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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 29, 2010
When Saw became a hit out of nowhere in 2004 nobody expected it to become a successful franchise with numerous sequels. After all with its cheap 1.2 million budget you wouldn't think it would be possible for Saw to be the highest grossing franchise in horror history. Saw is labeled as horror but it's much more complex than that, there's a lot of psychology involved. For instance the main character John Kramer, known as Jigsaw because he removes a puzzle piece from his victims, is labeled as a serial killer but it goes deeper than that. Jigsaw chooses his victims very carefully, he selects persons because 1) they don't appreciate life or 2) they've done something really wrong. He is testing their will to live trough his 'games' which are traps that often necessitate the victims to lose a body part or to go to extremes. You see, Jigsaw's goal is not to kill but rather to have the survivors enjoy life; it's a therapy he made. Saw puts photographer Adam and Doctor Lawrence in a disuse industrial bathroom both with their ankle chained, I the plot is now known enough that I don't need to explain what happens next.

Saw became a phenomenon and in my opinion is one the best horror movie of the 2000s decade; it gave the horror genre a boost and inspired other movies. Whatever people may think about some of the sequels, the original one remains a great film and I think it's one of the best horror movies made.
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A "killer" who reminds his victims of how lucky they are to be alive was an exciting enough premise. Watching the movie unfold had me giving mixed reactions. At times the movie is brilliant and other times is stupid beyond belief. I won't waste your time by enumerating every point, but suffice to say if you're looking for "Kubrick-Nolan-Hitchcock" style thrills, look away and choose another movie. This is torture porn territory where the audience almost wants the characters to cut each other up. There's nothing "wrong" with a work of fiction depicting such acts, but it seems my time is up in those fields... the movie quickly dumbs down to become a series of misunderstanding and/or bad writing... but this shouldn't keep you from watching it to make yourself an opinion out of it.
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on October 27, 2006
I have been a fan of horror movies for years from Scream to Friday the 13th to A Nightmare on Elm Street to Hellraiser. Saw is an original horror mopvie and there hasn't been anything like it before. Saw features two men trapped in a room with a dead body and they are forced to play a sick and twisted. The only way one can appreciate the brilliance of this movie is to watch it. I'm not one for spoiling a movie and I won't. This is one movie that you must see. It's twisted and evil and a one-of-a-kind horror movie. This movie will keep on the edge of your seat and the way some people die in this movie is taking horror to a whole new level. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. THIS IS ONE HORROR MOVIE THAT PEOPLE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT FOR YEARS!!
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on April 18, 2014
One advantage over the sequels is the most creative setup. The bathroom set had many creative ideas and made the audience think more about the situation. As the settings went to houses and factories it was more difficult to immerse yourself in the character's situation.

One thing it lacks compared to the sequels is Tobin Bell screen time, and that's a big thing to lack for me.
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on March 6, 2007
this movie has ushered in a new era of horror movie.the intelligent horror movie.the premise is simple but effective.this is(or at least should be)a thought provoking chiller that will really make you change the way you look at life.there is more story than gore,which is a good thing when introducing a new franchise to the me,this is one of the better horror films made in recent history.if you like the horror genre,you should really enjoy this movie.
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on February 15, 2015
No problems, and delivered on time.
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on October 7, 2013 advertises this movie as being the saw uncut edition with the blood packet...but it should be known that the version you get is the regular version without the unique packaging
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Simply put, Saw is the best horror movie I've seen in years. I know some people don't seem to like it, but this horror fan is just wallowing in the bloody effectiveness of this extremely dark, intelligent, gory masterpiece of a film. It's such a thrill to see something certifiably different make its way to movie screens; these days, Hollywood horror filmmakers have gotten so lazy that they can't even make sequels of films - instead, they just remake old horror films that don't need remaking. Frankly, I'm a little tired of watching teenagers get slashed up in the woods by rednecks and inbred mutants. I want something new, something fresh, something bold, something ruthless in its execution, something that engages my intellect while assaulting my senses. Saw fits the bill perfectly.

As Saw moves toward its gory denouement, it unleashes a number of great surprises, and the ending is well-nigh perfect - I certainly didn't see it coming. You may think you know what is going on, but I'll wager that you'll be mistaken. Best of all, there's no deus ex machina plot device to ruin everything - i.e., as surprising as the final revelations are, everything comes together in a heartbeat to make perfect sense. I really can't say enough about the script put together by Leigh Wannell and James Wan - it's bloody brilliant. I love this movie.

The Bad Man in Saw is downright sadistic; rather than merely hunt his victims down and kill them himself, he creates elaborate "games" that lead to painful deaths brought about by the participants themselves. He chooses his victims carefully, selecting only those who are guilty of some "crime" or indiscretion that he feels should no longer go unpunished (and when one former victim won the game, he did in fact let her go - and in one twisted sense, she was better off as a result of having played the game). The particular game at the centerpiece of the film (which is actually rather mundane compared to some of the killer's previous ones) pits two men together in a filthy underground room and challenges one player to kill the other within a certain time limit if he wants to keep his wife and daughter alive. That would be Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes); his partner in torturous suffering is a young fellow named Adam (Leigh Wannell). Both of them wake up in this room without knowing where they are or how they got there. Our imaginative dark lord of sadism provides the two with some hidden clues and "tools" that do much to keep things really interesting. Did I mention both men are chained to pipes on opposite sides of the room, and that there's a bloody dead guy lying in the middle of the floor? Oh, how I wish I could tell you more about what happens, but I wouldn't dare deprive any Saw virgins out there from truly enjoying this magnificent film.

I must admit that I expected to see nothing but gore in this movie - mindless, bloody gore. Certainly, there's gore all over the place, but this is the exact opposite of a mindless thriller. Yet again, a small-budget film has far surpassed the best horror films Hollywood has to offer, proving once more that a strong and intelligent plot, not gore in and of itself, is the secret for succeeding in this darkest of genres. Saw is truly a horror film for the ages, the first true horror masterpiece of the 21st century.
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on February 11, 2006
When I first went to go see this movie in the thatre I was not expecting much from it.Also the fact that there was no more than 10people there to see it didn't do much for my confidence in this film. After watching it, I'll tell you... I was speechless!! I love this movie! I thought it was extremely smart and kept me glued to the screen from start to finish.I literally counted down the days until I was able to buy the DVD. I have recently gone and seen part 2 in the theatre and needless to say it was a complete sell out. I beleive the movie (part 1)was not advertised very well at all which would explain why there was such a small audience but then after it came out to dvd and people saw it that's when it instantly became a new classic of our time!!! (There is now a "Saw Fan Club" with an enormous amount of supporters!)
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on June 8, 2016
Tank you
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