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on June 5, 2017
Great movie. Explains a lot about why so many young Germans joined the military of The Third Reich.
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on November 10, 2016
very strange but interesting
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on July 30, 2015
holly @#$%^ whay to freaky
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on June 3, 2004
The Synapse DVD Special Edition surpassed all expectations. I had Triumph of the Will on video prior to obtaining this DVD and the video's visual and audio quality was poor. By contrast, this DVD is visually very crisp and sharp and the audio quality is fine The DVD appears to be produced from an excellent original film print. I've seen another DVD of TOTW produced by different company, and its quality was the same as the video version :substandard. Make sure you get the Synapse version. This Special Edition is good as it gets.
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on November 6, 2014
Wunderbar. Danke!
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on January 19, 2004
The Nazi regime is over now, but this 1934 film remains and is available on DVD. It was commissioned by Adolph Hitler himself and written and directed by Leni Riefenstal, then only 32 years old. It's a full two-hours and celebrates and glorifies the Third Reich. The film techniques are excellent, given the technology of the time. I understand she used 30 cameras, more than a hundred crewmembers and 61 hours of film. There are shots obviously taken from a helicopter with great views of the clouds. There are distant shots that take in more than 200,000 people. And close-ups that show the love and adoration that the populace felt for Hitler, who had just become the dictator the year before. I
Mostly, there are crowd scenes and speeches by Hitler himself as well as Goebbels, Goring, Hess, Himmler and other villains of the Nazi era which was then a rising political movement. It was several years before the war machine was fully in place as the Nazis didn't march into Poland until 1939. So, at the time the film was made, there was nothing but joy, especially since just a few years prior to that Germany was immersed in a depression that was so bad that people were paid twice a day because the value of money changed from hour to hour that the price of a loaf of bread could double from morning to afternoon.
It's an eerie feeling to sit in the comfort of my rocking chair and travel seven decades back in time. The young people in the Hitler Youth movement reminded me of boy scouts as I watched them horse around and splash water on each other like any other high-spirited teenagers. The small children are all smiling as their parents hold them up to catch a glimpse of Hitler. And the adults themselves seems to be in an ecstatic trance as they raise their arms in a "Heil Hitler" salute. I couldn't help but think if any of them are still alive, and how deceived they must be about the early promise of their youth, and how much devastation it caused for everyone.
Then there were the speeches, always with the utmost theatrical fervor. I read the subtitles carefully. What was Hitler and the others really saying? Yes, they spoke of glory. But they also spoke of themselves as being the party of peace and being told by God that this was their destiny. Surprisingly too, they all seemed to believe it. I had also expected to see more anti-Semitism in their speeches. Jews were never mentioned and although there was some reference to racial purity, it didn't seem to be the leading issue in 1934.
Basically, the film was one big show of pageantry and pep rally for what would come later. Looking back on in in 2003, it gives me the chills.
For students of history, this is an important film. Others will be horrified. And many will be bored as there are no actors and no plot except to glorify their leader.
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on May 4, 2001
TRIUMPH OF THE WILL has long been viewed through a dual perspective: It is both reviled by many for its glorification of Hitler, and at the same time praised for the masterful work of its director, the legendary Leni Riefenstahl (who at the time of this writing is still alive...I think she's over 100 by now). The truth is, it is all of that and more - a highly memorable, fascinating experience on several levels:
1. Despite the subject matter, it must be acknowledged that this film does what it was made to do marvelously well: It is a masterpiece of the art of propaganda...somethng that is practiced every day by all governments, in advertising, and in all political campaigns - but never better than this. The film does an amazing job of tapping deep into the German psyche, with scenes of Nuremburg, youth, etc., and allusions to great Germans of the past, all designed to tug at the "volkish" national sentiment, then deftly superimposed with images of Hitler. Very crafty, but no different than what we see every day in our media-saturated world.
2. As a study of the early the Nazi era, it is invaluable. Regardless of what happened in the years that followed, TRIUMPH needs to be viewed as a statement of its own era, when none of the horrors had yet happened and many around the world still referred to the Nazi regime (which was then consolidating power and trying to reach the hearts and minds of the people) as "the German renaissance". The commentary track adds a fascinating "what happened to that Nazi?" perspective.
3. This film has become unbelievably influential (possibly because it is still required viewing in film schools); it is perhaps second only to THE BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN as the most visually quoted film in hstory. Just a few examples: The closing scene in STAR WARS, "Be Prepared" from THE LION KING, and especially the entrance of Commodus into Rome from GLADIATOR are all lifted directly from visuals in TRIUMPH. Even more common is the visual "homage" that directors sometimes subtly insert, such as the woman being tossed in the air from THE BIG LEBOWSKI (remember the kid at the beginning of TRIUMPH)? The list goes on and on.
One certainly does not need to sympathize with the Nazis to appreciate this film. In fact, it is precisely because of what became of them that makes this early look so fascinating. Still, I would not call this "entertainment"; rather, this is a piece to study and analyze. Recommended for any student of history, sociology, mass media, or film.
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on June 20, 2003
I object to the placing of the reviews under different/wrong DVD releases! Now you are looking at the Moonstone release. It does not contain a booklet. It is a PAL version. It is poor quality picture, only slightly better than VHS. It also contains the short film Tag der Freiheit. The sound, however, is quite good!
It is hard to choose, sometimes, but not with Triumph des Willens; nothing beats the Synapse special edition with commentary track! The picture and sound is probably better than you'll ever see.
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on June 18, 2003
The "narration" which you claim "ruins" the DVD Special Edition of Triumph of the Will is, in fact, an OPTIONAL audio commentary by historian Dr. Anthony R. Santoro, and guess what? YOU CAN CHOOSE NOT TO LISTEN TO IT IF YOU PREFER. Please check your DVD player's instructions on the various audio options available to you. The movie's standard audio format does not have Dr. Santoro's commentary track on it.
So, you need not worry -- this DVD edition will not be ruined for anyone. I suspect you simply are not familiar with DVD audio commentaries and your player's audio setup.
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on June 14, 2017
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