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on September 18, 2015
This first movie is in my opinion the best of all the Scorpion King adventures, particularly Dwayne Johnson is great in this role. It fits him perfectly.
To watch, I really recommend it.!!!
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on January 30, 2017
Great movie, great seller!
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on November 11, 2015
Gotta love the Rock he is great in whatever he is in, great movie
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on November 30, 2016
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on October 10, 2016
As advertised
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on June 10, 2015
Good movie
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on February 5, 2015
thank you
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on October 15, 2013
Really good, really funny too and loved it since i first saw this movie!! Always good and full of action! I recommend it!
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on March 6, 2004
Here's a real brain teaser for you: The Scorpion King is the prequel to the sequel to the remake of The Mummy. Confused yet? Let's hope not but if so then let's break it down for you. The Scorpion King is the new star vehicle for former WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Rock played a small role in The Mummy Returns, which was a sequel to The Mummy. The Mummy was a remake of the original mummy movie series from the 1950's. Got it? With that cleared up, a new question of why they would make a spin-off to The Rock's character emerges. The Rock has become a very popular "actor" in recent years, coming a far way from his early years in the wrestling ring, and Universal Pictures believe a good mint could be made off that popularity. If Dwayne Johnson plays his cards correctly, he could be the next Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone, or even Arnold Schwarzenegger of action films.
The story centers on a leader of a band of assassins, who is hired to kill an important royal figure but gets more in this job then anybody bargained for. Mathayus, the last of a fleeting group of assassins, is hired by the leaders of rebel tribes to kill a sorcerer they believe their enemy is using to help him conquer the lands of Egypt. He accepts the job and arrives in the city of Gomorrah but when he realizes that the sorcerer is a beautiful woman, plans change quickly. He chooses to kidnap her instead of an assassination thus forcing the evil tyrant to bring everything he's got into a final confrontation between the remaining rebel tribes and ruling forces. Stephen Sommer was the director of the previous Mummy films but choose not to direct this spin-off feature and the pacing of this film showcases that. Though critics hammered The Mummy films for being hookie and cheesy, they never said once that they were not consistent. This is a problem that The Scorpion King never seems to solve as moments of romance and hilarity seem forced compared to the non-stop action sequences that work so well.
The relatively small cast for The Scorpion King can only be described at meeting some expectations but not exceeding them if they some members even get to that level. This is the first major leading role for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and surely won't be his last, at least based on the action sequences. The role of Mathayus (aka The Scorpion King) seems specifically designed for the former wrestler as he fits extremely well into the character though there aren't many well designed sequences to showcase his true acting chops. But then again, do you really expect those kinds of sequences in action flicks? Kelly Hu, who plays Cassandra, seems, at times, too confined into the typical woman role in action films but does get involved in some of the fight sequences, which is a welcomed change in Hollywood today. The remainder of the cast worked well together but not great.
Overall, The Scorpion King, with its flashes of skin and heavy metal music, will no doubt satisfy the hardcore action freaks but will leave others starving. Unlike the previous Mummy films, The Scorpion King suffers in the story department as the story seems too caught up with the action sequences to makes the rest of the film as consistent. The film will no doubt bring out fans of action flicks as well as fans of The Rock and they will get everything they are looking for. But women and those who care more about the story then the action may find it on the bland side of things. If you are looking for a decent feature to start off your summer then hold your money for Spider-Man.
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on December 29, 2002
The Roc made a splashy appearance in the Return of the Mummy, and got so much attention, the producers rushed to come up with a vehicle for him. They vaguely hint this movie is connected to the Mummy films, but basically the name Scorpion King is all they have in common. When they announced they were doing a remake of the Mummy, I groaned as remakes are usually the pits you think why did they bother, but was pleasantly thrilled with the results. It was wonderful!! I own both Mummy movies on DVD and play them often, for they are movies that can be view again and again and one never tires of them.
The Problem with this film???? What made the Mummy films so perfect and the Scorpion King just miss?? I think it is because of Brendan Fraser. He is a powerhouse talent, that is super action star, but his marvellous humour, funny voices and true screen presence, backed with the wonderful Hallam as a foil,makes the Mummy movies work and work well.
Scorpion King draws on the same rich texture, the expensive sets and computer work, that made the Mummy movies so opulent. The Rock is a great action star with a bankable presence in Conan the Barbarian vein, but the movie lacks the sharp repartee, wit, heart and dry humour of the first two films and suffers because of it. The action is nearly nonstop, it is wonderfully staged, but there is so much missing.
I enjoyed the film and liked the alternative scenes and other bonus selections, but basically, a wee tad sorry I went ahead and bought the DVD solely because I enjoyed them Mummy films. While they will continued to get use, I fear Scorpion Kings is more of a once a year film and will gather dust.
The action is great, the costumes and staging on par with the Mummy films...but I hear Peggy Lee singing in the that all there is....???
If you have seen the film before and wish to own a copy, you will be thrilled with the DVD version. The sounds and film quality is super, the bonus goodies great. But do not buy this film on the rep of the two mummy films or you might be disappoint, see it first!
I am sure The Rock and his OTT WWF charm will see him a huge action star. His fans will not be disappointed. It is a great action film, just missing bullseye.
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