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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on November 5, 2007
Emperor Ping returns to his palace just before the Chong Young Festival. The Empress Phoenix, his wife, is far from happy to see his return. Ping has ordered his imperial doctor to slowly poison the empress. And, in retaliation, the Empress conspires to overthrow her husband. As hatreds fester and secret passions come to light, no one will remain untouched by the Curse of the Golden Flower.

The Director Yimou Zhang follows up House of Flying Daggers and Hero with his most lavish epic yet. Curse of the Golden Flower is an extraordinary film. It is a big-budget extravaganza that is reminiscent of some of the Hollywood epics of the fifties and sixties. As with all Zhang's western exports, his use of colour is incredible. The palace of Emperor Ping is brought to the screen in a blaze of arresting colour. Every costume and set create a world of sumptuous majesty a world that you will be immediately drawn into.

Of course, like all Asian Cinema, this film has the usual martial arts set pieces throughout, but it does not seem to rely on them to keep the audience interested. Instead, the film uses a complex plot involving the power struggle between the two leads. Chow Yun Fat, as Ping, presents a character who is ruthless and dogmatic, and Gong Li's Empress Phoenix is vulnerable and defiant. Both stars' perfomances are beyond reproach, and all of these qualities come together to create a gloriously opulent saga.

The Curse of the Golden Flower is an epic filled with intrigue and breathtakingly-bloody battle scenes, all set against a backdrop of radiantly decadent colour. If you liked Flying Daggers and Hero, you will adore the Curse of the Golden Flower.
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on January 12, 2014
"I don't think I've ever seen so much Cleavage in a movie before"it was everywhere I couldn't
stop looking,it was so hard to concentrate on the movie itself,have to watch this again to see what
I missed,this is a movie on the grandest scale I've ever seen in my life,the costume, the set stage and
design was immaculate to say the bloody least,I'm in awe with this spectacle of a movie,
this movie is set in the lavish [that's putting it mildly] and breathtakingly world hidden from the eyes of mere
mortals behind the walls of the forbidden city,this is about revenge and betrayal of one Family struggle divided
by itself,of course there is blood to be spilled in the quest for redemption,
"Curse of the Golden Flower"is called a martial arts classic but I don't see it that way,there is no where here that
I've seen that would make it that way,it was more like a battle scene to me, there was some but not much to talk
about,this blu-ray of the movie is good picture quality to show all the colors and fine detail that come to life on screen,
Widescreen 2.35:1
Mastered in High Definition.
Audio Chinese PCM 5.1
English 5.1 Chinese 5.1
Runtime 114 Minutes.
Who Cares If The Costume Don't Fit The Period,I would Like to see someone change this movie,yea Go For it.
maybe the higher gods will hear you.
Love it Love it...
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on July 14, 2013
Great actors with different rolls than I have seen them in before. Quite a contrast to the rolls they played in Memoirs of a Geisha. Colorful but I found you had to be a fast reader to keep up with the English subtitles. Recommended for anyone who likes Asian films. I actually liked House of Flying Daggers better.
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on September 28, 2014
Melodrama, violence, retribution are the perfect setting for this martial arts epic. Great sword battles and memorable CG battle sequences.
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on December 2, 2013
Pretty good story and visually stunning but the Blu-ray transfer was a little off, not quite as sharp as I've come to expect.
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on March 22, 2015
great addition to my collection - great use of color in the movie !!!
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on April 5, 2007
A thoroughly enjoyable film, and definitely a high class piece of work. Along the lines of Crouching Tiger, The Banquet (Legend of the Black Scorpion), Warriors Of Heaven And Earth, The Promise, Hero etc.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 24, 2007
Zhang's "Curse Of The Golden Flower" is a grandiose spectacle...a fable for the eyes and ears to enjoy. Unfortunately, for me, that's ALL this film is. It's like a beautiful sunset or a wonderful aroma. It is what it is, and offers little more.

Once you have watched this film you will automatically notice the lack of character development through out this story. You simply cannot tell such an intriguing story without letting the audience in and having them care deeply for your players. The only character, who I really felt had any depth here, was Prince Jai; and even that could've been much deeper. The color palette of this film is not the only thing I have problem with this film. The costumes in the movie seem like somebody mixed up the woman's Chinese imperial costumes with the woman's European royal costumes of the 15th century. I have never seen so much cleavage in a Chinese film! As gorgeous as they are they did seem a little too force.

I love Zhang. I think he's a genius and his body of work proves this, so maybe that added to my disappointment. I had very high expectations...Chow Yun Fat...Gong Li...How can it miss? Well it missed. It almost felt rushed...Like it should've been a 4-hour epic. I think that's what it would've taken to really tell this as it should've been told. It's hard to explain; and the film is so gorgeous that its even hard to think that it would need that much added to it, but in my opinion it did.

The story, from what I understand, comes from old Chinese text. It is a brilliant tale of an empire, and its first family. I really cannot get into detail anymore than that without spoiling anything. Jist? The emperor is coming home to his palace, and so is Jai, one of his sons. Living there with their mother, are his other two sons, the crown Prince (the oldest of the three??) and Prince Cheng; the youngest of the three. Emperor Ping is a ruthless leader, and leads his family in the same fashion. Backstabbing, plotting, love and hate are all present here. It could've been so much more. At any rate, I would recommended this to those who want to treat themselves to a visual feast for the eyes.
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on November 20, 2014
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on July 6, 2016
great movie
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