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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on June 30, 2005
Being somewhat of a fan of puppets and puppet shows especially marrionettes, I was really curious to see what the southpark guys would do with this movie and already had expectations of its being fairly entertaining. Well I wasn't dissapointed.
I laughed histerically throughout the whole thing. Imagine Mel Brooks meets Howard Stern making fun of American military patriotism, terrorists, celebrity and Hollywood all at the same time, but doing it with the naturally ridiculous body language of puppets on a string.
This movie is intelligent in it's satirical portrayal of worldly and everyday events. I was crying I was laughing so hard at times. The puppeteering is brilliant and the characters are perfectly stereotyped.
If you have a problem with swearing, some adult like portrayel of puppets or Don Rickles type humour and don't care to pay attention to detail when watching a movie, then this may not be for you otherwise I highly recommend it!!
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on July 18, 2005
Best Puppet film ever! Most would find no humour in it because well, they have no humor what so ever! Great peice of work! It should get a oscar! The jokes are well done, the facial features are hilarious, the voice overs are just too grand. Music is well done aswell. I must say, if you are a fan of South Park or any other film by Matt Stone and Trey Parker you'll drool all over this one!
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I was slightly disappointed the first time I saw this film - probably because I was so hyped up about it, having heard so many people talk about how hilarious it was. My second time through it, though, everything clicked. Team America: World Police is juvenile and disgusting, yet sharply pointed satire that goes out of its way to be offensive - in other words, it's hilarious, and yet more proof of Trey Parker's genius. Parker and Stone do things no one else would ever dream of doing - or even be allowed to do. It's a film I know I know I will enjoy watching time and time again for years to come.

Hilarity aside, the audacity of making such an elaborate film using puppets is almost mind-boggling. Parker and Stone probably had little idea of what they were getting into, yet they stayed the course, brought together a tremendous team of individuals who, as the special features make obvious, relished the chance to take the art of puppetry to new heights, and created something that is really quite amazing. It's uncanny how life-like these puppets are - I daresay Alec Baldwin, for example, is much more wooden in real life than is his puppet in this film. These aren't just wooden characters dangling on strings; each puppet's head is filled with animatronics that control his/her expressions with uncanny precision. The puppet fights are hilarious, but nothing's funnier than watching Gary give "the signal" as his first mission with the elite American fighting force goes south.

As with everything Parker and Stone do, there's actually a point behind all of the humor. Though their detractors would never admit it, these guys actually do have a handle on what is going on in the world - and within America. If you've ever seen South Park, you know how quickly they manage to exploit the big issues of the day. No one is safe from these guys' political humor, but the Left does tend to suffer the brunt of the satirical attack in this film. (Those who say Parker and Stone are suddenly outright conservatives have obviously forgotten their short-lived series That's My Bush - which was the only unfunny thing they've ever done.) Team America itself takes America's military might to obvious extremes, as when they pretty much destroy Paris in order to stop WMD-toting terrorists (of course, no one seems to consider the fact that the terrorists would have destroyed Paris to an even greater extent themselves had their plan succeeded). Alec Baldwin's ilk, though, suffers most because they have two Stone/Parker targets on their back. One, they are soporific liberals who would stop terrorism by sympathizing with the enemy and commiserating with their extreme anti-American views over tea and crumpets; two, they are actors and I think Parker and Stone really mean it when they say they hate actors - it's one of the reasons they chose to make this movie with puppets (plus, one of the original inspirations for the project was the idea of doing a parody of today's action films).

I don't think I need to describe the movie, really. Kim Jong-Il (even though he does sound a little too much like Eric Cartman, at times) is a great character, of course, but you probably know all about the film's story by now. It is true that Parker and Stone push the envelope (actually, they just tear it all apart and rush right on past it) at times - especially in the puppet love scene and the vomiting scene - probably just to prove how much they can get away with, but you just have to expect that sort of thing from these guys. It's one of the things that makes them Parker and Stone. Let's not forget the songs, either. From the heart-pumping theme song to Kim Jung-Il's loneliness lament, Team America World Police features a great soundtrack (be sure to go all the way through the final credits in order to hear a final little snippet from Kim Jung-Il).

If you're easily offended, you'll probably be holding your nose higher and higher as you watch this film (even while those around you are bent over holding their stomachs with laughter) - but that's okay because the rest of us need someone to hold our popcorn while we struggle to regain our breath.
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This brilliant movie starts with a bang as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre explode. And then it just gets funnier and better. The puppets appear quite human so there's no problem with the "suspension of disbelief" whilst the heroes are fallible but likable.

Spectacular cinematography abounds in the Panama Canal scenes and in Egypt where the Great Pyramid and the venerable Sphinx suffer the same fate as the Eiffel and the Louvre. The HQ of Team America at Mount Rushmore also sticks in the memory.

Gary acts in a Broadway musical when the Team approaches him for help. One of the most arresting scenes shows Gary singing lead in a rendition of the hit song Everyone Has AIDS. The camera catches some well-dressed, nuanced members of the audience shedding an elegant, politically appropriate tear or two. Priceless!

