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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 9, 2014
Really love this juicer. It's a great juicer for the price. However, If I were to buy another one, I'd save and buy the next model up. The only issue I have with this model is the cleaning. All the pulp is caught inside the machine vs. other machines where the pulp is expelled into an exterior catchment container. You also have to take it apart and clean it out after making approx. 5cups of cups (also depending on type of fruit etc.) My friend has the Breville Juicer Elite and with the exterior catchment she's able able to make more juice with less cleaning time.
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on October 9, 2012
I'm not going to get into centrifugal verses masticating as there is more than enough information out there on the difference. It's enough to say that the Omega is a masticating and the Breville a centrifugal juicer.

The main reason for buying the juicer for me is that we have a couple of apple trees and in the past have thrown out many apples because you can only make so much apple sauce and pies. So this year I thought about making juice and the "How to Make Your Own Apple Juice" article I was using suggested that if you had a juicer, you could go from step 3 to step 7 - a time saver for sure.
So which one should I buy? There are several brands and models to choose from but based on what I reviewed, these appeared to be the top two consumer preferred models.

I spent quite a bit a time watching videos and reading product reviews and comparisons. After about 3 weeks, I initially decided to purchase the Omega VRT-350 for variety of reasons: noise, quality of juice, longevity of juice once made, the ability to process greens and last but not least, the 10 year warranty.

I chose the Omega VRT-350 over the other Omega juicers (such as the popular OMEGA 8006) mainly due to the physical size and appearance should I decide to leave it on the counter. I thought that if I didn't leave it there, I would be less likely to use it. So I set up the Omega, cleaned all of the apples and started juicing.
1. The first thing I noticed was that the juicer is quiet, a little less noise than our Kitchen Aid mixer on low speed.
2. I was surprised how small I had to cut the apples so they would fit into the chute
3. The self-feeding worked very well - only needed a bit of a push a couple of times
4. I was surprised at how much foam there was and the amount of pulp in the juice. I don't mind a bit of pulp in my juice but there was way too much so I had to strain the juice - that was a very long process to point where I finally decided to accept that there would be pulp in my juice. I find that the pulp doesn't affect the taste but rather just the texture and feeling of drinking the juice - personal preference more than anything.
5. The pulp was very dry (a good thing)- I did try and run the pulp through again and amazingly the juicer was able to extract even more but that process took a bit of time. It actually plugged up the juicer a couple of times.

The juice tasted great, had a bit of texture but not bad and put the rest in sealers. The whole process took 5 1/2 hours - longest part being straining the juice.

After a few days, I thought more about whether or not I would actually be juicing on a daily or even weekly basis and came to the conclusion that although I probably should for health reasons, it wasn't likely to happen. So I deliberated a bit more and thought, why not try the Breville and do my own comparisons. So I went and bought the Breville.

I chose the Breville 800JEXL over the BJE510XL (2nd Breville favorite) due to three things: all stainless (less plastic), no electronics governing the speed, bit stronger motor (1000W vs 900W), overall appearance and that everything is dishwasher safe - although if you don't clean everything right away, your dishwasher isn't going to help much anyway

The test wasn't exactly comparing apples to apples - no pun intended but gave me enough information to make a decision.
1. I processed a full bag of apples and then made a second juice using 2 apples, 4 carrots, 1 bag of spinach and touch of ginger. All of this, including clean up took a whole 20 minutes.
2. The juicer was noisy but not as bad as I was led to believe it would be
3. No preparation work required - all items went in whole.
4. The pulp was not as dry and had small chunks of apples and carrots so the assumption is that it did not extract as well as the Omega.
5. The juice had significantly less pulp and the foam was not a thick
6. Had to apply a surprising amount of pressure pushing a few of the apples but once started, less than 2 sec to juice it

For me, it is the overall processing time. I am convinced that I could have reduced my overall processing time from 5 1/2 to 2-2 1/2 hours using the Breville. If you decide to juice daily, the Breville could wake someone up if you leave the bedroom door open. I would say that it's just as loud as a small hand mixer on high speed and less than a blender, but because it is so fast, it doesn't run very long. To make a single glass of juice, there is a difference of about 2-3 minutes and you will have to decide if that difference is relevant every morning.

Of course one of the advantages of the Omega is that they claim that the juice will last up to 72 hours therefore you could make it the day/night before and avoid having to make it first thing in the morning. So this brings me to the debate around oxidation and the role that plays in the quality of juice. Based on what I have read, I would recommend taking the oxidation factors "lightly". In my situation, the fact that I am heating my juice and putting it in sealers, oxidation was not a deciding factor for me. However if you are talking about making and drinking fresh juice, the masticating produced juice will last up to 3 days because it does not introduce much air into the juice like the centrifugal does. Therefore the centrifugal juice needs to be drunk right away.

So in summary, here are my pros and cons:
Breville 800
* Pros: Fast, large feed shut - less prep time, less pulp, convenient on/off, stainless steel construction, everything is dishwasher safe but not sure that really matters
* Cons: Warranty - 1 year, Noise - however it should be noted that it was far less noisy than expected, some chunks of apples and carrots

Omega VRT-350
* Pros: Noise - in comparison to the Breville, very quiet, Warranty - 10 years
* Cons: Slow, Small feed chute, More prep time, on/off at rear of juicer, all plastic

I paid about the same for each: $400 for the Omega, $370 for the Breville. So in conclusion, although I did not test that many items such as wheat grass, kale, beets, pineapple etc., for my situation, I opted for the Breville and returned the Omega. The speed and significant reduction in pulp that was in the juice were the deciding factors. Even if I do decide to use it on a daily basis, the Breville is ridiculously fast and still did a very good job with the spinach and the noise is really not that bad. I would have rated the Breville a 5 but because of the chunks in pulp it only got a 4. For what I am using the juicer for, the Omega would score a 3 mainly because of pre time due to the small chute and slower speed - which was expected.

