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4.0 out of 5 stars

on August 23, 2013
Being a craze of New York, I had to purchase this CD. This was Streisand in her prime and she sounds so amazing. Highlights include Cry Me A River, He Touched Me and of course, Silent Night which is found on Barbra's first Christmas album. I love live albums and if you do too, one to add to your collection indeed.

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on August 12, 1999
This is incredible. I suggest acquiring the "remastered" version of this CD for excellent sound quality. Barbra wasn't a curly-headed pop star yet, hadn't gone down to Stoney End, and didn't need to do a Broadway Album, because she'd just finished the broadway run of FUNNY GIRL, a couple of ground-breaking television specials, and was just about to finish the movie version of FUNNY GIRL. This album features two of my favorite BJS songs: "Love is Like a Newborn Child" and "Natural Sounds" (which I think Babs should sing at her New Years concert -- what a beautiful song!) Plus, for pure kook value, there's nothing like "Marty the Martian" and the "Value" song. Hilarious!! And Barbra hasn't quite swung it as she did in this version of "Happy Days". Get it! Buy it! Cherish it!
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on February 9, 2000
If the sound quality on this CD was even average it would have received 5 stars. The problem was the night she sang there were some technical issues. Everytime she hits a high note, or raises her own volume there is a lot of distortion, which is worsened by her very fast vibrato, normally a treat her vibrato makes the sound distortions seems to vibrate, almost every song besides silent night was ruined. Its too bad because you can tell she really is in excelent voice.
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on June 9, 2003
Barbra's sensational once-in-a-lifetime Central Park concert in front of an audience of over 130,000 people deserves a better presentation on compact disc. The first problem is that Barbra performed for two and half hours that night, yet only 37 minutes of the show are included on the album. Yes, I realize that this is as much of the show that would fit on a vinyl record in 1968, but I certainly feel that now (in the compact disc age) that the entire, full-length concert should be issued on two CDs. Another problem is this disc's passable, yet disappointing sound quality.
The fault lies in the source tape, which Columbia Records recorded separately from CBS TV, who broadcasted the show on television. There is noticeable hissing and even some distortion present, which distracts from the intimacy of the show at times. Barbra's performance is outstanding and deserves to be heard in it's entirety with the best sound quality possible.
I wish Columbia would get a hold of the CBS master tapes (which, though imperfect, are an improvement) and master a new disc from it. A HAPPENING, audio flaws and all, is definitely worth listening to because the concert is so terrific. However I would advise Streisand fans to consider hunting down the currently out-of-print CBS/Fox videocassette or the Pioneer laserdisc of the show. The video is also edited (to 55 minutes), but at least it offers the visuals and better sound quality as well.
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on April 29, 2003
This is, in my opinio, one of the greatest album for Barbra.
1. I Can See It: Amazing opening song. Its quality is pretty good, and the music and her voice are sensational. To be heard again & again
2. Love is Like a Newborn Child: Great song, with an amazing change between high and low notes. Though, you get a little bored from it after a while
3. Folk Monologue/Value: Incredible monologue, and hillarious short song(value)
4. Cry Me a River: One of the Greatest Classics, and beautifully sung
5. People: A lot of talk at the beginning, but no concert can be complete without people
6. He Touched Me: Classic after Classic, you can never hear enough of this song
7. Medley & Marty the Martician: Incredibly funny and a great sing-a-long once you get to know it
8. Natural Sounds: Wondelfull song that brings tears to the eyes
9.Second Hand Rose: An amazing rendition of theis beloved song. It's nice to hear the audience singing along
10. Silent Night: Great song, which is always touching with Barbra's voice floating
11. Happy Days: The perfect ending song, leaving you breathless
Although this is a great album, there are only a few songs, and for only 37 minutes, I feel there should be a greater number of songs. But all in all, a great buy, and you won't be disappointed
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on May 22, 2000
Recorded in 1967 when she was at her artistic zenith and still a funny girl, this remains Barbra's best live recording.
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on May 13, 1999
Listing highlights is pointless. Have your pick - A killer version of "Cry Me A River". Streisand showing off her ditzy,kooky Brooklyn side on the Folk Monologue. Superb renditions of "He Touched Me" and "People". And the masterpieces - Barbra's incomparable, unique singing voice at its very best on "Love Is Like A Newborn Child", "Natural Sounds" and "Silent Night". Her vocals on "Natural Sounds" and "Silent Night" send shivers down my spine every time I listen to them. Her best concert performance -if only because she still had that relaxed light touch and her command of the audience is a wonder to behold!!! Her acclaimed concert performances in 1993-94 lack that spontaneity - she's become way too careful and studied :-(
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