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on February 22, 2012
I've been shopping around a while now for a burr grinder for drip coffee and finally settled on this one (after returning a Cuisinart DBM-8).

For the price range I think this is a fantastic grinder. Relatively quiet (for what it is), makes a decently uniform grind, and the static free cup, while not completely static free, is a huge improvement over the three other burr grinders I have used. I no longer have grounds flying all around my kitchen and can actually dump the grounds straight from the cup into my filter without having some of them end up in the water reservoir of my drip machine.

For me this is a great solution without having to spend too much but three things I'd point out for others are:

- The 30 second timer works for me as I normally make only one or tow cups at a time. If I was making a full pot on a regular basis I imagine I'd soon tire of having to grind through two or three cycles just to produce enough. Not a frequent enough concern for me based on my habits but it might be for you.

- As others have mentioned, I would not consider the grind fine enough for espresso or Turkish. I would say this makes a decently uniform "very fine" grind but probably falls just short of true espresso grind for the purist. I don't own an espresso machine so, again, not a concern for me personally.

- I'm using this to "dose" my grounds so I dump the cup entirely out into my filter. If I wanted to grind more than I need and then scoop the grinds from the cup I would be annoyed (like others) at the irregular shape of the cup. Although I don't understand why anyone would leave anything behind in the cup. The purpose of this type of grinder is to grind exactly what you need each time you make coffee so I'm not sure why this is an issue for some but it may be for you.

If your needs are like mine I would recommend this as an excellent and more affordable solution for getting the benefits of a burr grinder (cooler and more uniform grind than a blade grinder). I would also add that the anti static plastic makes the process neat and easy compared to other burr grinders I have used where static is a bit of a pain. I haven't had it long enough to speak about reliability or clogging/cleaning issues but I do notice that this has a fairly direct (if not entirely straight) path from burrs to receptacle so I hope cleaning will be easy to maintain. I hope my experience will mirror that of other reviewers who have had this unit for a year or two and are still happy with the purchase.

**Update August 2014**
Been using this on a daily basis for two and half years now with no problems to speak of. I've never cleaned the blades with rice or any other such thing, as some have suggested. I've only cleaned the cup and plastic lid/hopper in warm soapy water once or twice but that's the only maintenance I've seemed to need to do. Working the same now as it did on day one. So far so good! Would gladly recommend (with the caveats above of course).

**Update Sept 2015**
Another year of daily use has passed and this thing is still going strong. Still have never needed to "clean" the grinder with grain or anything like that and it still works like day one without ever clogging. Even if this thing broke tomorrow I'd happily go out and buy the exact same model to replace it.
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on February 23, 2010
Pretty much what the title says. It grinds fine enough for drip coffee, the removable receptacle is nice and static free. You can dump the ground coffee straight into the basket of your coffee maker mess free.

Espresso, not so great. If you're using a pressurized portafilter it'll be ok. A standard portafilter, not so much. It just doesn't grind fine enough, also the size of the grinds isn't particularly consistent.
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on May 11, 2015
This is my first conical burr grinder so can't compare against other vendor offerings. However, it's significantly better than my old blade grinder; grinds are consistent, it's quiet, easy to clean and doesn't have a super large footprint. If I was to nitpick, the only weakness or potential weakness is the plastic cup that collects the ground coffee...the lid is flimsy and I worry about snapping it off while cleaning. Aside from this 'potential' weakness, it's a great looking machine and I enjoy using it every morning. 3 weeks of daily use - no complaints yet! :)
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on December 2, 2013
Pros: consistent grinds, doesn't burn the beans, simple to use, sleek design
Cons: can be messy, lid to collection cup flimsy and broke, often had to tap the hopper to get the beans to fall

