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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 6, 2006
Pink Floyd without a doubt is one of the greatest band in Rock history. True Icons. Their music is extremly extrodinary. Pulse is a great concert the performance by Gilmour, Wright,Mason and the other musicians is breathtaking. Everything sounds to perfection. I highly recommend u purchase this great piece of musical and visual performance. My fave song besides all the rest is "Comfortably Numb" Gilmours guitar play just leaves me speachless and send me to other dimensions. Just the best!!!Buy it u will not be disappointed! Pink Floyd Rocks!
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on September 25, 2013
Absolutely amazing show...Unbelievable lighting...great remaster, like the surround sound added (just wish it was HD)...A must see, even for the slightest Pink Floyd fan
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on July 19, 2004
From Brain Damage:
"We chatted this week to our friends at Pink Floyd Management (formerly known as EMKA), about future and upcoming releases. Whilst at the moment there are a number of details that are far from being definite, we felt that you would want to hear what there is - however brief! Certainly from the many emails we receive each week, upcoming releases are of major interest.
PULSE DVD - they are hoping that this may be released, worldwide, at some point in October. Any actual dates you may have already heard for its release are simply supposition at this stage. In terms of content, the main feature is finished, and some decisions are being made at the moment with regard to additional content to complete the package. Any DVDs you already see for sale (on, for example, online auction sites) are fakes, created from either the original VHS tapes or from laserdisc. A lot of work has been done on the official version and it should be worth waiting for! We will be speaking to PFM again shortly for an update on this project..."
Maybe THIS will be the final time that we hear that it's coming.
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on June 27, 2004
This video is the epitome of concerts. The guitar work is excellent, the bassist, Guy Pratt, add hilarity to the show, and the drumming by Nick Mason and gary Wallis is superb. But on to the show!
The show opens with a medly of Shine On You Crazy Diamond(I-IV)/Shine On.. (V-IX)/Learning to Fly. After this spectacular opening has finished, Gilmour welcomes the fans and immediatly begins the awesome High Hopes, complete with a crazy video presentation that will make you wonder what he was on when creating it. After this is a medly of Take it Back/Coming Back to Life. This is awesome and needs not to be described, but seen! After this is Sorrow, a mammoth song with an awesome guitar solo at the start(The effects during this are wild!). Following this, they do Keep Talking, where theegyptian writing streaming across the stage, complete with lasers, adds to the already great song. They then follow with the only low point of the show; a medly of Anoter Brick in the Wall pt. 1/pt. 2. This starts out promising, but then the vocals come in. Pratt and Gilmour are not suited to this song, as you will see. However, the other guitarist, Tim Renwick, saves the day with an awesome solo following Gilmour's. Now, the next song is One of These Days, which to this day is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. You must see this to believe it.
On to the second set. Here the band does a perforanc of the entire Dark Side of the Moon album, with On the Run, Time, Us and Them, and Brain Damage/Eclipse being total highlights. Sadly, Money is drawn-out and the solo isn't done as well as before. After this, Gilmour thanks the fans and the band walks off. The encore begins with Wish You Were here, where most of the audience is holding out lighters. After this is the best performance, Comfortably Numb. Gilmour goe son this solo for roughly 5 mintues, and all of it is wild. To end the show, they chose Run Like Hell. This may seem odd, but when you see it, you'll know why.
In short, buy this VHS. Also, if it ever comes out on DVD, which it should, buy that too. Cheers!
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on August 4, 2003
Simply put, this is the best there is in large-venue concert production. (If you prefer smaller venues, you may also want to pick up the David Gilmour in Concert DVD.) Even though the promised DVD of PULSE hasn't yet arrived, it's very apparent what a work of art the well-coordinated light show was, and Mr. Thorgerson's beautiful videos are also outstanding, and surreal.
It's clear from this that Pink Floyd is not at all a destroyed band, but one very much alive. The video allows for a close-up glimpse of the band in addition to the light display, that might be lost to the audience at the actual concert. For that it may even surpass the concertgoing experience for those who prefer a more intimate musical experience. At times it may seem that the younger touring musicians are more "into it" than the band, but then Pink Floyd has always been more reserved than some. The Floyd members show their passion in subtler ways. If anybody in the band has a tendency to be visibly animated, surprisingly enough (or is it?) it's the softspoken keyboardist Richard Wright, who reacts very clearly to the music.
"But if I have the audio CD, should I buy this too?"
Absolutely! Even though most of the tracks are similar in style, on some the combination of light and sound heightens the experience. Also, the video-only tracks are well worth hearing. But perhaps the most stunning difference is in "Sorrow". While the CD version takes a more mournful, softer approach, the video version is a hard-rocking tune that draws the most passionate playing out of all three members. If David Gilmour and Nick Mason are on fire, then Richard Wright is positively explosive on this song. Letting loose with a screaming, uncharacteristically aggressive Hammond assault, one almost wonders if the keys will survive such a performance (especially given the fire in his eyes!).
The only thing at all lacking on the video is the picture quality, which although good, is not up to modern standards of clarity. Hopefully the upcoming DVD will rectify this. Even considering this limitation, I can't possibly lower a hard-earned 5 star rating!
