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Fox just doesn't know how to make a good super-hero film, they really don't. The Lee/Kirby comic was original, quirky, exciting, and imaginative. This movie is none of those things. While still better than the most recent reboot attempt (what isn't better?), this film comes across as more of a cheaply produced television movie pilot than a big budget feature film. And talk about plot holes? Not a minute of this movie goes by without some glaring error in logic cropping up. How can Sue taking off her clothes and turning invisible possibly get them all through a crowd? How can the heat-seeking rocket launcher Doom steals recognize Johnny Storm by name in its sights? If Reed can make a device to simulate a cosmic storm why did they have to go up into space in the first place? If you turn your IQ way down maybe you can have a few laughs, but after two viewings you'll find you just can't enjoy this film very much--it's stupidity is just too annoying.

The casting is off, as well. Johnny and Ben are the best of the lot but the Torch is too "teen comedy film" and the rubber-suited Thing little resembles his comic book counterpart in heft or in suffering. Reed and Sue are the worst, with the former being less of a leader than he should be and too dorky, while the latter ... I don't know what it is about Jessica Alba. She's a decent actress, I suppose, but there's something artificial about her that she sucks the believability out of her performances. And Doctor Doom ... his origin, his powers, his character ... all wrong. Considering that this is the guy who inspired the creation of Darth Vader, why does Doom seem like the pale rip-off here?

All in all, there is nothing "fantastic" about this foursome. They don't do anything in the film to warrant their celebrity or hero worship--nothing. They do some damage control for a fifty-car bridge pileup that they caused and then spend the rest of the film hidden away or squabbling with Doom to the detriment of bystanders. Then, for the finale, they unnecessarily murder him (or so they think). Cue the cheers. The extended addition adds 20 minutes or so footage but that only extends the idiocy. If you want to watch a truly excellent "Fantastic Four" movie, one chock full of retro super-hero feels, then buy the Incredibles instead.
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on August 1, 2013
It's missing some parts of scenes! For any fan of the movie, you'll notice some scenes are only partially there.
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on January 5, 2006
OK, it wasn't terrible by any means, but they had so much to do with this film and the comic book was amazing! The comic had everything from aliens to explosions to sci-fi thriller action! And this is what we get? As well, Doctor Doom was a very evil villian but the development was frighteningly bad!
OK, first off, the SFX are nothing but OK. When Mr. Fantastic alides his hand under the door, you can just tell it's fake. I was deeply disappointed. And the thing's costume! What the *&%$ were they thinking??!!! It looks like a Barney gone bad! It could have been so much better. I must say though the scene on the bridge was amazing. The way they did it using at metal pole to test exactly how the truck would be crushed... cool. One star for that.
The story was kinda screwed up and convaluted; I couldn't tell if the story was mainly about the Four or the battle between them and Doc Doom. But it kind of payed off in the end with the big final battle. Another half star for that.
The acting was pretty good overall, Mr. Fantastic probably wouldn't have done that toilet paper thing, though. Minus one half star. But, the half star will go back for the acting job on the Thing.
Over all, I wouldn't spend more than ten dollars for this DVD, but different people have different opinions. I personally didn't enjoy it all that much.
P.S. When Ben Grimm's wife comes out, she looks like some sort of hooker with the short PJ's. Poo. Minus one of the stars; so sad. It could have been average. :-(
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