against not just Mr. Incredible but against all former superheroes.

The bonds of family and friendship are tested to their limits as Mr. Incredible must try and stop this threat without getting his family involved.

Except, it might already be too late for that.


Every so often a superhero movie comes along that does everything right. Great characters, great story, great presentation. In the case of animation, great voice talent, a great tale, great effects, great rendering. The Incredibles is an utterly amazing movie and is in the top ten superhero flicks of all time. In my personal top five, easy, and very close to the number one spot.

This movie hits all the high notes on every level. Superhero action? Check. Awesome heroes and an A-plus villain? Check. Completely relatable characters? Check. A solid story with an interesting plot? Check. A stellar cast? Check.

Ah, where to begin? That’s the thing with this movie: there is so much right with it that it’s hard to decide where to start.

Okay, how about looking at a superhero story without the super heroics? Before you throw stones because I know there’s lots of superhero-ing in this movie, the majority of it doesn’t have that stuff, but instead focuses on the lives of a family of superpowered people and what they have to go through to keep their powers a secret thanks to the government making it illegal for superpowered individuals to show themselves. You got Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson), who’s just itching to relive the glory days and finally does albeit covertly; you got the homemaker wife, Helen (Holly Hunter), who’s just trying to hold down the fort against a husband she discovers is out gallivanting with his buddy (Lucius Best aka Frozone played by Samuel L. Jackson) while also juggling kids; Dash Parr (Spencer Fox), who’s frustrated he’s got to keep his superspeed under wraps; Violet Parr (Sarah Vowell), who’s frustrated in being in a family that can’t be who they truly are; Jack Jack (Eli Fucile and Maeve Andrews), well, he’s just a baby and does baby stuff . . . but with a super flare, of course. Throw in a supervillain who’s motivation for being one is totally plausible—proving himself to the one hero who let him down—and, yeah, the heart of this movie lies in the people versus just simple superhero action.

When it does come time for the Parrs to don their new gear and become the superteam the Incredibles, they take all that character development with them and bring it to the streets as they fight Syndrome (Jason Lee) and put a stop to his evil plans.

What’s great, too, about this flick is the immense amount of world-building thanks to the backstory as to how the heroes—or the “supers” as they are called in the flick—used to be all over the place and then how and why they were suddenly banned from doing their job with Bob right in the middle of it. It was actually his case of saving someone from suicide that caused the whole thing. (And suicide, by the way, a pretty dark subject for a kids movie.) You also got to see many of the other heroes that inhabit the Incredibles’s universe, giving you a sense of scope that adds to the believability of the story and enhances the character depth even more.

Thematically, this movie is about many things, some of which are dealing with poor self-esteem, sacrifice, being true to who you are, doing the right thing at all costs and, at its heart, the strength of family against all odds.

The Incredibles is a movie that is highly recommended, a genuine timeless classic, and there have been rumors of a sequel for years. Director/writer Brad Bird has hinted at it repeatedly, but is also waiting for the right story to come along. To be honest, a part of me hopes a sequel doesn’t happen because I understand the power of a good solo flick and how hard it is to do a follow up that tops the original. At the same time, we seem to have come to a place in superhero cinema where the sequel often is better than the first.

What do you think?

While you mull that over, go back and watch The Incredibles again.

And again.

And again.
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Not only is this Pixar's best film ... not only is this the best animated film ... not only is this the best super-hero film ... but it is quite possibly the best film PERIOD. Incredible direction and action sequences, great vocal performances, brimming with nostalgia and humor, and Michael Giacchino best score ever ... this movie has it all. Brad Bird must be under a lot of pressure to do a worthy sequel.

Top 5 Pixar films:

1. The Incredibles
2. Toy Story 3
3. Toy Story 2
4. Toy Story
5. Brave
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 24, 2012
While not quite up with the greatest of the Pixar films (Up, Wall-e,
Nemo, etc.) This is still smart, inventive and tremendous fun, with
some humanity thrown in to boot.

For my money, more entertaining than any of the James Bond or superhero
films of recent vintage which it spoofs (and with more exciting action

In an alternate universe, Superheroes are told to stop being, well,
super, because of the risk of law suits and other problems. But some
just can't get the urge to fight crime out of their blood. Like Mr.
Incredible. He loves being a family man (a family who also all have
super powers) but a 9-5 job in an ugly, greedy corporate world is more
than he can take. So he quietly slips back into the super-hero biz, and
eventually drags the whole family in as well.

All done with terrific animation, clever wordplay, great voice acting,
and a nice comment or two about the traps of trying to be 'normal'. It
gets all the balances right; humor to action to character to story.
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on June 19, 2017
Just work gently and have fun! I would tell my friend about this, he need one. they are the best I love them thank you so much. The design is quite good and comfortable, it looks great, very suitable for me.I use a period of time, feel with this thing is very convenient, if I will need to come again next time.
Was delivered quickly and was exactly as pictured Fast deliver. product just as described.
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on June 11, 2017
Excellent product, works great! Will be buying more for gifts for my sisters! Just what I was looking for!I've just received this today and was very excited to use it right away. Very easy to use, and works excellently!I love it! well made and pratical it appears like it will meet our needs well. I couldn't find another product that with a better quality. Also, I like its price, cheap. Very good product for the price
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on June 19, 2017
Very Fast Shipping & Economical Price! easy to use...looks great Just as advertised. Good price and more than I expected These are perfect, you don't need a plug in! Fantastic!! I'll be ordering more If you are looking for a not very expensive and the quality is very good product, then I think this is worth your purchase.
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on August 9, 2008
Film d'animation produit par Disney - PIXAR en 2004. Parodie des films de héros, Bob Parr et sa femme Hélène étaient de grands héros combatant les vilains. Après avoir été contraint d'arrêter leurs activités, ils se retrouvent 15 ans plus tard dans une ville, où ils vivent une vie normale avec leurs 3 enfants: Violette, Rush et Jack-Jack. Après avoir reçu un appel pour une mission ultrasecrète, Bob désire reprendre du service et sollicite l'aide de toute sa famille pour sauver le monde. On retrouve un suplément sur le VSH: Saute-mouton, un court métrage de Pixar.
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on June 19, 2017
Very pleased with the purchase! It's very easy to work with. This is a pretty cool product for a good price. I'm very pleased with this purchase. I researched other sites user reviews find that others have recommended this. I found it really good after the use, it has ordered.
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