I used this machine almost daily for 2 years and was very pleased with it's performance. Once I got used to the 'mess', I made a point of always tapping the cup to kill the static electricity, and loosen stray grinds. There is always some lose grind fallout, so I simply kept it beside the sink when removing the cup. The unit is easy to clean, and it never required much maintenance; it never clogged on me. When it finally died and I would have readily purchased another one, but decided to upgrade to the 800XL model. For the price, you won't find a better grinder.
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on August 3, 2015
Great value for dollar! We purchased the Breville Infuser Espresso Machine and needed a grinder to match. The grounds at the highest setting are perfect for espresso and enough for our two person household. If you need finer grinding or high volume you should go up to the next price point.
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on March 28, 2014
Product works as expected. It is not too noisy, works quickly, and the selected grind seems even.
The only problem is the grounds bin is made of a light weight plastic that picks up a nasty static charge, which prevents the ground coffee from completely pouring out without making a mess.
My solution is to use a metal cup that fits within the space under the grounds chute and which allows me to use my finger on the hidden micro-switch to allow the motor to run. No more static problems. I’m surprised Breville went cheap with the grounds bin.
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on May 20, 2013
i had a Bodum conical burr grinder and lost a small metal part that fits over the grinding mechanism. I contacted Bodum hoping to buy a replacement part. I was told that particular part wasn't available for purchase. SO, I had to buy a new grinder!
I chose the Breville as I have 2 other Breville products and find them reliable. I do like it, it is quieter than the Bodum and the company actually stocks spare parts! I also needed a replacement coffee grind cup for my Bodum in red which was constantly out of stock.
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on April 7, 2013
We Really like the way this works, in every respect. Good consistent grind, comparatively quiet and clean. Fast and it even handles the moderately oily beans well!

The only reason this item loses a star is that it DOES get quite warm on the front if you leave it plugged in. I think it should be unplugged after every use and for that reason it has to lose a star......pity.
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on September 29, 2014
Other reviews have mentioned that this thing is loud. Yes, it's pretty loud, but for the sake of proper coffee grounds, the office is willing to put up with ~20 seconds of noise. If you expect to be using this at home on a quiet morning, before anyone else is up, this may not be for you.

As for the grounds, they are quite uniform, as the machine makes use of conical burrs rather than a blade grinder, but there's a noticeable amount of fine dust when it's set to the coarsest setting. I doubt this is completely avoidable, however, so its presence isn't really a problem.

Noise and nice uniformity aside, the container that catches the grounds is an interesting problem. The anti-static coating and/or material used to create the grounds works wonderfully for dryer coffee beans, but once oilier beans come into play, the anti-static doesn't help much. the awkward shape of the container does make it a bit difficult to use it for precision pouring (we pour them into a pour-over cone, so we need it to at least not get all over the counter). It is also a bad shape for using a spoon if you're the type who likes to pre-grind a few days' worth of coffee. However, we dose our beans into the grinder itself, so it isn't much of a concern. There have been times where we kept the lid of the container on while we attempted to pour the grounds through the opening in it, in an effort to control the staticky oily grounds. (I've also noticed that wherever your fingers are touching the container, the grounds stick more, like a pretend finger-print.)

I found it odd that the grinding is timed, and only timed. As in, there is no kill switch if the grinding finishes earlier than you guessed it would. We later discovered that you could turn it off by turning the timer knob all the way back to 0, so it wasn't a deal breaker. I think I would have preferred to just have an On/Off switch as well as a timed cycle.

This is a very serviceable machine, if you are willing to accept that it isn't 100% perfectly designed. It does perform as promised, though a few improvements are desirable.
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on July 29, 2013
I like my coffee strong so I often have to do two full 30 second grinds, but the poor guy gets tired after one go and you have to let it sit for a minute between grinds. I'm also from a very dry climate and the grounds get statically charged so I need to let it sit for another minute or so after I'm done grinding otherwise it's like a booby trap, as soon as I open the door it explodes everywhere. All in all it takes 5 minutes to get from beans to brewer, due to my ADHD nature I'll often forget by then and moved on with my day, but hey at least coffee grounds are ready the next day right?

A lot of people online suggest a little tin foil or stirring with a metal spoon, but nothing stops the static except a humid environment. Either way it tends to get stray grounds on the counter, it can't be avoided.
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