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on June 28, 2017
Good game
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on December 30, 2010
I think the earlier reviewer had purchased this assuming it was a newer version of the traditional "Warcraft" series (Warcraft, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3). This is NOT the same type of game. This game is an online massive multiplayer game that has no offline mode. It is not a command and conquer type of game. It is an incredible game that allows you to create a character and battle across beautiful landscapes and refine your skills to become a powerful creature. It also requires a monthly fee, but if you have the time to dedicate to it, It is very much worth it.
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on March 26, 2006
I can't say enough good thigns about this game, it's non-stop amazing fun, beautiful graphics, creative quests, and it never gets boring... but here's the catch: you'll love it so much you'll never do anything else. Your friends will see you less, and you may end up like my boyfriend, up all night raiding villages, and sleeping thru final exams.. Soooo... buy it, play it, but consider yourself warned and play with caution - but again.. amazing game!!
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on July 21, 2006
I've been resisting this game for quite some time now (almost a year). I had played, and loved it...but wasn't too fond of the monthly fee. Well I finally gave in after being harassed by many friends who have been playing for ages. I got the game and started the install. I figured 5 cds wouldnt be too still took over 45 minutes to install (and no I do not have a slow pc). I finally created my account, log in...lo and behold...a 500meg download...which took about 5 hours... (again no my connection is not slow 5meg/sec in theory). The slowness was caused by there interface...not my connection.

If your patient enough to install this thing and dont mind the monthly fee, your in for quite a ride. This is by far the best ever MMORPG. I've played guild wars figuring it was free and was disappointed. Nothing compares to the level of community and the sheer size of this game. If you only ever play one MMORPG, make this the wont be disappointed...
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on February 4, 2005
WoW is a great game. Polished, easy to play, and thoroughly enjoyable. For those of you who've played Diablo 2, you will find this game very similar to it. Better leveling experience, and lots more things to do. More races and classes to choose from than Diablo. Compared to other MMORPGs (everquest, FF 11, City of Heroes), WoW is the only one that has a consistent FUN factor. You simply will just want to go home and play as soon as you are off work/school!
You don't need to be a veteran to play this game, it's engaging at every level. Even if you are brand new, you will find WoW to be a excellent experience.
The only problems so far has been of servers. There is simply too many people playing on some of the older servers. But blizzard is trying to compensate. You are not limited to how many characters you can have (FF 11) or which server to create them on (FF 11). So if you find your first server to be full of jerks or unstable, no problem, just create a new character on a different server. Blizzard will recommend the best server that is suited to where you are.
Seriously, there's nothing else like WoW out there, in terms of its plability, well balanced character development, or the rich culture already in existance from the Warcraft universe. Go buy one (now that they are in stock again)!!
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on February 21, 2005
Here are my first impressions of the game. Please keep in mind I played EQ for 4 years before retiring from that game in Sept. 2004. So the learning curve was about 15 seconds to get up and playing. I also read the manual and did some research on the net about various Races and Classes. I suspect if you have never played an online game like WOW before the learning curve maybe an 1/2 hour to just get used to moving and fighting.
This game is most likely a 5 star game but because I am only been playing a little while I gave it 4 stars as I have not tried the end game yet. If you never played a game like this before I think this review is for you.
After loading the game which took 2 hours with updates to my various drivers. I opened an account which was very painless, bare in mind you will need a Credit card or a play card to open an account.
You come to realm selection there are many realms to choose, if you know someone playing which I do you select the Realm and faction that allows you to interact with them. If you choose opposing faction communications is very limited. You can play PVP (player vs. player), PVE (player vs. world), or RP (pvp, but with rules around playing style)
Once you choose a realm you select alliance or horde (good vs evil) then from there you select your race and class. Select a name, enter the world and you will find yourself in the newbie area. This all is quick and well done.