I must say that the return policy at Bed Bath & Beyond also made it easy to do the comparison as even after using the Omega, there were no problems returning the product for a full refund. It's unfortunate that Breville does not believe in its product the same way Omega does as it relates to the warranty but I am optimistic that the juicer will last long enough so I get a good return on investment. I hope this article helps you make a decision.
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on January 27, 2014
I have been interested in juicing for awhile and after checking out reviews on some of the juicers here on amazon, I decided to purchase this one. I am a newbie when it comes to juicing, so I really appreciate how easy this machine is to operate and take apart for cleaning. A few reviews mentioned that it's a bit of an inconvenience that the pulp doesn't go into its own separate compartment, and I can see where they are coming from on that. However, I just used a spatula to scoop all of the pulp out and washed everything in the sink. The juicer is very powerful and does a great job when extracting juice - the pulp was pretty much dry when I removed it. I disagree with those saying that this juicer is not compact, though. Juicers are pretty huge machines in general. This one fits on my counter perfectly, and I have a tiiiiiiny kitchen with very limited counter space. I also really like that it came with a few recipes and easy to understand instructions.
Over all, I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this juicer to others who are beginning to get into juicing.
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on January 22, 2011
Wow - the product description isn't kidding when referencing the power of the Breville Juice Fountain. I am a newbie when it comes to using juicers, so wasn't sure what to expect. When it arrived, I set it up and started playing - the appliance easily handled everything I threw at it and the resulting juices were wonderfully fresh tasting. The fiber didn't go to waste either. It was a great addition to some stews and casseroles I was making for the week ahead. I just received a juicer book and can't wait to try out every one of the recipes.

There are two minor irritants that kept me from giving this item 5 stars: 1. it takes up a lot of countertop real estate and since I live in a small place, I had anticipated something with the word 'compact' in the title would not be quite so size-able; and 2. as it is so powerful, if you don't get the pusher in the chute fast enough, splatter from fruits like tomatoes will decorate your cupboards. Hopefully once I am more experienced with the machine, I will be able to win that race.
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on May 10, 2016
this is my first juicer and it is very easy to use and clean! its very quiet. as I've never had a previous one I have nothing to judge it by. there does seem to be a bit of a waste but I think that's normal.
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on March 1, 2010
For the price, this juicer is absolutely amazing. It looks great, performs well and is easy to clean, which is probably the most important thing. The juice that comes out of this machine is very smooth and froothy, which is great for veggies and apples, but I still prefer a regular hand juicer for Citrus fruits. My only complaint is that the juicer blades spin so fast that it actually warms up cold veggies and fruits by the time it comes out of the juicer. I prefer my drinks cold, it makes them just above room temp for things that are straight out of the fridge. Overall, my wife and I really like this juicer and highly recommend it.
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on May 20, 2013
After playing around with a couple of disappointing department store juicers I purchased this one to try out a little higher end juicer. This product works amazing, it juices way better than any other product I have tried the one problem I encountered with this compact design is the fact that the force of the air spinning around inside the unit causes the vegetables to splatter the pulp up out of the chute and gets worse with the amount of pulp build up I'm the reservoir. For this fact I am looking to replace this model with the juice fountain elite that has the conventional pulp discharge out the back into a seperate collector thus avoiding the splattering problem.
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on November 25, 2011
This is my first juicer purchase so it's impossible for me to compare to other models. I've been using it for about a 1.5 months now, I've had a juice every single day since I bought it. Honestly, I thought it would end up in my closest after the first few days but I'm sticking with it and am down 18 lbs to boot!

The juicer seems very powerful, it sounds like a vacuum when you turn it on. It juices anything I throw at it very fast and easily. The juice yield seems very good, I'm amazed by the amount of juice I get out of some vegetables.

My cons (and really, these aren't deal breakers especially for the price of the juicer:

- As some others have stated there seems to be air/vacuum that blows out the top so sometimes small pieces of pulp can fly out the top when you lift the plunger out to put another piece in.

- Most of the parts of the juicer the pulp/juice comes in contact with (except for the cutter/screen which is stainless) is plastic which over time will start to turn color. I wash my juicer components thoroughly immediately after each use and the plastic is all ready starting to turn color. It'd be nice if it was all stainless, but you can't expect too much at this price point.
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on December 7, 2013
I bought this almost a year ago and the device is working properly. It can handle pretty much anything you throw at it... but it is pretty wasteful I will say that much. After I juice, while cleaning I will see lots of liquid still left... to be expected from this type of juicer.

Very easy to clean and its compact.
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on December 12, 2013
This is the first juicer I've used. I've used it 6 times now and it's worked great for me. The only problem is that sometimes the catch container wasn't quite snug enough against machine and had a bit dribble down. Otherwise I like the Breville Juice Fountain, it's easy to clean with the brush and well priced.
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