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The debonair ex-con-man and strait-laced detective return in the second season of "Remington Steele." This smart, funny detective series was one of the last of its kind, wonderfully odd and full of sometimes all-too-realistic crimes to be solved. The second season is, if anything, more polished than the first.

Things have changed a lot since Laura Holt's (Stephanie Zimbalist) fictional boss came to life, in the form of a nameless thief with a taste for the good life (Pierce Brosnan, pre-Bond). Now the wild detective cases continue, with a new ally: Mildred Krebs (Doris Roberts), an IRS agent who decides to join in on the thrilling ride. Too bad she doesn't know the truth about Steele.

The agency deals with a bunch of new, strange crimes: An amnesiac bigamist who is about to be murdered, international art thieves, mystery weekends, poisoned TV dinners, babies and boxers, aging jewel thieves, tracking down the jewels that Steele once tried to steal, and criminals in the circus.

Sure, there's comedy -- Laura and Steele have to deal with Laura's sister's marital problems at a dental convention, where someone is trying to steal a set of false teeth. But more dangerous cases abound -- Laura's house is bombed, and Steele is stalked by a mysterious enemy who is determined to see him dead... except that he never offended this man.

Time polished the rough edges of "Remington Steele" -- the second season flows more gracefully than the first did. Things have settled into their necessary grooves; don't expect as much "what's your name" demands and inter-office bickering. Just more character devopment and wild cases.

The most notable change is that Bernice and Murphy are no more. In their place is computer-savvy Mildred, an endearing older woman who still doesn't know that Steele is a fake. Mildred's kindness and guts are somewhat overshadowed by a desire "to be special," and her almost maternal caring for Steele and Laura.

More of Steele's past is revealed -- an old girlfriend who broke his heart shows up, and Laura finds out little tidbits here and there. Pierce Brosnan plays these scenes with raw feeling that is truly moving to watch, as well as Steele's funnier moments. Zimbalist shows off some of Laura's softer spots, as well as some very funny comic moments (wearing a giant tooth costume).

"Remington Steele Season Two" is even more funny and tense than the first season was, and introduces viewers to the indefatigable Mildred. A delightfully escapist detective show.
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on July 23, 2017
love it
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on December 23, 2014
I watched this show growing up, and re-watching it now it's just as good as I remember. Even the jokes still work. Stephanie and Pierce have wonderful chemistry which still resonates with me all these years later. It's the first great crime comedy of the 80's. Only downside for me was I also came across a damaged set for this season (and couldn't watch at least 4 of the episodes at all due to defective disks).
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on January 5, 2016
I'm on an 80's kick and this was one of my favorites. Remington Steele was the perfect product to showcase Pierce Brosnan for 007.
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on December 6, 2005
Don't understand the issue: I understood that all DVDs are copy-protected. And encrypted. And intentionally corrupted to discourage copying the video output to VHS. Are there any that aren't?
Can't rate this as I haven't received mine yet, but insists. Four stars for the second season, as I didn't like losing Fox/Wolf and Murphy.
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