Things turn even more hilarious with the appearance of the Film Actors Guild (FAG), led by the silver-tongued Alec Baldwin. His speech, interrupted by rapturous desk-thumping by the assembled FAG-ers that include Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Jeanine Garofalo and a particularly DUH Matt Damon, is something to cherish. The comments to the media by some of these esteemed celebrities are equally side-splitting.

Then there is of course the intercourse, a passionate scene between two attractive teamsters, giving new meaning to Leonard Cohen's album title Various Positions. This is just a short interlude; I didn't find it particularly shock- or noteworthy. In the grip of passion, all sorts of things happen.

Kim Jong Il is definitely a star of the movie with his cute accent and his banally evil personality. I caught myself entertaining thoughts of sympathy for Kim as he fed Hans Blix to his pet sharks. And the feeding itself reminded one again of the awesome savage power of nature. "Brix" (as Kim called him) learnt a lesson for trying to impose his silly western cultural norms on the beloved leader of North Korea. What arrogance to attempt such a thing!

In the meantime, the porcine propagandist Michael Moore has caused great damage at the Mount Rushmore HQ by blowing himself up with a suicide jacket. But when things look bleak, Gary returns as the hero. Kim is entertaining the FAG celebrities plus delegations of dignitaries from around the globe. This is to distract them while his minions are preparing to set off 230 major bombs around the world.

Just in time Gary frees the team, then uses his skills as an actor and orator to deliver an eloquent speech that completely upstages Alec Baldwin, the master of ceremonies. The detonation of the bombs is averted and a fight to the death ensues between the Team and the Hollywood actors. A particularly sleazy looking Sean Penn meets his end at the fangs of a big black kitty cat, Sarandon is sliced in two and the others are shot in riveting gun battles.

My only complaint is that I sorely missed Parker and Stone's most lovable characters, the Canadian master comedians Terrance and Phillip, whose movie Asses Of Fire contributed so much to making the South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut so unforgettable. A bit of Terrance and Phillip's flatulence would have made this little gem even funnier.

Easily bored, I don't like long movies. I am pleased to report that Team America: World Police holds the attention throughout. No scenes are superfluous or too lengthy, whilst the action sequences appear in the proper places. I think it might become a cult movie like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The best songs are the aforementioned Broadway number and Kim's I'm So Ronery ...

Team America: World Police has a subversive message that ought to please all intelligent people with a sense of humor. The Gnostic nature of Gary's speech with which he wins over the audience of worldwide dignitaries is particularly striking. Despite the vulgar references to reproductive and other organs, it contains a profound message.
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on February 15, 2012
Though it does not say anywhere here on Amazon, this version has been edited (one scene in particular has half of it missing) This is not the original release. I'm rating it low because of this.
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on December 12, 2008
Team America: World Police is everything this past summer's Thunderbirds should have been: an entertaining action-adventure set in a world populated by marionettes.

Written and produced by the creative team behind South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it comes as no surprise that the script is full of foul language, bloody violence and graphic sex -- the latter sequence is the most original and hilarious of the year. There are also a handful of songs with offensive lyrics, and the film skewers notable Hollywood activists/celebrities (none of whom lent their voices), who look eerily like their real-life counterparts.

After Team America inadvertently destroys several of the world's most renowned monuments while hunting down terrorists, a public backlash ensues. The protesters are led by members of the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G.), including Alec Baldwin, Tim Robbins and Michael Moore. The outspoken actors are then invited to attend the World Peace Conference by Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, who has staged the event as a distraction to massive attacks around the globe. The gung-ho team must therefore save the planet and redeem themselves.

Parodying several blockbusters from the last decade, there are numerous explosions and an amusing disaster sequence. This adds to the fun, as the marionettes cavort about the elaborate sets in ways only Parker and Stone could imagine. Team America: World Police is pure delight. Rating: 7 out of 10.
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on April 13, 2012
I watched this at a friend's house and was laughing so hard all the way through. I have ordered my own copy because it is a movie I will want to watch again and again. Yes, it is lewd and crude and so over the top as it skewers everybody and everything....but that excessiveness is kind of the point...and a big part of the satire (scenes are pushed to the outer boundary to underscore the ridiculous i.e. Sex scene, violence, power puking). I loved it but this isn't for everyone....just us cynics with a sick sense of humour
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on October 29, 2015
Honestly I was hoping the transfer would look better on bluray. the saturation seems off, and it's only for this bluray,
considering I've used the same settings for all of my other blurays. regardless, I'm glad it's in my collection, been waiting
a while for this one.
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on April 2, 2013
Just don't take it too seriously and expect to be offended at some point. That's the whole point of most of their material anyhow, isn't it ? Have a laugh. It's good for your health.
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on May 31, 2005
The effort put into this movie is incredible and it is absolutely hilarious!!!
Only one downside: an incredible amount of trailers and anti-piracy adds before even getting to the main menu... What's up with that? I don't expect to get all that after shelving out CDN $21!!! Gimme a break Hollywood.
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