Game play is easy, sound and graphics are appropriate and I think well done. Though I do have a machine designed for high end gaming. You will see a NPC with a ! over his head and away you go starting your first quest. Go out and kill something and bring me back some drops. Was easy to understand, Mobs were everwhere and drops were plentiful, so no killing hundreds of mobs hoping for 1 drop.
I recommend this game to play it was fun and did not take long to finish the Newbie quests. Looking forward to playing more as time permits. Happy Questing
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on November 22, 2004
Hi there,
I've been following this game for years (literally) and trust me...this is one you don't want to miss out on. The level of detail put into this game is absolutely stunning. For instance, I walked by a dwarven camp during the open beta and - BANG! There was actually a dwarven mortar team target practising! Then all of the other dwarfs came around and watched the show. Even after that the dwarves begin to have a shooting contest. Mind you, the 'scene' was set up to repeat itself. But it was still pretty amazing. There are a bunch of other things I could talk about, like the scope of the world, the ease and enjoyment of the game for both casual and hardcore players, etc., but I won't bother making you read all that. Just believe me when I say that if you're a fan of warcraft and love MMORPGs this is a must buy.
Enjoy and hope to see you all in game some day! :)
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on January 26, 2006
i just bought World of Warcraft a couple weeks ago and installed it on my computer. the first time i started the game itself i was instantly mesmerized. the graphics of the game and its fluid movement through the different landscapes simply floored me. but thats JUST the graphics. the actual mechanics of the game are far better.
Blizzard has done an outstanding job on this game. the character classes are all well balanced and none are overpowered (like some of the classes in Diablo 2). in addition to this the whole idea of a class trainer instead of a skill tree is very innovative. it gives more control over the customization of your characters and makes them more fun to play. the different racial benefits give small bonuses to each race, but this makes everyone in the world unique. a Tauren Hunter will never be the same as a Night Elf Hunter.
Currently i have a lvl 27 Tauren Hunter, a lvl 9 Undead Mage and a lvl 6 Troll Shaman. im trying to get my hunter as strong as possible (with some help from my guild, Strength of Kalimdor *hint,hint*) but i dont see any signs of me stopping once i hit lvl60 (the max level).
this game is super addictive. the amount of customization you can put into each character is amazing; no two characters will ever be the same. also Blizzard keeps making more quests for the players which keeps the game evolving and keeps it from getting stale.
you meet some good eFriends and have lots of fun questing throughout the world with them. joining a guild also helps as it gives you lots of people who are willing to help you and lots of potential eFriends as well.
overall this game is Blizzards finest work yet. its impossible to describe everything this game has to offer in 1000 words. i was always a fan of MMORPGs but found that most fell short of what i wanted from them. WoW delivers everything i could want and more. the monthly fee is well worth the money and i encourage anyone who is a fan of MMORPGs, Warcraft or just games in general to buy this game right now
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 29, 2014
I'm writing this review 10 years after the game was released, it's still very much alive and kicking and with four expansions and soon to be a fifth expansion it doesn't seem to be going anywhere for another few years. World of Warcraft is possibly the best MMORPG ever made because it didn't try to do everything perfectly but tried to do the core combat experience extremely well and fill in the game with high quality work and polish it over the next decade. World of Warcraft has evolved from the tiny fraction of a world it was to the living, breathing world it is today and I'm glad to have experience it first hand over the last decade.

This is definitely a Top 5 PC game of all time for me, I would highly recommend everyone try this if they are new to PC Gaming as it's possibly the best MMORPG experience you'll have with a MMORPG overall.
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on January 27, 2011
Awesome game, the characters are nice the playbooks are cool. Really enjoy the guild part of it where players help each other in the guild you are in. Players also help you out in the beginning by giving you gold, all you have to do is tell them you are new and if they can help you out. Playing the dungeons are cool too, it doesn't matter which guild you belong to, when you enter the dungeon whoever is there play together in order to complete the dungeon, you also get to meet players from different realms, unfortunately you can not trade with players from other realms than your own. Overall if you like RPGs this game is awwsome.
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