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on June 30, 2017
I purchased this to replace a VHS version that i had in my collection, since watching the exrtas i have learned that this was filmed with Ultra Panavision 70 widescreen process and to make the 1:33 version they had their work cut out for them. That is one thing i really enjoy, getting a new dvd or blu ray remastered widescreen version and comparing it to my crappy old VHS usually purchased from a place that does rentals, you can imagine the night and day difference.

I like this movie, I like the acting and the story and I really like Marlon Brando in it, I love the way he delivers the line " I would be careful with that cheese....I think it's a bit tainted". As i said before this widescreen remastered version is great, the colors are all vibrant and a very clean copy. The extras are quite good too and i learned a lot about the ship they built just for this movie.I have not seen the other versions of this movie but i have watched this one many times and would recommend it to people who like Marlon Brando or old time epic movies with intermissions or fans of sailing/pirate movies.
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on March 7, 2012
Even if this is a very good movie, even if Marlon Brando's Fletcher Christian and Trevor Howard's William Bligh are convincing and very well played, sadly, this movie has almost nothing in commun with the true story.

First thing, Bligh didn't decide to try to Cape Horn route midway thrue the Atlantic crossing, it was planned from the start.
Secondly, Bligh knew Fletcher Christian before the Bounty voyage, in fact, he had sailed with him before and even wished him on board. William Bligh treated his men as well as any Captain in the 1790's maybe even better, having learned from the Great James Cook himself.

The actual mutiny sequence has nothing, but absolutly nothing remotely to do with how it happened. Fletcher Christian, along with 3 other sailors, stormed Bligh sleeping quaters early in the morning and tied his hands behind his back. It was NEVER in reaction to Bligh refusing to give water to a dying sailor. The worst part in my opinion is last 15 minutes of the movie. Completely delirious stuff.

So, if you want to see a good movie, great, you can watch "Mutiny on the Bounty", but be aware that it has nothing to do with the true story. For that, may I recommend Caroline Alexander book "The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty".
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on March 31, 2009
Yes, I've heard all the detractors. Brando was poor, it's not historically accurate, they didn't like the ending and on and on.
It's a movie.
And it is a rather wonderful movie - arguably the best of the 3 or 4 that have been made I'd say! Regardless of whether you like Brando or not, or have other issues with it, the strong cast, the good story (it does actually have many historical accuracies in it), the fabulous cinematography , the ship (the star of this film), this film shows it is a classic.
I've enjoyed this film many many times, from first time release in the theatre, to vhs on tv, to (gladly and what took you so long!) dvd !! Hurray!! At last!
This is a good movie - a very good movie in so many ways. And although Bligh was not the ogre he's made out to be in all of the movies made on this story, Trevor Howard makes Bligh an understandable bully in a very strong performance among many strong performances.
Do yourself a favour and add this wonderful film to your library. I never tire of watching it. It's a winner in my book!
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on April 29, 2013
It was nice to see this movie again, after some 40 years.
This was the movie that enticed me to join the Merchant Navy as an engineer officer on the cruise ships back in the late 60,s
I wanted to go to Tahiti, like Marlon Brando.
I did, and I was disappointed, it was very colonial " French ' dirty and stank.
Better in the Bounties time I guess, today I assume it is very nice...................
But The movie is a remember thing for me..
It was as good today as it was when I first saw it. NOSTALGA !........
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on May 11, 2014
Brando is a very good Fletcher Christian in this film and Trevor Howard did a reasonable Captain Bligh. I like this version much better than the Clark Gable version of the story from the 1930s. However in this film Fletcher was burned to death which was very sad. Somehow I don't think he really died this way on Pitcairn Island, but was just fictionalised by Hollywood.
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on August 2, 2017
Bought this blu ray version to replace my worn out DVD ; - video quality is amazing, along with the sound !
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on January 9, 2013
Ce film est excellent et il est très intéressant de le comparer aux deux autres versions de la même histoire.
Les trois versions ont des qualités différentes et elles prennent toutes des libertés avec la réalité historique,ce qui ne nuit pas vraiment et n'empêche pas de les apprécier toutes les trois.
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on February 22, 2016
Xcellent movie
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on August 20, 2012
I know that this will upset many, but this part just was not well suited for Marlon Brando... 2 stars... Sorry
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on April 26, 2001
When the news broke that MGM had the audacity to remake the hallowed 1935 classic "Mutiny on the Bounty" starring Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, the critics were aghast. As the news leaked out about trouble in production, they whipped themselves into a self-righteous frenzy. Brando was a lightening rod for criticism because he was renowned as arrogant hothead. Compared with Gable, who was universally loved and adored, Brando was a boor. It was almost sacrilegious to put Brando in any part Gable had played. When the film opened, it never had a chance. It was ripped to shreds. Brando was ridiculed as a lower class character actor who couldn't step up to the part, and derided for his dreadful attempt at an English accent. The film was a box office loser and critics smugly declared they told us so.
The film was beset by problems throughout production. The full-scale replica of the Bounty arrived on location two months after the film was scheduled to begin shooting. There were three deaths among the film's personnel and the film ran well over budget. The biggest problems were the result of Brando's constant temper tantrums as he tried to rewrite the entire film from the set. At least six writers came and went. After countless confrontations, director Carol Reed gave up and quit to be replaced by Lewis Milestone ("All Quiet on the Western Front'). Milestone was an utterly intractable director that Brando couldn't bully. The result was a battle between the immovable object and the irresistible force, with daily emotional pyrotechnics that further delayed the film. Although Milestone usually prevailed in the fracases, this film turned out to be his last in a 37-year career.
Over the years, the critics have continued to pillory the film, but the public generally receives it more favorably as time passes. Though I often disagree with the masses, in this case I concur. Having seen both the 1935 and 1962 versions, I prefer the latter. Gable is clearly more charming and dashing in the role, but Brando gives the more complete performance. Gable's Christian seems far less ruffled by the events that transpire on the Bounty, whereas Brando accomplishes a believable transition from the cavalier rogue to an honorable hero who endures self-torment over the treasonous act. Though Brando's English accent is oft ridiculed, I have heard far worse. Part of the problem probably stemmed from the fact that the accent he attempted to imitate was very upper crust and he delivered it with a certain sneering tone that made it seem like he was mocking the English. Just hearing that accent from the same lips that gave us, "I coulda been a contenda" was a kind of ironic comedy unto itself.
Between the Bligh portrayed by Charles Laughton and that depicted by Trevor Howard in the remake, Howard wins hands down for pure detestability. Most of the production values, such as music, set design and costumes were superior in the remake. Moreover, the remake was more historically accurate than the original.
The film features a youthful Richard Harris in the role of Mills, who gives an excellent performance of the petulant sailor. Also noteworthy is the lovely Tarita, a native Tahitian who plays Christian's love interest Maimiti, and does a scorching belly dance. This was Tarita's only film, but to anyone who has seen the film, she will not be soon forgotten.
This is an excellent film. It was nominated for seven Oscars including Best Picture, but it was shut out, trampled by "Lawrence of Arabia". It is highly entertaining with wonderful costumes, props and sets, fabulous locations and photography, and some terrific performances. Though many will disagree, I rated it a 10/10. If one can step back from the controversy that swirled around this film when it debuted, it is an easy film to enjoy.
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