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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 2, 2007
Harvest Moon Magical Melody Is a great game! I played it for days.

You can pick boy or girl, which is better then having to buy a new

version just to play as a girl. you play as a farmer, you can have cows, sheep, horses and chickens. You can have crops too. That's how you make money. You can get married, have a child and collect musical notes along the way. There are 100 musical notes. To collect them, you have to do various things, like the "First Step Note" Is collected when you first recieve your pedometer. This game will keep you occupied for hours. But I did find it hard to get married. But there are many websites to help you with that. This game is really good and I recommend it to any age.
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on December 27, 2006
Out of all the Harvest Moon games, Harvest Moon 64 has always been my favorite and none of the other Harvest Moon games have come even close to measuring up to it until now. Magical Melody is much more like the earlier versions of Harvest Moon, but it has many more things to do. The 'note' aspect of the game is kind of stupid, but it does add a unique twist to the game, and it gives it more of a point. I also love how you can play as a boy or a girl, and for either gender, there are tons of girls or guys to choose from. Basically, this game is tons of fun, and I would definately recommend it to anyone.
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on August 28, 2006
Here we go with another Harvest Moon! I've just about played them all, and MM does little to shake up the core formula. You run a farm, you make friends, get married, have a kid, live it out. Sound boring? It's not for everyone, that's for sure, but if you liked The Sims or Animal Crossing, there's a good chance HM will appeal to you, and MM's a great place to start.

Now, if you're a veteran of the series like myself, I'll go over what distinguishes MM from the rest:

- Be male or female from the beginning.

- Objective of collecting "notes" to save the Goddess. You earn notes for doing a variety of things from shipping a lot of crops to being poor.

- Many more spouses to choose from.

- Practically no "heart events"

- A rival farmer to compare your success to.

- Choose what property you want, and buy more later.

- People move in/out. Once in, they usually stay. Out isn't permanent.

Playing through the game, these features are all nice, but nothing radical. Veterans of the series might find the gameplay a little too familiar. Things need to change!

The last Gamecube entry in the series, A Wonderful Life, was horridly slow, but admirably took a new direction with its aging system. But I think the biggest problem that the series still faces is lack of variety in what people say, and post-marriage/post-childbirth boredom. I hope those things get addressed in the future, but for now, MM makes the cut.
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on May 1, 2006
Well the harvest moon series has been know as the sim-farm of the video game world this one departs from the previous installments. You still till, plant, water, harvest, and take care of animals you have a defined goal. Well a radical departure from the past installments that had players restoring the farm, this one sets players with a definitive and task-orientated goal. At first this distorts the game from the traditional Harvest moon flow of farming and tending animals as the goal. But it is not long into the game that players will come to understand how Natsume has integrated the goal into the game play. As well as the new goal orientated game play Natsume has added a number of new features to this installment. From being able to choose your own starting plot to the ability to buy more land for more farming fun, to having a rival farmer to compete against, this is not like any previous Harvest Moon.
Graphically this game has departed from the others in the series with a new look and new feel. At first this may throw off fans of the other games in the series, after taking some time to get used to the new look the game flows and looks as unique as any other Harvest moon.
If you're looking for a squeal to a previous Harvest moon look elsewhere, this is a totally new game with, new feature, new animation, new flow and a new story unlike any in previous Harvest moons. That said this game still stays close to the roots of Harvest Moon, farming, raising animals, and developing relationships with the people who live and move into town.
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on April 9, 2006
This game is by far the best in the HM series. Where the other games would leave you bored after upgrading your house and marrying a girl, Harvest Moon Magical Melody is loaded with things to do long after your first few years in the game.
Play as a boy or girl.
Far more character interaction, 10 possible suiters for each gender.
Far more upgrades, things to do, things to buy.
Festivals are back!
Far more customizable, you choose where/how/when to build your farm
Characters are more dynamic.
Graphics aren't as nice/realistic as HM: A Wonderful Life, and are a little on the cartoony side.
Framerate: sometimes it runs a little slow, though not serious.
Characters tend to repeat the same phrase everyday for each heart level.
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on September 6, 2007
First you get to choose what gender you want to be. I tried being both, and realy enjoyed seing how different it was when it came to dating. Also.. you are given a choice in carears... Farmer, Rancher, Cook, Miner, Fisherman, or a bit of everything. I love the fact that you can play it over and over, marying diferent people. That feature makes it almost a different game each time. The game also teaches how to manage resources and time. Each time you export different items, you increase the chance of a new charector moving into town, to start a new buisness. Not only is it fun, but educational as well. I love the vivid colours and upbeat soundtrack. If you want a game that is fun, and without all the blood and goar, you have found it with this game.
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on January 24, 2011
I love this Harvest Moon Magical Melody it is really cute i love how every one have big heads and small body hahahahahaha really super cute and fun and look so much like a drawing and stuff, You can play as a boy or as a girl that is what i really love for sure. You have to save the Harvest Goddess with the Melodys sometime there hard to get and sometime not at all.
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on April 17, 2006
What an awesome and radical game. It blows the socks off the older Harvest Moon games and is simply fun. In short, I strongly suggest that you buy it - you will NOT regret it. The cows are fantabulously fat and the chickens are marvelously chickenish. :)
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on June 18, 2013
Cute game. Really addictive and super fun. I still love my game cube even though I know it's a 'dead' system
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on January 18, 2013
Game is working well and fun to play. Easy to get around in the various levels. Glad I purchased it.
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