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on July 10, 2004
Gotta hand it to this Johnny Depp guy: the dude has some range. From Revlon mascara in "Pirates of the Caribbean," Depp makes yet another fashion statement--ultimately showing that blondes do indeed have more fun--in his role as an addled, befuddled, quirky, annoying writer in the film SECRET WINDOW.
In fact, there wasn't much to this movie that I didn't find annoying. The plot was tedious and anemic, as was Depp's performance as writer Mort Rainey. And let's not forget (oh, how could we?) the persistent redneck hick, played by a backwoods-looking John Turturro, who basically has one line in this film, uttered ad nauseum: "You stole my story." With Mario Bello playing Depp's soon-to-be ex, and Timothy Hutton in the role as the soon-to-be ex's main squeeze, we suddenly have all the ingredients for an out-of-control, over-the-top ending that comes from literally nowhere.
Allegedly supposed to be some sort of a thriller, SECRET WINDOW is a wet noodle devoid of even spaghetti sauce. A reclusive writer in a cabin, stalked by a Mississippi nutcase, a bitter divorce, and then total wackiness--none of this stuff works. At least Depp's blonde hairdo works. I wonder if he'll be a fiery redhead in his next role?
--D. Mikels
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on June 23, 2004
Ok. Let's start by saying that I haven't read the book from Stephen King. However, I find it really hard to believe that King, a master of horror, wrote such a crappy book. And if the book itself is not crappy well.. believe you me,the movie is.
First of all, let's talk about Depp's acting , the so praysed acting in this movie. The only thing he did was flinch, go "hmmm" all the time, and of course, the unreasonable jaw-thing ( I can't explain it elsehow).If that's good acting then maybe Ashton Cutcher shoud be given an oscar for his performance in Dude,Where Is My Car?
Then the story ,apart from a few moments, is really boring, tiring, unreasonable, and ,most of all, difficult to understand.
As I mentioned before the movie is not a total crap. There are a few (just, a few) good moments, but it's not worth buying the DVD for them.Rent it from a video club, and see it.
In a nutshell, don't buy this movie. If you do like Johny Depp, prefer "Pirates of The Caribbean",now that's good acting!!!!
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on May 3, 2004
Before i say anything else, if you have seen the recent film "Identity", and liked it, you'll have double the reasons not to like "Secret window" because they have exactly the same trick or premise involved, and whereas "Identity" is brilliant Secret Window is far from.
In this, yet another adaptation of a Stephen King book, the tradition of his books not really working on the big screen goes proudly on. It may be the directing that was at fault, which delivers a film that drags along at points and never makes you jump (this being a thriller supposedly), and also which basically reveals what the "score" is from the very opening scenes if you were careful enough to notice. Even if not, most people i know knew what the trick was midway through the film and that can't have been what the director wanted.
It might've also been the script-writer. I haven't read the book, but what i saw on the film script-wise, certainly doesnt qualify this as a "scare-pic". It never reaches any levels of respectable intensity and it never really grabs you.
Nevertheless, the two main protagonists, J.Depp and J.Turturo are absolutely great, both in their own regards. Depp plays his part of a slacker author in a massive writer's block with brio and humor, and Turturo plays the cold-blooded sadist-killer from the south with equal zest and attitude. I, in fact, enjoyed Turturo's part even more than Depp's, and that while being a massive Depp fan.
There's been a lot of films like that, coming of Hollywood lately, "who-dunnits" with a big twist in the end, and Secret window is definetely one of the least impressive in its category.
Aside of the actors' performances, this is a film that's forgettable. If you do watch it, take the time and watch "Identity" afterwards and you'll see what i mean about their similarities and their grand difference in quality.
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on June 28, 2004
I wasn't really expecting much from this film, judging from the tepid previews. But being a very big fan of director-writer David Koepp's other projects, I at least thought it just might surpass my hopes and surprise me. Wrong!!!
Why was this predictable, simple-minded Stephen King story produced as a movie? The first thing any intelligent person watching it will realize that the hick-character of "Shooter" (John Turturro) could not POSSIBLY be the writer he claims to be, and Rainey (Johnny Depp) is far too bright not to realize this from the outset. Then there's the age-old suspense film question: why doesn't the protagonist just LEAVE??? To make an audience buy into the victim's inablity to behave with plain old common sense, the suspense-horror genre requires strong writing, acting, and direction to make it believable. Koepp missed the boat this time.
You can figure out the plot of this turkey in the first 45 minutes, guaranteed.
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on July 8, 2004
The only thing this movie has going for it is Johnny Depp. Other than Depps performance there was nothing going on that I had not seen before. The whole thing wreaked of "The Dark Half". To further the feeling of that movie they even had Timothy Hutton in it. The trailers for this made it seem like it was going to be a roller-coaster ride full of chills, spills and screams. Well, it was none of that. There was some anxious moments that never turned in to much of anything. The ending will not surprise or shock you. The only thing shocking was that I was so excited about this and then let down so horribly. Had it not been for Johnny Depp this would have been one of the worst movies of all time. He could make toilet cleaning interesting which in itself would be scarier than this flop.
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on June 23, 2004
Coming on the heels of Depp's Oscar nomination, this overwrought trifle was a real disappointment. No complaints about Depp's performance--although he is almost upstaged by the most annoying hairstyle since Keanu Reeves' in Prince of Pennsylvania. The real problem here is Stephen King's story-- a weak variation on Misery that might have worked as an hour-long episode on the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents but just seems absurd blown up into a mutli-million dollar feature.
One giant plot hole spoils whatever crediblity the story might have had: With all the instant information retrieval available today via the Internet, why on earth does Depp spend half the movie trying to prove he published a story in a magazine just 10 years ago? Yeah, I know. It's only a movie--but it sure ain't much of one.
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on July 12, 2004
Not sure why they bothered with this one. First of all, the story is so similar to The Shining,but without any of the things that made The Shining so great. King was either fresh out of ideas when he wrote this one or he was working on a tight deadline .... Anyway, Depp is great and the only reason to see this film. Bello, Hutton and Dutton have extended cameo roles that allow them to really do nothing. As the "surprises" are revealed they become more and more obvious and less and less interesting. Why bother is the question that comes to mind.
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on July 2, 2004
This movie is worth renting but not buying, and even then renting it for a dollar, maybe. The movie has weak character development excePt for Depp's character. You would think that by now no one would dare do a remake of the Shinning or Fight Club,but guess again. This movie combines both, not in a good way. I have to admit the only thing that kept me from turning it off was Depp's ability to play a great character. For all of you Depp lovers, his performance is great but its like watching a Captain sink with his ship. OVERALL CRAPPY MOVIE
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on July 9, 2004
Johnny Depp did a great job with the character (s) he played. But the movie is pretty slow and boring until the crazy ending. I find it hard to believe that they rated this movie PG-13! Iv'e seen R rated movies that didn't have as much blood and swearing in them as this one! Now parents will be angry after they show their kids a movie that should have an R rating! As for the movie, somebody definatly needs some psychotherapy. Movies like this are only making society crazier! Stick with normal movies.
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on July 3, 2004
This movie is somewhat entertaining, for the first hour. The viewer gets a little frightened and questions "Who is this creepy guy who is claiming that Johnny Depp stole his story?" But once you find out the ending, you just might want to run back to in a rage and return the movie. Their are plenty of other movies that are much better. Do not waste your time or money on "Secret Window". It disappoints.
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