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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on November 9, 2001
Gattaca has a fascinating premise, but lousy execution, because the director forgot the single most important precept of movie-making: the audience must have an emotional relationship with the protagonist. There are no likable characters in this movie. Not a one. Sure, both Ethan and Uma are fantastic LOOKING, but that's the point of genetic selection anyhow. Their choices, their lives, their whining about the limitations on their priviledged life... none of it speaks to an actual human.
Brazil did it better.
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on July 30, 2002
Unfortunately, the only good thing I could mention about this film is Jude Law's acting...
Lets start with the fact that THERE ARE NO EXTRAS WHATSOEVER on this DVD - which I find very disappointing, especially since the movie is trying to promote a certain abstract ideal, which a commentary with the director / screenwriter would have promoted.
The only way I colud discribe the acting, especially that of the 2 main stars is "terrible". Even when I consider the fact that both characters had something to hide or resent about the other, I found the acting to be too mechanical, like a couple of robots had replaced Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke... I've seen both in different roles in the past, and both are obviously very talented, so the problem isn't them but the plot and script...
I've finally reached the worst part of the movie for me: the plot. The story had a feeling that "I've been there and seen that" - because it is all just a big cliche. I realized what the ending was and the movie's message was from the first minute of the movie. The hardest for me to understand, were the many logic slips in the story. Please give the following some thought:
1) Vincent is described as a potentially very sick person - which wouldn't be the case for a large part of the 'In - Valids'. Most In - valids would be perfectly normal. If so, why would the healthier & intelligent ones be able to apply to Gattaca (or any other firm)? Isn't it in Gattaca's best interest to take the best people, whether they're valids or in - valids? If traits like determination and motivation are so important, why would Gatacca ignore them so easily?
2) If all of Vincent's problems could be remedied - his eye sight for instance - why would they be a prbolem for Gattaca in the first place? Heart conditions usually don't develop all of the sudden - they can be found a while before they cause any serious problems - which means that if Vincent was healthy, he would have no problem working for Gattaca. Otherwise, he would not only be risking his life, but the lives of the rest of his crew members (not to mention equipment and training which would cost dearly to Gattaca). Is fulfiling one man'd dream worth so much damage to others?
In general, I don't think this story can serve as a moral for our world. It only sees the world in black and white, and ignores a lot of issues that might blur those extremes.
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on October 7, 2002
Gattaca. Wonderful idea turned terrible movie mistake. While the basic idea nad theme of Gattaca are spectacular, this film has a very poor plot, and so so acting. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman do not shine in this movie sa they have so many others. This film grows old quickly. Half-way through the film you are bored to tears, by two-thirds through you want your money back. What happened with this movie?
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on February 17, 2009
I Give this movie 5 Stars, but the Blu-ray only 1. My DVD version of the movie is almost as clear as the blu-ray version, but not as clear as blu-ray should be. If I had walked into the room not knowing which version was playing I wouldn't have guessed it was blu-ray. Is this an old tranfer or did they just get lazy? Columbia Pictures could take a few lessons from Disney. Don't upgrade until they have a better version.
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on January 9, 2002
I just picked up Gattaca (Superbit version), and I was extremely disappointed. Don't get me wrong, this film deserves 6 stars if there was such a thing, but the Superbit DVD is absolutely awful. There are no special features, only the movie and captions. No special features means no trailers, notes, commentary, or deleted scenes; just about everything that makes DVDs feel worth buying. Not to sound melodramatic or anything, but I feel so cheated and heart-broken by buying the Superbit version of Gattaca. So this is just a warning to everyone hoping to own this masterpiece on DVD: DO NOT BUY THE SUPERBIT VERSION!... BUY THE REGULAR DVD!... NOT ONLY DOES IT HAVE EXTRA FEATURES BUT IT'S ALSO CHEAPER TOO!...
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