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on July 17, 2004
Stargate SG-1 is simply amazing: after seven seasons it still is the best show on TV. I am writing this having watched both the two-part season-8 premiere and the Atlantis pilot. The season 8 premiere was a very good conclusion to the season 7 cliffhanger. I am more dubious about Atlantis: the concept of SG-1 is that you go to another solar system, and then you are back home for dinner. With a completely off-world based plot, Atlantis will be much harder to sustain. Still, while not totally convincing, the pilot was entertaining enough. I'll keep watching. And so should you. This is one of the reasons why you really need this DVD set: the plot of the SG-1 series is so complicated that you really need to watch all episodes to keep up. Several times.
The other reason to own the season 7 set is that, while it might not be up to the very best seasons, it still has a number of unforgettable episodes. The late two-part episodes "Heroes" and "Lost city" are among the best of the entire series, but I liked "Evolution", "Grace" and even "Chimera" a lot. These three episodes show the diversity of the plots of SG-1: "Chimera" is an entirely Earth-based episode, "Grace" is almost entirely based on the spaceship Prometheus and "Evolution" has action going on both in the jungle of Nicaragua and on Anubis' planetary base.
"Lost city" was originally planned as a feature movie, a la "X-Files Fight the Future". I am happy that the movie route was not taken: while the special effect budget would have been bigger, the movie would have broken the continuity of the series. As it is, "Lost City" is both a spectacular episode on its own and a great introduction to SG-1 season 8 and to Atlantis.
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on October 18, 2004
Season Seven marked some big milestones for SG-1. Most noticeably the changes in cast: The return of Daniel Jackson (my favorite character of the team, he is the conscience and "heart" of SG-1) and the departure of Jonas Quinn (Although he does make a guest appearance in the episode "Fallout") it's also the end of Janet Fraiser (Who dies) and General Hammond (Who is Replaced)
While there are many good episodes (Fallen, Homecoming, Lifeboat, Grace, Hero's and The Lost City) there are some that struggle (Chimera, Enemy Mine, Space Race, Avenger 2.0)
Colonel O'Neill's jokes get stupid and out of place. And the writers can't seem to get the balance between Jackson and O'Neill as well as they did in seasons 1-4. It might also be nice to See Sam screw up a few science things. Frankly it's getting tiresome with her being "Mrs. SuperScience." As well this season we get to see what Anubis has been cooking up while he's been in "Exile," the NID is (as always) up to no good and we see the return Sarah Gardner and, the end of Osiris in a okay episode (Chimera) that also brings Sam's new boyfriend into the mix (And no he doesn't die!) however both plot lines become short changed and somewhat lacking. It would have been nice to see the Asgard a little more. (You'll need to wait for season eight.) But overall this season continues the SG-1 phenomenon; unfortunately the episodes just aren't as good as the first 3 seasons. But are much better than the new series "Stargate Atlantis" which I have not come to appreciate as of yet.
A must buy for fans of the series and a good buy for someone looking for a quality SCI-FI show. If you've never seen the earlier seasons I suggest picking them up first. They are worth it. (Especially season 2)
Stargate SG-1 continues to be my favorite SCI-FI series. Keep up the good work!
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on January 2, 2005
Well, this is Season probably has some of the best SG-1 has to offer in the way of story lines and characters.
We see the return of Daniel Jackson, the departure of Jonas Quinn as well as some very interesting yet deep episodes that explore the main characters further than ever before.
Notably, the episode titled Grace is possibly Amanda Tappings finest work on the show and it really goes into the mind of Sam and what she sees and feels.
I particularly enjoyed the two part episode Heroes, where a film crew come into the SGC to put together a documentary. These two episodes explore the feelings of each character and the battle scenes are very "Saving Private Ryan esc" yet done superbly.
Sam has herself a boyfriend although I think when they do finally end the series, she needs to dump him and run into the arms of Jack! Their love for each other is being explored a lot more this season although done very sublty given their military positions.
Season 7 is much more of an emotional rollercoaster ride and more character related.
As far as milestones go, I think this Season certainly sets the tone for Season 8 with some unfortunate departures of main characters including the death of an old favourite.
OVerall this boxed set is a must for ALL SG-1 followers and we can look forward to even more great stuff in Seasons 8 and 9.
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on September 30, 2005
Season Seven had everyone hooked with the return of Daniel Jackson, a favorite of most fans. Fallen and Homecoming lacked the emotional depth it could have had, but as on the commentary writers agreed and pointed this out themselves, I tend to be more forgiving this time around. The loss of General Hammond was sad, though perhaps time. The loss of Janet Fraiser was handled very well, though again, it was sad to see.
The only true complaint would be the difference we see in the friendship between Daniel and Jack. For this season, it appears that they truly are merely work collegues. Daniel's return and battle to regain his memories was met with stoicsm befitting Lurch from the Adams Family.
It was good to see the characters have a life outside the SGC, and get a chance to watch them evolve a little. The overall season did well.
Individual episodes, however, are for the most part, well, pretty boring. Any praise this season earns is based on the overall effect.
Fallen, Homecoming, Grace, Evolution 1&2, and Heroes 1&2 are the best.
Finally, I feel that although the episode itself fell short of being brillant, I must add a tribute to Michael Shanks for his performance in Lifeboat, and how, as an actor, he handled the different roles.
And last but not least... good-bye, Little Napoleon. We will miss you!
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on May 6, 2007
Being a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 since the beginning, I had to purchase this season to add to my collection.

This show had a great idea to have a stargate that let's you travel through many dimensions and galaxies. The unusual storyline and cast is excellent! Whether you like sci-fi or not, this is fun to watch since it touches a lot of issues such as dealing with different kinds of nations and their beliefs, friendships, enemies, adventures and even comedy.

You will see the characters develop over time, the quirky unexpected humor, the use of an alien who doesn't fully understand human life on earth, the struggle of the oppressed, the lengths humans go in order to survive, politics and government bureaucracy.

This show is awsome on many different levels. On top of it all, they always keep the price very affordable. Money well spent.
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on March 25, 2016
Loved it till was stolen
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on August 10, 2014
Great for older kids.
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on June 30, 2015
Great series.
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on November 6, 2014
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