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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on February 7, 2007
I loved this movie, its great to see something so Canadian out there and reflecting our billingualism. I'm not bilingual myself, but I watched it in English with English subtitles when the French converstation went on, it was just like being at the shopping mall with people speaking both languages. Thank you for making this great movie. I recommend it highly, especially to those trying to learn French or English as the subtitles really do help.
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on December 19, 2006
If you enjoy buddy cop movies or action movies at all, you'll really like this one. It's a bit cheesy at times but makes excellent use of Canadian culture and has really superb production values. The action is great and both Colm Feore and Patrick Huard shine. I highly recommend this movie.
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on November 6, 2007
Bon Cop, Bad Cop is absolutely brilliant - definitely one of my favorite Canadian films. It targets two important Canadian topics: the French-English relationship, and hockey. Even if you're not bilingual, you'll still be able to appreciate the script (and the jokes). Kudos should go out to the special effects team for doing such a great job. There should be more movies produced like this.
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on February 8, 2008
This movies is awesome, we recently moved to Canada and know exactly what this movies is about. The Pun, the language, the issues and of course the Hockey. There are times when things are predictible but overall it's an awesome good entertainment. One advantage about the DVD is that you can always rewind and playback which we did and laughed a lot more.....
Highly recomended
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on February 28, 2011
I initially approached this movie with caution, fearing it would be nothing more than your typical two-guys-who-can't-work-together story, but I'm glad I was wrong. There's plenty of excitement mixed with funny moments, such as the scene where Sûreté du Québec détective David Bouchard (Patrick Huard from "Les Boys") teaches Québécois 101, i.e. swearing in French, to OPP detective Martin Ward (Colm Feore from "The Day Reagan was Shot" and the miniseries "Trudeau"). I also enjoyed the bilingualism, providing the listener with the choice of the language without having to suffer from bad dubbing. There's also good support from actors such as Pierre Lebeau and Patrice Belanger (Meo and Philippe respectively on "Les Boys"). It's a shame two other actors, Louis-José Houde (Jeff, the medical examiner) and Rick Mercer (Tom, the arrogant sportscaster) got such small parts because they were great. This DVD is bound to please many hockey and police drama fans. Starp on your skates, holster your gun, and enjoy!
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on February 22, 2009
There are two amazing things about this movie. First, the production value is so high it looks, well, Hollywood.

Second, this isn't a film that just happened to be shot in Canada with Canadian actors and crew, either doubling for a U.S. location or set in an unspecified locale...which we therefore all assume must be somewhere in the U.S. This film is specifically about Canada, and even more unusual than that, it is specifically about one place in Canada: the Ontario-Quebec border, and the worlds on either side. It's always interesting to see a film so specific in its setting, so steeped in a particular local atmosphere, that the story couldn't be told (at least not quite the same way) anywhere else. This is particularly so when you live in that place yourself, and "get" the film in a way that most people could not.

The film is certainly not inaccessible to a wide audience. It is, after all, in the standard cop-buddy-film genre and much of it is therefore easily understood by virtually anyone, but it will be particularly appreciated by Canadians, and perhaps eastern Canadians most of all.

Oh, and by the way -- funny as hell.
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on February 21, 2009
I think this movie is one the the best ever made! Thought the way the prejudices from both "sides" have been well exploited and used with lots of humor. That French swearing lesson scene was worth a milion! I just wish the English subtitles could have done it justice but, I'm afraid there was no real way to translate this otherwise. The story keeps us well on our toes through out the whole movie and the director has done an amazing job! I have watch both versions as I am French and my boyfriend is from England and though slightly different, both of them have been amusing us ever since we bought the dvd. Great buy, great movie and great to explain the "French/English Canadian thing" to your foreign partner! ;-)
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on August 28, 2009
Si vous êtes francophone et que vous n'avez pas vu ce film, je ne sais quoi vous dire mais il faut vous le procurez. Comédie savoureuse et interpretée de façon géniale. Le scénario est excellent ainsi que les comédien. Une mention spéciale à Louis-Josée Houde qui, même avec un tout petit rôle, crève l'écran et nous fait rire aux larmes. J'ai adoré.
If you are english speaking, I have been told that it's easy enough to follow with the subtitles and it's worth the try because it is a good comedy movie. I love it!
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on January 3, 2011
What great movie! Shows the difference between "both worlds" - guys who act from the same country, yet different provinces and with different opinions/ perspectives on how to do their work. One is so by the book, and the other is the complete opposite. Great movie for anyone that likes comedy/ action, however if you don't understand any French, might be a little difficult to follow.
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on April 27, 2015
This is just great entertainment--a unique twist on the cop/detective genre. Completely entertaining in its own right, but for thous interested in its Canadiana themes, this is an outstanding Canadian classic, and great for anyone anywhere that might want a very entertaining insight into the French/English dynamic in Canada.
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