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on August 19, 2002
I was expecting something totally different than this. All this film contains are talking heads a lot of crazy people yelling and some bad acting. I mean I wasn't expecting much from this in the first place, but still I was disappointed to even get less than I was expecting. I wish that only the good films would get the 2-disc treatment and not stupid cult films that I could have made in my basement. I can't wait to see what the sequels have in store for me, I guess you'll be seeing another review from me on those too (Hint: probably not a positive one). If you liked this then see the Howling movies, you'll be happy.
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on May 29, 2004
This is a warning to any horror fan. This movie is extremely disgusting and has absouletly NO point what so ever. I feel bad for jeffery combs, because of this movie his repuataion is now worse than ever. The gore is over the top, and there is no plot, besides phystoic zombies trying to kill people.
Here is the gore that this movie has: Decapitation by shovel, bitten off fingers, a bone saw through the stomach, someone pulling off some guys skin, than revealing the skull, and with a bone saw removes the skull, and picks up the brain and plays with it, we see a guy shove a Q-tip in a hole in someones for head, a cat with a broken neck, a stomach exploding with organs coming to life and attacking someone, eyes exploding, a head being impaled on a needle and lots more blood plus a head that falls off after being hit by a woman. For violence, we get someone being hit in the head with a shovel, someone being thrown into the wall with extreme force breaking the glass, slapping, hitting and punching to ward off a dead zombie.
Overall, I think this movie was a waste of money. But, now that you know what the movie is truly about, you can make that descision for yourself.
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on July 4, 2001
Being a fan of horror and zombie films, I checked out Re-Animator with some fairly high expectations, considering the good reviews. I finished the film feeling sorely disappointed. Why? Well, as a horror/comedy, it's not very funny, and it's certainly far from frightening. Some moments are no doubt quite manically inspired, and Jeffrey Combs delivers a tour-de-force performance, but sadly, the thing that maintains most interest is either Barbara Crampton's nude scenes or the visual effects. The least this film could have achieved was work as a thrill ride, with some good zombie action, but even at that it's underwhelming. Either go back to Romero's Living Dead series or check out The Return of the Living Dead as a great example of how to mix horror and comedy.
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