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on January 30, 2002
I had the pleasure of attending one of the Earls Court shows and this video is as close as you're going to get to seeing them in the flesh (excuse the pun).
Almost everything here is spot on with special nods going to Sorrow, Keep Talking and Another Brick Part 2 Which are the BEST performances of said songs you will ever hear (Tim Renwick's solo on Another brick is awesome!). The ONLY real downers are Brain Damage/Eclipse which Dave just can't do right. Only Roger can do a decent version of thoes two. But it's a small blemish on an otherwise perfect landscape.
Visually you couldn't ask for more eye candy. The lasers are on par with the likes of Jean Michelle Jarre. And as for the liquid slide projections....WOW!. The only visual treat the video CAN'T do justice to is the giant mirrorball used in Comfortably Numb's final solo. You really have to see this in real life to truly appreciate it. But it still looks pretty impressive on here.
Keep in mind you're getting a live rendition of the WHOLE of Dark Side Of The Moon. And add to that the excellent version of one Of These Days which is absent from the CD version. Considering what gilmour and Co have said about the possibility of future tours no Floydian has any real excuse NOT to have this one in their collection.
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on December 28, 2001
First of all I LOVE PINK FLOYD! That is why the Delicate Sound of Thunder video left a long impression on me when I first watched it some years ago. I think David Gilmour's vocals are fresher in DSoT than in Pulse. Also, the backing vocals singers sound better (and are extremely good looking as a bonus to the viewer). They also seemed to be enjoying the music as much as the members of the band. I am greatful that Pulse has the live concert version of Dark Side of the Moon and is always a pleasure to hear the sounds and music of this great album (my first of Pink Floyd). I saw Pink Floyd in concert at Soldier Field in Chicago when they toured for the Division Bell album. Unfortunately, it was not the best venue to see a concert. The Pulse video is definitely a better way for me to appreciate Pink Floyd for what it is. Now I have in my collection other early works by this magnificent band. If you do not have DSoT video, I would recommend to buy it. It would be a good companion to Pulse. I would love to see the DVD or video version of The Wall live concert. I think the CD version of The Wall live concert is just fantastic. Every time I listed to this CD I dream of being there. Any chance to have The Wall live concert on DVD?
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on November 9, 2001
Absolutely stunning, literally mind-boggling visuals. The cameras swoop around and yet always seem to be pointing at the right member of the band (or the backup singers) at the right time.. David Gilmour's guitar playing.. well what can you say? He can make those strings sing, soar, weep, moan, and ring like no one since Jimi.. and he does it with such a totally effortless look on his face.. there are few guitar players on this planet who can equal him..
For a bit of fun - compare how Floyd looks today with how they looked in their 20s on the Pompeii Video.. these are guys in their fifties who are obviously having so much damn fun doing what they do, and they do it so well, like they can read each other with a simple glance across the stage.. Richard Wright and Nick Mason, while overshadowed by Gilmour's up front stage center star presence, are equally masters of their instruments..
There's not a missed note or a flub in two hours of video as they run the gamut through their long repetoire of spacy, searing, haunting songs..
If you're a fan of Pink Floyd, and you have a VHS HiFi deck hooked up to a good stereo, this is a tape you simply must buy and you will show off your system to your friends with it over and over again. When I watch it, I simply can't help smiling..
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on October 13, 2001
I own perhaps 30 rock videos and without a doubt Pulse is the finest I've ever seen (with the possible exception of the Stones' Gimme Shelter, but that has more to do with the gravity of the event, rather than the music or the filming). As the other reviewers write, it simply goes beyond anything in terms of color and sound, it is the peak of synesthesia (look it up). Of course I love the Floyd, but even compared to their earlier Delicate Sound of Thunder video, Pulse is in another league, much crisper and much more colorful. The Floyd themselves felt that "Thunder" was too moody, shot as it appears to be through pink and blue filters, and failed to capture the true vibrancy of their stage show. The wild washes of white light that appear at various cues during Pulse have to be seen to be believed. Put this video on your home theater, turn it up, and you'll think your at the show. I've had friends tell me that after we watched the video they woke up the next morning with the feeling they had been to a concert.
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on March 28, 2001
Like most Floyd fans, I enjoyed Delicate Sound of Thunder as a satisfying live Floyd concert video...but then came "PULSE".... and made DSoT pale in comparison. From the opening "Shine On..." to the explosive closing of "Run Like Hell" your visual and auditory senses are assaulted with essentially the best of "Division Bell", a small taste of "The Wall" and "Wish You Were Here"..but the cream of the concert is the complete performance of "The Dark Side of the Moon"!!!
The light and laser show that accompany the songs, as well as the inclusion of filmed shorts make the whole experience mesmerising. There are so many great moments in the video, such as Gilmore's solo in "Comfortably Numb" blares on as the lights cascade off the separating glitter ball, the computer graphic short used in "Time", the opening of "The Wall-Part 2" as well as the best rendition of "Wish You Were Here" I've heard; which begins a 3 song encore. For VHS, the quality is outstanding for both the visual as with the sound presentation.
Though I have owned the VHS taps since it was released; I will replace it with the DVD version when it eventually comes out. Highly recommended for all fans of Pink Floyd, as well as fans of great live concerts.
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